Walt Disney + No Clothing = Sexy Princes?


A couple of weeks ago we got to see a few really cool photos of Walt Disney Princesses lookin’ all dark and evil and today we get to see new and interesting photos of the Disney Princes created by David Kawena. Here are a few photos of some of the Disney Princes from the animated films Aladdin, Hercules, Sleeping Beauty (Prince Philip), The Little Mermaid (Prince Eric), Tarzan and Pocahontas (John Smith) wearing nothing but their undies:

LOL!! I thought the Twisted Princesses we saw before were pretty cool … but these Sexy Princes are even better!! But wait, there’s more!! After the jump, check out another batch of Sexy Princes from Beauty and the Beast (the human Beast and Gaston), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Phoebus) and Mulan (Shang) …

I love that every last inch of Gaston is covered in hair! Oh man … these graphics are hilarious … but are they totally and entirely wrong? What do y’all think … are these Sexy Disney Princes good ol’ fun or a world of no?

[Source via ONTD!]

  • shannon

    There’s much worse out there. Trust me on this. Ever hear of a little thing called “Rule 34?”

  • sexay!

  • Court

    OMG this is so dirty!!!! but i love it! HAHAHA

  • Rolltideguy77

    If you dig around there are also versions of these sans all clothing entirely.

  • Steph


  • Katie

    HELLO Cinderella!

  • Sassy K

    Prince Eric is a fox. I’d tap that.

  • Mela

    LMAO Trent! I had a mouth full of water when I jumped! I could have choked to death on laughter when I saw Gaston. AWESOME!

  • razberryswurl01

    i don’t think a cartoon has ever made me blush before. tee hee!!!!!

  • roxster

    Trent: These are actually pretty old, I feel as though I saw them about two years ago.

    • @roxster — I didn’t say they were new, just a nice follow up to the Twisted Princesses post.

  • Heather

    Now we know what Belle really saw in the Beast!

    This made my day.

  • cherrr

    These are AMAZING. & just made my life worth living.
    I won’t be able to watch disney movies the same way again.

  • Naomi Black

    oooooh la la darling… OMG what am I saying!!!

  • Illise

    I think im in love with Prince Eric he kind of looks like Tom Welling lol
    I love them i just blushed

  • Selina

    Haha, I’m dying!
    My poor childhood :P

  • Harmony

    trent you totally posted these before (some of the Princes are new though) not withstanding total hotness, whats hotter then that? how about the wallpaper I got a friend to make for me of the princes? =P

    • @Harmony — I don’t think I’ve posted these before but they’re fun nonetheless :)

  • Katie

    Is it just me or does Prince Eric look like Justin Gaston? And John Smith kinda reminds me of Jason Lewis (Smith Jerrod from SATC).

  • Liza

    Wow. No wonder those princesses want their men so bad!


    This is so wrong…

  • Val 2.0

    Gaston is quite the bear!

  • nicole

    well….hello disney…its disney for us older kids ;)

  • Missy

    Just to nitpick, that’s not the prince from Cinderella. That’s Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.

  • KatrinSedai

    David Kawena really is an amazing artist.

  • danna

    i am a little disappointed. they are hot, but i like a prince with a little meat on his bones? hoping Aladdin wasn’t as ripped… just smaller. but the beast, and that rose! OH MAN!

  • Ama
  • Heather

    loves it.

  • A

    likes this. A lot. Does that make me dirty?

  • ShlieBee

    me-ow! Now i totally dig guys with roses tucked in yummy places!! XD

  • AmyM

    dear lord, i’m blushing. Gaston is just as i imagined he would be.

  • periz

    I love how prince philip is grabbing his own ass ;)

  • dana j

    I ummm… huh….. *drools* these pics… umm yeah… I need some time alone.

  • Haley

    Oh god! haha I knew there was a reason Eric was always my favourite.

  • Kristin

    Oh hell yes. I want the BEAST!! haha. I’m gonna inform my boyfriend of his new halloween costume ;)

  • Fun…and just further proof that the Beast is the sexiest.

  • Jadedkitten


  • Kara

    Tarzan in his underwear was pretty much entirely unnecessary… it’s like the entire movie all over again. Other than that, DAMN. My longtime crush on Aladdin was just completely renewed…

  • Andrew

    I wonder why they all have Hebrew on them!

