Eliza Dushku Does ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’


Eliza Dushku, star of the Fox TV series Dollhouse, paid a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman to do a bit of promo for her show … which is great danger of being canceled. As some of you may be well aware, Dollhouse struggled in the ratings for the duration of its first season on the air … since the show returned with its second season, the ratings have gotten even worse. Entertainment Weekly published a great article explaining what the hell is going wrong with the show but without a major turn around very soon, it’s very unlikely that the show will be able to survive. At least Eliza is doing everything she can to promote the show in the hopes of keeping it on the air. Here are a couple photos of Eliza’s arrival at the Ed Sullivan Theater for her Late Show appearance last night and the article from EW explaining why they believe Dollhouse is very close to death:

In case you haven’t noticed, Dollhouse is tanking. It’s second season premiere didn’t perform well in the ratings, and last Friday’s episode did even worse — Stargate Universe kicked it in the cortex. Dollhouse is in very real danger of being canceled. Why isn’t it doing better? Where did Joss Whedon and company go wrong? Perhaps that isn’t fair — the blame can’t be put on Whedon’s shoulders alone. There is Fox’s decision to leave Dollhouse on Friday nights, bereft of any real advertising support — a programming block of one. If Fox really wanted to give Dollhouse a chance, they’d have paired it with Bones or Fringe, and not after a pair of sitcoms (one of which stars Michael Strahan) that no one is watching. Stargate Universe did well because Syfy Channel has been pushing it relentlessly, hammering it into their audience that something new is coming down the pike. But the thing you can level at the Dollhouse writers and producers is the middling way the show came out of the gate. Whedon has always been great at ending TV seasons — Buffy and Angel have tons of memorable season finales, and Dollhouse’s S1 ultimatum was terrific — but not so great at starting them. Listen, I’m all for Joss taking his time to build his universe and layer his stories with emotional substance topped with an action frosting. But anyone looking objectively at the Dollhouse situation for the season would have to see that the show has its back against the wall. It’s the fourth quarter and Team Dollhouse is down by a whole mess of points — it’s not the time to do slow burn undercovery episodes. Dollhouse needed to score, early and often, and it didn’t. Is it too late? I fear that it might be. Whedon and company are telling the stories they want to tell — and unless those stories suddenly bring the whup-ass in the next couple of weeks, they might not get to tell them for much longer. The saddest part of it is that I desperately want Whedon and Dollhouse to succeed — I want smart genre content to work on broadcast television, so that networks will continue to take risks on programming that doesn’t have a host. I just hope that it gets the chance.

I am in 100% agreement … Fox has done NOTHING to promote a show that they have exiled to a night that no one is home to watch TV (and the people who are at home on a Friday night are not the people that would watch a show like Dollhouse no matter what night it aired). AND, the show itself has yet to deliver an episode that would WOW a casual viewer. The show does great with Joss Whedon fans but I don’t know that it has yet to really pull in new viewers … yes, it’s tough to get people to watch your show on Friday night but if Whedon and the gang were to deliver a slew of kick-ass episodes then it would at least pull in some new viewers, which would help their sinking ratings. Since the ratings are going down, it sounds like even the Whedon fans are watching less and less. But … I’m not sure what more can be done at this point. Fox has continually dropped the ball in promoting the show and it is prolly too late to turn it all around. Eliza, for her part, has been championing the show as best she can … after the jump, watch video of her interview with David Letterman on The Late Show last night …

The sucky thing is that this clip cuts off right before she can even talk to Dave about Dollhouse. I can’t find a clip that features her entire interview but let’s just trust that she talked up the show as much as she could. I really love Dollhouse and I want it to succeed but if the ratings just continue to fall … there really is no hope. If you’re not watching Dollhouse, you need to start NOW! Even watching the show on Hulu.com helps. If you don’t, there won’t be any show for anyone to watch painfully soon enough :(

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  • beth

    I’m still miffed that fox that terminator: the sarah conner chronicles. That was actually a really good show .

  • Why do I continue to let myself get attached to shows on FOX? gah! maybe sci fi channel can pick up DH???

  • Cupcake

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love Dollhouse. People COME ON! Watch it, its good! I hope like hell they don’t cancel this show :(

  • Cupcake

    And Dayyyuuum Eliza’s looking HAWT! ~Yowza’s!~

  • nicole

    that isnt a cute look at all.
    @beth – i knooow! terminator was gettin pretty damn good.

  • Ally

    My problem with Dollhouse is that it is terribly uneven. The episode is either awesome or dull as dirt like this past week’s episode. Joss either needs to bring it or let the show fade out.

  • Court

    I watched her last night on david letterman. They didn’t talk about the show at all. He kept going back to her hunting. She had that one segment! All he said was the time and day it came on! I love love love Dollhouse. It sucks fox doesn’t care to promote it!!

  • ive never seen a commercial for dollhouse and i watch fox quite a bit.

  • samantha

    That outfit is awful! She’s a beautiful woman, it isn’t very flattering, the skin color slinky top with the black tights and KISS platform shoes? Wierd
    I’ll be honest, the reason that I never watched Dollhouse and that I won’t consider watching it, is that the entire premise is that a woman gets raped every week. Sex without consent = rape.
    And this is presented for people’s entertainment?
    No thank you.

  • Meredth

    She’s wearing open toed shoes with opaque tights!

    The outfit is a neat reversal concept, but the shoes are way too summery for October.

  • Jenna

    @samantha: that’s like saying you don’t want to watch CSI because someone gets murdered every week. Not every episode is sexual. In fact, those types of episodes are in the minority. Furthermore, the show paints this in a negative light. They don’t condone the Dollhouse’s behavior–the main male protagonist’s goal is to bring down the Dollhouse because of its human trafficking. I’ll be honest, few episodes have blown me away, but those that did make me desperately want to see more. I really hope FOX doesn’t cancel it.

  • Liz

    Dollhouse is an amazing show and the finale for the first season was great! But, it is true, they haven’t kept up that level of excitement for the second season. I love the show and I want it to do better; they need to kick it up a notch!!

  • vic

    nooooooo! I dont want to see DH cancelled. I live in Australia so i have to stream it but if i were in the states i would make sure i watched it! Everyone please turn your tvs on while it airs even if you dont like it/won’t watch it :)

  • Cat L

    If they cancel Dollhouse Im gonna get DEVASTATED!~ itll feel so incomplete not knowing how things led up to episode 13! But if it does get canceled i hope Joss makes a comic series for Dollhouse so fans can know what happens

  • taylor

    I still haven’t forgiven FOX for terminating the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Dollhouse was wildly uneven the first season. It got better towards the end of the season and Epitaph One was excellent but not everyone has seen that. Epitaph One should have been the season premier episode.

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  • Maluca

    Yes, Fox may have not been promoting this show as much as it could have. But does anyone ever consider that the show is tanking because it sucks? Even “Whedonites” are jumping ship.

  • Chivonne

    I agree about TTSCC. That show was amazing and the season finale was so effin awesome. FOX just drives me crazy. I’m still pissed about them canceling that show Justice from like 5 years ago.

  • I have to admit that I have not been loving the new episodes I’ve seen so far. And what Eliza is wearing here is not flattering. Nevertheless, I love me some Joss Whedon and will continue to watch Dollhouse until it gets cancelled.


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