First Look: ‘Britney Spears: The Singles Collection’ Standard Edition


Over the weekend we got our first look at the deluxe box set version of Britney Spears: The Singles Collection which collects all 29 of Britney’s singles together in one package … but today we get to see the album artwork for the standard edition of the collection, which features 18 songs on one disc. Here is our first look at what the standard album artwork looks like:

Because this image comes from a Britney Spears fan site, it’s worth noting that it could be a fanmade fake. Judging by the simple nature of the artwork, it’s impossible to tell if it’s really real or not. Then again, some foreign outlets do leak news and information from record labels early so we won’t really know until we hear something official. In any event, you the Britney Spears consumer, will have the option of shelling out for this single disc collection with only half of her singles or you can shell out for the more expensive deluxe box set. Which of the two will you be purchasing … or will you be getting both?


  • D

    I’ll probably get the Deluxe Box Set ’cause the one disc version is worth nothin’ (just an update to “My Prerogative”).
    I hink this artwork’s the real one ’cause it looks like the one featured on the box. But it really is the official artwork, then it’s as lame as the idea of another greatest hits compilation album from Britney.
    She should take a break and release new material (better songs than that thing “3”). She need to grow up, just like her audience did. It’s been 10 years now…

  • Missy

    I won’t be getting either. The single disc is almost exactly the same as her last GH and she’s not worth $99.

  • Tracy

    I will not be buying either one. No thanks.

  • Drew

    @ D – I disagree about the “she needs to grow up” comment. She’s 27, thats young still. I think people think that because she has 2 children, and likely cuz she’s been around for so long, she’s older than she is. She’s a mom, she’s not dead. She’s 27 and hot and single. She should enjoy it (w/out being crazy mind you).

  • D

    She has to make more mature records. 3 sounds like a playground anthem ! It’s funny… but she has to decide whether she’s a Madonna wannabee or if she wanna be more like Kylie Minogue ! lol !
    But Missy is right ! It is so expensive !


    Britney Spears is far from a Madonna wannabe. Britney has only stated she would like to be a legend like Madonna BUT not to be like Madonna herself. I mean, has Britney ever really copied Madonna? Sure, the outfits may be similar in some cases and they both are controversial (though, Britney doesn’t try that hard like Madonna) but Britney never changes her look dramatically like Madonna has. I think Britney is in her own separate league as Madonna is as well. “In the Zone” is Britney’s best album because she wrote all the material herself. Her record label doesn’t let Britney do her own material… Britney has done a lot of songs that (she wrote) great/mature but they always get scraped. It isn’t really cool but I do agree that she needs to go in a different direction. It’s crazy to think that Britney is only 27-years-old but I believe she’ll have her chance to go with a new sound, hopefully soon.

  • John

    I’ll be buying both! I love Britney, she’s a living legend and every song and every video is just amazing. Love the cover of her new album and the box set is epic!