First Look: Summer Glau In ‘Dollhouse’


Back in July we learned that Buffyverse alum Summer Glau, ex-Firefly and Serenity, would be joining the cast of Dollhouse but we’re already two eps in and we’ve not seen hide nor hair of Ms. Glau on the show or in any of the promotional materials. There have been promo photos of many of the other Dollhouse castmembers but thus far, no Summer … until now. The new issue of Entertainment Weekly features photos from set visits to various movies and TV shows and brings us our FIRST LOOK at Summer Glau in the Dollhouse:

Cult auteur Whedon continues to make Fox’s Dollhouse — starring Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — a refuge for his former stars: On Oct. 30, Firefly’s Glau joins Dushku as a computer whiz from a rival rent-a-human agency. “They both have that make-your-eyes-pop factor,” says Whedon, adding that watching his past TV worlds collide trips him out. “I just walk around completely confused all the time.”

OMG … rival rent-a-human agencies?? I love it!! If you thought that the Dollhouse is responsible for questionable behavior, my guess is that some of these rival agencies are prolly worse. It sounds like Summer Glau’s character will be sort of a female version of the Topher character (played by Fran Kranz). Girl geeks are always cooler in my book. I can’t wait to see Summer in action on the show. Woot!!


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I really like this idea!! Can’t wait!

  • nicole

    so this has nothing to do with the post… but am i the only one seeing Penn is the new blog on the header? lol

    • @nicole & @Monique — LOL, yes … the header change is part of an ad campaign for ‘The Step Father’ starring, you guessed it, Penn Badgley ;)

  • Monique

    No you are not. I just facebooked Trent about it. Did this just change recently? like a half hour ago?

  • Ally

    I’m pretty sure the Penn thing is a tie-in to the ad on the side of the page. Trent’s got to make money too ;-).

    I’m looking forward to Summer’s appearance. At this point, I just hope the show lasts that long. This week’s episode was pretty lame and the ratings have been going even further down hill…

  • Monique

    @Trent. Oh man, i was so sure someone hacked your site because of the Font change. Whew. Glad all is safe. … soooooooo… how bout that Summer Glau!

  • nicole

    @Trent – oooh alright..gotcha lol.

  • Will she be Topher’s love interest? I want a girlfriend for Topher. haha


  • cm

    Ok Whedon I am gonna start thinking you hate James Marters!
    Can he give the very hot James a roll so i can have my weekly fix!!

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