Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Debut As ‘Creative Director’ For Emanuel Ungaro


Lindsay Lohan, who has been tapped as “creative director” for the Emanuel Ungaro design house, was on hand to present her work at Paris Fashion Week earlier today at Le Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France and by pretty much most accounts … it was a travesty. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who found the Ungaro Spring 2010 line (apparently created from Lindsay’s direction) fashionable … or even kinda good. Women’s Wear Daily brings us one of the first reviews of the Ungaro show and, well, like the clothes that walked the runway … it wasn’t pretty. Here are photos of Lindsay taking her bows on the runway and the review from WWD:

Lindsay, it’s time to get serious about reviving the acting career. After just one season, one show, Mounir Moufarrige’s Lindsay-plus-one experiment is off to a troubled start. Lindsay Lohan, the house’s “creative director,” and designer Estrella Archs, (who probably got the job in part for her willingness to sketch in Lohan’s shadow, and probably took it for its high-profile heritage), made their joint debut on Sunday in an effort that was, quite simply, an embarrassment. To be fair, there was something of a “Mean Girls” motif at play. The fashion world, or at least its old-fashioned, traditional arm, greeted the Lohan appointment with endless snickers and rolled eyes. Its members expected, perhaps even hoped for, the proverbial train wreck. And so it came, a collision of fashion, controversial celebrity and massive publicity that resulted in the most frenzied door scene we’ve seen in years, especially at the geezer venue Carrousel du Louvre, as well as a beefed-up photographers’ pit. As for the clothes, they looked cheesy and dated, as has often been the case chez Ungaro during the post-Emanuel revolving door of designers. Hot pink, orange and flashy, with an overworked heart motif relentless in its execution, the collection displayed none of the promised younger side Lohan was supposed to deliver. Nor in a million years would one guess that the lineup was designed by one young woman and “creative directed” by another. Glitter heart pasties all around, ladies? As for Lohan, she’ll weather the criticism, hardly her first or her juiciest, and move on when her contract allows. But Archs has her work cut out for her. Backstage after the show, she said the collection “had to be designed very quickly.” Perhaps that was the problem. This storied house has been in disarray for years, and though Archs’ debut provided no indication that she’s up to the challenge, she should be given the chance to find out without a younger, nonskilled judge with theoretical veto power hovering about. (Let’s just say the ladies’ joint bow didn’t radiate chemistry.) No one ever said fashion design is brain surgery. It’s a different discipline altogether. But it is indeed a discipline and a commercial art, a fact variously muted and underscored by the celebrity infiltration of the last decade. And like brain surgery — yes, like brain surgery and all disciplines at which people work for years to develop proficiency — it has its rare geniuses and capable practitioners, all of whom must possess talent, skill and dedication. Being a young, pretty, controversial woman who looks good in clothes and photo ops just isn’t enough.

So … just how fug are these Ungaro designs overseen by Lindsay Lohan’s creative prowess? After the jump, check out some of the designs that made their way down the runway and judge for yourselves …

UGH! I mean … really? These are clothes that a major fashion house like Emmanuel Ungaro thought were worthy of walking down the runway at Paris Fashion Week? Clearly, this collection was only shown because of Lindsay Lohan’s participation. Some of these outfits aren’t even good enough to be featured on Project Runway … let alone a Fashion Week runway in Paris — the seat of high fashion. This is just … bad. Lindsay prolly won’t suffer from this showing … but Ungaro deffo will. Perhaps the next time they hire someone to oversee the creation of their next collection of clothes they’ll go with someone who has fashion design talent rather than partygirl fame. Head over to WWD to see every outfit that walked the runway. Do any of y’all think any of them are good?

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • Ama

    WOW. the only photo Lindsay looks good in is the one where it isn’t a close up on her face >.<

    Also XD people have weird sense of fashion. I usually think that the clothes shown on runways are ones that will never be worn outside of fashion shows. But really, mostly all of these outfits are just….gah. My two year old niece can put together better outfits, and they have dora on them.

    But I will say I kind of like the third one(Just the dress not the jacketish thing she is wearing too)

  • Steph

    I’m not one to usually judge a person based on their appearance –but she looks much older than she is. She’s what? 23? There’s a lesson to be leaned kids: don’t do drugs!

  • Steph

    Also… it would be prefferable if you didn’t starve yourselves…

  • Lana

    OMG I love Lindsay but she looks horrible. I’m so sad :[[ She is one of my favorite actresses and she is actually talented. She seriously screwed her life up.

