‘Precious’ Premieres In NYC


Mariah Carey and her youngster of a husband Nick Cannon were among the folks who made their way to Alice Tully Hall in NYC, NY over the weekend for a special premiere screening of her new film Precious (which screened earlier this year at the Cannes International Film Festival) which was shown at The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s 47th Annual New York Film Festival … here are a few photos of Mr. & Mrs. Cannon upon arrival at the premiere event and some deets about the night:

Mariah Carey arrived at Saturday night’s New York Film Festival screening of her movie Precious adorned with diamonds and a posse of security guards. But away from the glamorous hubbub, she’s just a regular girl at heart, say her costars. “If you’re around her enough, ‘Mariah’ goes away and she’s like everyone else,” says actress Gabourey Sidibe, who formed a close friendship with Carey on the set. “She’s just a normal girl who talks about normal things like fashion and things like that. She’s so nice.” In the film, opening nationally Nov. 6, Carey plays a plain-looking case-worker. For the role, the songstress, 40, bared her face in front of the camera free of makeup and donned dowdy outfits. “I basically told her, ‘I want to see the Mariah I see when I’m in your house and we’re kickin’ it, watching TV and eating popcorn,’ ” says director Lee Daniels, who also worked with Carey on the movie Tennessee. “Nothing at all [surprised me about Carey’s performance]. I knew she had it in her. ” Based on the novel Push, the film tells the story of a pregnant, illiterate teen who tries to change her life by enrolling in an alternative school. Oprah Winfrey was so inspired by the film, she signed on as an executive producer after the shoot was completed. “She watched it and she went, ‘Whoa! This is something very, very special,’ ” Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, said at the screening. King, who’s now seen Precious four times, added, “The film is hard, sad and tragic. Oprah’s pulling out all the stops she can to make people go see it.”

Mimi + Oprah should = blockbuster hit! But I’m not totally sold just yet. I had to doubt Mariah Carey’s acting prowess but if Glitter (or every single one of Madonna’s films save for Evita) taught us anything it’s that popstars don’t always make the best actresses. There’s a belief in Hollywood that if beautiful women get ugly on screen, they’re headed for awards show acclaim. Now, I’m really not counting on Mariah winning any acting awards … but I do hope she does well in this film. It sounds like a great story … I’d love to see Mimi show the world that she can do more than sell hit records.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I have really lost that love and feeling for her. She always just looks like such a diva. I have no intention of seeing this movie or buying her record. I really want to see Paranormal Activity thou!!!

  • nicole

    im actually excited for this movie, i cant wait to see it

  • Mariah

    I’ve heard nothing but good praises for her performance in this movie. I heard she was excellent and virtually unrecognizable. I’m totally going to go see Precious.

  • H.A.T.E.U.

    Mimi has been receiving nothing but PRAISE for her performance in this movie. Even from people who hate to state the fact that yes, Mariah Carey is great in the film.
    Her work will speak for itself, shutting up the haters and finally getting them to move past “Glitter.”
    Also, let the negative comments begin about her dress. You haters never surprise me with your negativity. The woman looks hot, healthy and happy, but let your jealousy overtake you & begin spewing your hate.


    I really want to see this movie! I think I need to read the book first, though. But I heard both Monique AND Mariah have been getting critical praise and I believe Mariah didn’t even wear make-up! Whoa. Oscar, anyone?

  • jo

    @h.a.t.e.u. lol the only one spewing hate on this board thus far is y.o.u. All of the other comments were pretty neutral/positive, so just relax.

  • la princesa

    I read the book & felt so guilty about having a great childhood! I don’t know if I can handle the film.

  • Jessica

    I personally liked the movie Glitter=( Lol

  • whotheheckami

    Mariah is quick to refute those who say that she isn’t wearing make-up and that is her ‘natural’ look. She claims they did indeed use make-up to put bags under her eyes and make her “look” plain. Just letting everyone know she always points that fact out. :)

  • noway

    Someone’s tatas have had some plastic enhancement.

  • newsgrrl

    I’m with noway… ms carey has had the girls adjusted. She looks like a hooker… Wish she would grow up and leave the plastic alone. She used to be gorgeous now she’s looking like everyone else.

  • Jess

    I saw the previews, and it looks like an amazing film. Yes, Mariah has a rockin’ body, but must EVERYTHING she wears be skin tight and micro mini? I think she would look a lot classier in different clothes. Time to leave the hoochie clothes in the back of the closet!

  • camillus

    Does she have the boobs inflated weekly, god she is such a skank. why can’t she act like she’s 40. she is trying to look like a kid and she looks like a ho. can’t she go away for good.. Take

  • Bill

    @ Camillus: All “hos” should look as good as Carey does. Shoot, you can’t even find a 25 year old ho that looks that good. God Save the Queen.

  • FK

    Have you seen the trailer!!??? It made me cry. I cannot wait to see the movie. And I did not even recognize Mariah Carey at first. I think she might actually be good! Didn’t see that coming. But check out the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5FYahzVU44
    I totally can’t wait to see it.

  • lauren

    this movie has been getting stellar early buzz…. should be great, without or without plastic enhanced tatas

  • Maria

    What exactly is the age difference between Mariah and Nick? There are lots of couples with their age difference and more. Is it really a big deal?

  • debho

    Oh my, what’s with the dress? Bad choice.

  • persephone

    she looked fat in that dress

  • Kendra

    I don’t think she got her boobs done again..I think she’s just pushing them up and out as far as they’ll go..I think she looks great..I like that she’s a little thick!

  • Monica

    Trent don’t forget the fabulous masterpiece that was Desperately Seeking Susan! I thought Madonna killed in that movie, if only for that amazing leather jacket alone! :)

  • Krissy

    I really want to see this movie. Not for Mariah, who has a small part, but for the main girl who plays Precious. Supposedly this film is just so powerful and heartbreaking, and I think those everyday American stories need to be heard.

  • Sam

    She looks pregnant to me. would explain the boobs!

  • mike

    i realy want to see the film, not only for mariah (who i loved in the movie wise girls) but for all the actors..the story sounds amazing…!!!