First Look: ‘Britney Spears: The Singles Collection’ Box Set


A couple of weeks ago we learned that Britney Spears would be releasing her first ever singles collection in November entitled Britney Spears: The Singles Collection and earlier this week we saw the official artwork for Britney’s new single 3 which will be included in the set. The collection will be released in a standard version, featuring 18 of her hit singles, and in a deluxe box set version, featuring all 29 of her officially released singles … here is what that box set will look like:

To be honest, I already own every single one of these singles in their individual jewel cases (collected as each was released over the years) but seeing this deluxe box package kinda makes me want to own this as well. I know, it’s crazy … who even buys CDs anymore but … I kinda like the idea of all 29 of her singles packaged together in a box like this. Truly, this set is being made available for the hardcore Britney Spears fan while the standard version is being made for the casually interested fan. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ponying up for this set … will you?


  • oh Trent you how I heart you but your comment about ‘who buys CDs anymore’ hurt….I mean digital is great and tech-like and all Star Trekky to be sure, but c’mon there’s something to be said about the excitement of having the music in your hands, opening it up and pouring over the artwork…or am I just showing my age?

    • @Ismael — No, I feel you … that’s why I want this box set. But the instant gratification of downloading from iTunes or Amazon is really satisfying. I don’t think kids really care about album artwork, etc.

  • Ria

    i bet so many people are going to sell their trailers so they can afford this box of shit.

  • @Trent…too sad but true, particularly since it makes me feel much older than my 30 years to say “kids” LoL…oh well, at least we’re hot, that always makes things better, right?

  • The Britney

    Ok I’m a fan ever since and I have all that. Why do they want my money??

    • @The Britney — Box sets like this are for people who need to complete their collections … or simply have to own everything.

  • Lisa

    The box set looks SOOOOO cool!!! Wonder if they can do one for MJ? I feel like Brit will have new singles and this box collection will be outdated once that happens.

    And I still buy CDs! Hahahaha

  • Jadedkitten

    Buying it and I live in NYC thank chu very much.

  • Mike

    It is less thaqn $80 at Barnes and Noble

  • Tom

    I still buy CD’s…I’m only 20 but I loathe buying music online…

  • Irma

    I’m 18 and I still love having the artwork in my hands. I love opening up a cd and playing it in my car. It’s much easier than bringing my iPod around, having to hook it up, making sure I disconnect it in fears that someone will break into my car and steal it. CDs for the freaking win.

  • Tracy

    Ripoff. I’ll listen to it on youtube if I need to LOL.

  • jas

    i want this. now. ill have to wait until christmas… :'(


    Yes, I’m a teenager as well and I think buying music from iTUNES or anything else is pretty stupid. I like having the physical thing in my hand as opposed to it being nonexistent in a way. I think album artwork is still relevant but Britney’s artwork has been SOOO shitty lately. Plus, illegal downloading and iTUNES have ruined the music industry. Though, a lot of people don’t want to spend $14 for an entire CD if there’s only 3 or 4 good songs, you know? I heard this thing is $99! I’m a hardcore Britney fan but I’m skipping out on this and it isn’t because the price but simply because I find it extremely ridiculous and something just for a quick buck to her team… No thanks!

  • Smoo

    That’s a lot of money for something most harcore brit fans own as it is. I don’t think she’s offering enough new things in it besides the single “3”. I’m going to pass, but I guess if you have enough money to splurge, enjoy!

  • nicole

    wouldnt it make sense to do a singles collection when her career is done? i mean once she puts out new music..then this really wouldnt be a complete singles collection would it?

  • The Britney

    @nicole rumor has it that she’ll take a loooong break after the tour is fully wrapped so…..sorta career end

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