  • debho

    I feel embarrassed for her. That line is horrendous…along with the styling of it. They’re all of the “what were they thinking” line.
    Poor Lynds just can’t seem to get anything right….movies, partners, tanning business, fashion line.

  • ashley

    I love fashion, but this is sad for fashion and for Lindsay Lohan. Her face looks like it aged 20 years.

  • Jaded

    I liked the shoes. Although I’m pretty sure she had nothing to do with them.
    I also liked the jacket with the sequin lapels, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I had that same jacket in the late 80’s, although the lapels on that jacket were star shaped instead of heart.

  • Meg

    ugh, the line is one thing, but when I look at the pictures of Lindsay Lohan, flashes of Donatella Versace run through my mind.

  • Renee

    What is going on with her lips? The one side looks all droopy.

    2 words… hot mess.

  • sykosoo

    dear lindsay,
    we have a problem. your face.

    p.s. we’re still cool though, right?

  • KatrinSedai

    I like the first white dress with the little pink lines. Other outfits = Yikes. And I agree. Lindsay looks like an aged pogo stick. Ugh.

  • teri

    OMG she looks HORRIBLE!!

  • MiniMe88

    I won’t even watch the other outfits … the clothes in this article are already too painful to watch … I don’t want to torture my eyes anymore =/

    @ Meg – LMAO!! So true haha

  • lyndyloo

    she looks like shit.
    I love her, but bitch needs to go back to rehab or she’ll be found dead soon.
    Sort your fucking life out, you’re a fucking actress, a good one too, so get sober and go back to acting.

  • twilightsparrow

    I also liked the first white dress…it’s the only thing that actually looks wearable – and poor Lindsay…she used to be so pretty and looked healthy circa Mean Girls.

  • lyndyloo

    also, I really hate drugs fort what they do to talented’s sad.

  • Jadedkitten

    Horrible everything about this is horrible and everything about lilo is horrible too Jesus Christ her face my 85 year old grandma has better skin than she does.

  • Cherry

    lindsay looks way beyond her years here!

  • DJWhoop

    Jebus, she looks like death on a cracker

  • misha

    i kinda like the first dress (the white one with different shades of red/pink) oh lindsay what are we gonna do with you!

  • Christine

    jeebus, she looks horrible.
    Also looks like a lip-job gone bad!

  • maribella

    sweet jesus, she is high as a fucking kite here.

  • Selina

    God she looks so haggard! Someone needs to step in!
    It should be her mother or father but they’re both such publicity hounds that they could give a shit less about their daughter, just as long as they’re still in the headlines!
    Hasn’t there been anyone in her life that cares for her for herself, and not her fame, that would be willing to help her??
    It’s just so many levels of sad all around.

  • Nicola

    I actually quite like the first white minidress, but the rest is definitely rating 10 on the fug-o-meter. But then…most of the crap that is carted down the runway as ‘fashion’ is pretty crazy looking, and not something normal people would ever wear.

  • Carlos

    Guys!! You don’t give Sharon Stone enough credit, she’s like what 50? A has a part of her brain missing, which you can clearly see!!

  • Lola

    The first dress is cool but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any of those other outfits. I think Lindsay needs to pick a career and stick to it.

  • This line looks like it was designed by an 8-year-old. I would have loved that red bandeau, pink shrug and matching pink cumberbunded MC Hammer pants when I was in the 3rd grade. Maybe.

  • Susie

    Lindsay looks, as usual, TERRIBLE!

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am SO SO SO SO SICK of Lindsay Lohan!

    There’s is nothing remotely interesting or attractive about her at this point.

    She SERIOUSLY needs to check herlself into rehab for AT LEAST 3 Months, and after that, go live quietly somewhere for another 3-4 months removed from Hollywood, NYC, or any major fast moving city.

    During this self imposed “quiet time” Lindsay should hire a trainer, and a few different private acting coaches to come and work with her. She should do yoga, work out like mad, get coached in her acting, read, write, knit, and maybe take up some other hobbies like cooking, or belly dancing or SOMETHING.

    Then, after she’s taken this creative and reflective time out, she should re-immerge.

    But…it’ll never happen.

  • Denise

    even she looks a little embarrassed by the line…that or just high on something, probably both

  • Heather

    Even the models look disgusted by the designs…

  • Jenna

    I don’t mean to be rude but what the hell has happened to Lindsay? She looks like SHIT! She use to be so pretty once upon a time…

  • Lisa

    Nevermind the fugly clothes, why does Lindsay look so old and haggard there?!

