Sean Penn Likes To Kick Ass


Actor Sean Penn has a long history of hatred towards the paparazzi, going back to the 80’s when he gained much fame for being married to Madonna, and it looks like old habits die hard. Penn was being photographed by a videographer this week and decided that he didn’t like it very much … so he decided to kick the pap in the ass. Natch, the paparazzo is now suing Penn for assault:

Sean Penn went ballistic on a paparazzo this afternoon — and we’ve learned the photog just filed a police report against the actor. The cameraman — Jordan Dawes (not a TMZ guy) — is accusing Penn of battery after a confrontation near the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles, where Sean had just eaten lunch. Penn was seen kicking and hitting the photographer on a side-street multiple times before leaving. Sean’s rep had no comment.

Seriously, if Sean Penn hasn’t stopped this behavior by now … there’s no way he’s going to stop. Whether he gets sued or not, whether he is forced to pay for damages or not, I’m pretty certain that Sean Penn will continue to whip paparazzi ass to his heart’s content … so photograph him at your own peril.


  • Guys, there is only one way to settle this once and for all….MODEL WALK OFF!! lols

  • This photo is ackshully giving me the LOLS. Haha. He is so focused on that kick.


  • Tracy

    Get over it Sean Penn. It’s not like he’s followed everywhere he goes like Britney.

  • AmyM

    my guess is that the photog said something to get a rise out of Sean Penn and he picked the right day.

  • PixiesBassline

    Lmao @ the caption “HI-YA!”