  • alex


  • alex


  • Tracy

    I’d rather see the hunchback in undies. bwahahhah. hot.

  • Sarah

    These have been out for a long time, I saw them over a year ago.

  • Shelby Anne

    I think this is the guy from Lilo and Stitch

  • hkgirl

    as crazy as these are…seeing as they’re disney princes (!!!!) i gotta say, they’re pretty well done.

  • Cee

    Absolutely hilarious new, old or otherwise! Nice one, Trent. PS – jealous as eff you’re seeing our Aussie Pop Princess in the ‘States again next week!

  • The Britney

    NO just NO.

  • Rebecca

    definitely world of no.

  • Christy

    This makes watching the movies a little more interesting now!! LOL!!

  • siena x

    hmm… yes please, hercules… or john smith…
    or beast…
    but aladdin looks like a little boy in big boy’s pants.

  • wendell

    whoa! look at Gaston’s junk!

  • nae

    oh my!!!

  • Christine

    Wowzers! Loves it

  • Tom

    So I looked for the more X rated ones but didn’t find them. I did find some freaky stuff, which I am not happy about! Can someone post the link?

  • Lindsay

    Is it wrong that I think Eric is hot?

  • sykosoo

    why do man nipples frighten me?

  • azuresque

    Can’t. stop. looking. The Beast is one sexy… beast. Prince Eric does look like Justin Gaston here and Prince Phillip kinda reminds me of a Beckham Calvin Klein underwear ad though. But ain’t complaining.

  • Jackie

    This is AWESOME!!!

  • Meg

    This isn’t associated with disney though… you should probably make that clear. (although, even as a cast member… DAMN, they make me happy!)

  • LOVE

    I enjoy Aladdin ;)

  • KatrinSedai

    @ Andrew: The artist is hebrew if I remember correctly ;) Maybe it’s a little tribute?

  • Carolyn

    Yow. Prince Eric. And the human Beast. Damn.

  • Amy

    I think Price Eric kinda looks like the guy who played Kyle XY..Matt Dallas. Hot!

  • Amy

    Oops…PRINCE Eric…

  • Joel

    Boy…if the princes we’re drawn like this when I was little..my gay awakening would’ve happened ALOT sooner.

    • @Joel — Totally agree … tho Robin in ‘Batman’ really had a profound effect on me.

  • Joel

    @ Trent —OMG! Me too! Those green tights and red suit..too much.

  • beckyfever

    bwahahahaaha i have been in love with prince Eric for over a decade…. i absolutely adore they gave him a tattoo!!!! this is a trip! so much fun!

  • vic

    wow Gaston sure seems to be packing alot of heat in that underwear! is it sad that i’m a smidge excited about these? haha… i feel so weird.

  • Alyse

    Wow……I agree with razeberrys post, a cartoon has never made me blush!!! Beast….wow wow wow!!! He is sexy ;) and that rose!!! I shouldn’t like this so much but I do

  • bryan

    Man. My last ex boyfriend looks pretty much like Gaston in that drawing.

    ….too bad he acted like him too. ;)

  • jg

    me loves!!!:)

  • jg

    sssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!

  • Philip Wester

    Most of these are actually old works. Some of them appear new (as I’ve never seen them before), though.

  • Alex


    that will be the link to the artist’s gallery. i hate when there’s no orignating link to the person who actually DOES these things

    • @Alex — Thanks for the original source link … I did link a source in this post, as you can see, but couldn’t trace it to this link because the source where I found these photos did not give one.

  • Chivonne

    I love this Blog (:!

  • Chivonne
  • Ashlee

    Prince Phillip is/was and always will be my favorite, especially now!

  • Fashionista

    I want Prince Philip. WHAT THE HELL. THEY ARE SO SEXXXY…….

  • Anna

    Wow i loooove Prince Philip and Hercules. they loook soooooooo freaking hot. i’ve always had a thing for them ;)

  • love the stars! thanks for the repost! ONTD credited me, it’d be great if you could too! :) The original post is http://tasteofapoisonparadise.blogspot.com/2009/10/this-aint-ya-mamas-disney-prince.html


  • woots nice! =D