  • Tammi

    This poor girl. She’s so hard up for cash and attention that she’s signed up for this without any idea what she’ll go through. The collection is bad but not a disaster and it actually isn’t any worse than what Cortazar designed for the house. But at least with this they’re getting publicity by exploiting her train wreck image, which they never got with Cortazar.
    I find it funny that she’s being criticized for the designs, as if she actually sketched or had anything to do with the styling. The bottom line is money, I’m not sure why they think making Lohan Creative Director will sell the clothes.

  • Tracy

    Lindsay looks like she is about 48 years old. Jesus. She looks like hell. And the clothes are ugly. Lindsay should just give up.

  • Ashley N.

    Bless her heart- she looks so worn down and defeated. I pray that this poor gets on the right track.

  • Ella

    That’s what they get for hiring a hot mess to be creative director. A hot mess of a fashion show. Seriously, who looks at Lindsey Lohan and seriously thinks “that girl has style and will add credibility to my fashion house”? Seriously. who looks at her and thinks that?

  • Mela

    Mostly I really dislike this line. I’ll be the first to admit though that half the time I don’t know what’s going on with these fashion shows. So little of it seems chic or realistic to me. However, I do have to say that I kind of like the idea behind the dresses in photos 26 and 29…but those are pretty much the only two that caught my eye…in a good way at least.

  • Kendra

    Is it coke that makes her face so bloated? Or alcohol? It’s freaky..Poor thing..She was so pretty..I kinda like her as this trainwreck, though..It’s fun to watch!

  • Michelle

    I think the real question is How fug is Lindsay Lohan? The results are in and they aren’t pretty!!

  • shannon

    like most to the others, i do like the first white dress.

  • Lemon

    Oh i don’t know about half of the designs were great concepts that weren’t executed properly. The other half were just bad. I really liked the look and feel, but some of the hems were way ridiculously short. The hearts were kind of childish and the bandeau tops with a heart in the center were unflattering on even the models. I give Linds credit for trying and ungaro a clap for taking a chance on her. With some love and hard work the next show could be spectacular!

  • Leisha

    Ouch, those are truly awful. Seriously. Apart from the first dress (white with red/pink), I just don’t understand how anyone thought these were good enough designs to put in a collection. No matter how much or little LiLo actually had to do with this line, it ain’t pretty.

    Plus, was she channeling Donatella Versace for her own look??

  • jazzyjess

    That’s not really her is it??? no way

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  • fonky

    Maybe she’s channelling Donatella Versace!

  • loulou

    Someone stage an intervention. QUICK! I actually opened up the page and said “OH MY GOD!” You couldn’t pay me enough to become a celebrity.

  • AmyM

    it’s Donatella Versace “the early years”

  • kattmow

    what the fuck happened to her face?

  • AshtonLee

    I looked through the whole collection and nothing was like WOW!! It all looks like bad 80s club wear or something that a Lisa Frank lover would wear. But really what did we expect from Lindsay??

  • Lynn

    I like the first dress, but everything else is just ugh. And Lindsay looks totally wrecked.

  • Carolyn

    When I first saw the pics to this post I thought it was Donatella Versace.

  • Krissy

    She looks so rough and the designs are so ugly. Ultimately, it is the company’s fault for working with someone who is so clearly out of it. Enabling the addicted and trying to profit off of them isn’t a good idea.

  • Cristal Connors

    God Lindsay looks so strung out… tore up from the floor up. I used to love her so much. I’ll be sad but not surprised if she’s not around much longer.

  • Megan

    I looked through the whole line and it was awful. And was there a reason all of there models were disgustingly thin. My gosh

  • c-word

    wow – she looks like sh*t!

    stay off the drugs linds – it’s only when you can pick yourself up and start taking care of yourself that your career will follow…

  • PixiesBassline

    She looks like she was up all night crying or something. Her makeup looks like she’s been wearing it for 3 days too. She looks freakin strange.

  • baroness

    @DJ Whoop -“death on a cracker”? that is awesome!!!

  • Kristin

    What is wrong with her lips? She’s in her 20’s she shouldn’t be getting any work done! She has such natural beauty why does she keep trying to inject things in her body/lips?

  • man those clothes are FUG! and i’m 23 and i’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to need botox at this age. she’s aged like 20 years the past 2…eek.

  • janice

    the first dress is actually cute, the rest not so much.