Are The Spice Girls Planning To Reunite Without Posh Spice?


A new report/rumor is making the rounds today that the Spice Girls are planning to reunite again but may do so without Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice). As you may recall, 4 of the Spice Girls (Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown) reunited for an impromptu dinner in London last month and tongues started wagging that the girls were talking up plans to reunite again. VB was noticeably absent from the reunion dinner … methinks this new report stems from that incident … so take it with a huge grain of salt:

JUST when the SPICE GIRLS outfits were safely tucked away in the loft, it’s time to start digging them out again. MEL B, with the help of her fella STEPHEN BELAFONTE, are masterminding a full-scale comeback. I say full-scale but one member of the line-up is resisting the invitation. VICTORIA BECKHAM has made it clear to the girls she won’t have the time – or desire – to uproot her family again for more fun and games with her old pals. But Mel B, MEL C and GERI HALLIWELL are getting together next week regardless, with fellow bandmate EMMA BUNTON. Baby is a little reluctant to commit to going on the road but the others are sure they can talk her round. A source said: “This time next year at least four of the five girls will be back on stage doing the Spice material again. Both the Mels and Geri are the driving force behind making it happen. They have agreed to meet up again next week and thrash out their plans for the future of the Spice empire. Emma is being cautious but the minute she’s with the girls they’ll talk her round. When Geri left the first time, she was arguably the band’s biggest star. If they coped without her, they are confident they can make it work without Posh.” But the popularity stakes have changed since the Nineties. Posh was definitely the star attraction on the 2007 tour. I revealed a couple of weeks back that Mel and Stephen had discussed a one-off Spice Girls appearance at the World Cup in South Africa next summer. It sounds like the response has encouraged talks about another big comeback.

HMMM. Moving forward down one Spice Girl is totally doable … as you should recall, Geri left the group after their second album Spice World and the remaining Spices soldiered on with a full scale world tour and album without her. It’s totally possible that they can carry on without VB. To be honest, Vicki B. doesn’t really need the Spice Girls anymore … she is much more famous without them and being married to David Beckham means she’s got more money than she knows what to do with. I can totally see VB opting out of a full-scale reunion … would would it be a success without her? Would any of y’all be excited to see the Spices together again sans Posh?


  • Ohh intrigue. But a concert would not be compete without Cruz’s moves. Perhaps the girls felt outshined by Cruz? haha


  • nisha

    the spice girls are my favourite band and always have been and victoria is my favourite spice girl.but even though it would not be the same without her i would love to see the spice girls as i have never had the chance before.but i don’t belive that this is happening not anytime soon though as they only just did the other one 2 years ago and they siad it would be their lat so who knows they always make up reuinion rumours up anyway.i’lll wait fior offical conformation to belive this.thanks for posting

  • Mrs. Cullen

    I would probably see them without Posh but it it would be weird if she opts out… When i was younger the Spice Girls where the reason for my existence lol, but then again I was always a Ginger fan and no one knew when Posh was singing on a track so yea I would definitely see them even without Posh

  • velcrodots

    I agree with Mrs Cullen.
    Posh was meh, whenever we played Spice Girls at primary school no one wanted to be Posh, we had like 5 Sporty’s and Baby’s though haha

  • If the Spice Girls were to tour without Victoria, I would totally see them. IMO, all of the Spice Girls are “posh” enough now so Victoria wouldn’t be missed that much.

    Before Geri left the band, she was the sexy/spunky/campy/in-you-face part of the group that no other member was known for and therefore the group’s appeal changed greatly…for the worse.

    Victoria’s stylish and all but so are the other girls now.

    If Victoria wants to join the tour (if there will be one), that would be really great and perfect. If she won’t join, the show would go on probably better than when Geri left.

  • velcrodots

    ^ flatmate just aded everone wanted to be Sporty Spice cos she could do backflips XD

  • aldo

    i would deffinetly go to a spice girls concert with or without victoria, it would never be the same having only 4 of the 5 girls, posh or whoever is the missing one this time. hope they come back with new material.

  • Cristal Connors

    Posh was the only one who didn’t perform at the reunion tour anyway… all she did was strut around, which was RIDICULOUS. Would it have killed her to at least attempt to sing? I don’t care if she doesn’t show up. Emma and Geri were always my favorites anyway.


    Yes, Emma was my favorite! I don’t think it’s a big deal and the Spice Girls really did fall and fell hard when Geri left the group but I believe people just want to see them perform more than anything. Oh, and don’t they lipsynch all the time on their tours?

  • Janelle

    Posh was the main attraction last tour? Really ? Article is off because I wanted to see Emma and Geri!

  • Shazzer

    For me, any Spice Girls reunion is welcome. Of course I prefer all 5 of them together, but I can deal without Victoria. Geri can take over her parts.

  • dana j

    @ cristal posh does sing, why she doesn’t when with the Spice girls is stupid on her part. this is one of two songs she did that was semi popular.

  • Matt C

    The whole point of the Spice Girls was the fivesome, the group, the unity, the Girl Power. They have to all be there or it doesn’t work, it just feels too craven.

  • Miss Nimbus

    *yawns* no. Didn’t they just do this last year???? I smell total desperation and no I don’t think VB should take part, she dosn’t need them.

  • This report is obviously fake – Melanie C being a “driving force” behind another reunion? They were barely able to convince her to join the last reunion (which was brilliant, by the way).