Lindsay Lohan Previews The 6126 Spring Ad Campaign


Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line, 6126, has a PR Twitter account to promote the brand and sent out a tweet giving us our first look at the new Spring ad campaign for the line … here is the behind the scenes photo and tweet message that was posted late yesterday:

Lindsay shot the 6126 spring campaign with Markus Klinko & Indrani in NY during fashion week… just tweeted a behind scenes pix

I know it’s horrrrrrrible but I don’t hate the neon lime top … but the leggings are just terrible. I’m not sure who her target audience is but if it’s strippers, I don’t think they’re gonna pay premium prices for leggings with holes in them when they can just cut them up themselves. The whole look of this photo (and presumably the 6126 Spring ad campaign) looks an awful lot like the look that Samantha Jones will be rocking in Sex and the City 2. Ugh. This is a world of no. I mean, would YOU wear any of this?


  • CoCo

    Ya… When nobody buys her nastified leggings, she will finally realize that her look is hideous! Why would you want to look like her? She looks like a TRAINWRECK!!!

  • Sweet_Lady

    when did the 1980’s stripper/heavy metal rock video look make a comeback? BLECH!

  • Mela

    I’d wear it all…for Halloween.

  • eiBeauty

    I can see Gwen Stafani rocking something like this, but only on stage.

  • CB


  • nicole

    i dont hate the neon either…

  • Tracy

    She is revolting and so are her leggings. I want her to go away.

  • Carlos

    I love her!! She’s so whorish!! I imagine myself wearing those leggins in the middle of a coke binge while making out with Lily Allen and the paparazzi where snapping my pic and I was tweeting about the orphans… not that Linds would ever do something like that!

  • Lana

    I love Lindsay Lohan, but wtf @ a leggings line. I heard it has been doing well though, so maybe I’m the only one who thinks its absurd.

  • Z

    Looks like a skanky super hero costume or maybe one of Pat Benetar’s old slashed spandex outfits!

  • Jadedkitten

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha who’s basement did she shoot this hot mess in lawd it looks like the beginning of a porn shoot.

  • Teeshah

    this is only suitable for the stage. but i love the heels! hehehe

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  • Heather

    Just as trashy as she is.

  • Krissy

    She looks like David Lee Roth! Didn’t he wear that in the Panama video?

  • Nic0Le

    2 words: hot mess.

  • DJWhoop

    @Krissy – just about right. Except she would have to wear her panties on the outside of the pants. But since nasty ole Linds doesn’t wear panties……damn, there went my lunch.

    This is just a stupid outfit. That doesn’t look like a top, it looks like a bathing suit that Paris Hilton designed.

  • p

    @ Carlos Hahahahaha! I think the same way ;)

  • KandiGirl

    First of all, who would wear those? Second, with her reputation is it really smart of her to be in the ads?
    She’s gotten really ugly over the years, become a terrible actress, a whore, and a obviously she’s a poor business women. It must suck to be Lindsay Lohan. If she didn’t turn into a coke head whore, she’d probably be at the top of her game. What a shame.


    No one on a daily basis would wear those leggings! So… wrong. And the shirt reminds me from something of The Flintstones but sluttier.

  • Z

    @CHASE…HAH! Wilma’s whore wear.
    Seriously, you are right. I can’t imagine swanning through the King Sooper buying groceries in THAT outfit!

  • Nikki

    Carlos, you are hilarious ! Tweeting about Orphans…lmoa!

  • Nikki

    lmao! (oops)

  • Frisa

    Well I know I’ll get bashed for this but I kinda like them…and no I’m not a stripper or whore or anything like that but I think with the right oversized top those leggins would be cute to wear out to a club or something like that. Would I wear them everyday…no…but at a club I would definitely rock it. And as far as the locale of the picture – maybe a different background would make them more appealing and definitely not with that shirt.

  • My eyes popped out because that’s just ugly. I can imagine some women rocking those leggings, tho. Perhaps that photo is just atrocious.


  • PixiesBassline

    She should just call her clothing line 1983.

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  • janelle

    Okay, WHAT THE HELL is up with these ‘outfits’ that have gaps on the side of the body? The look is on bathing suits, gowns, now … whatever the hell THIS is… But it’s so unbalanced, unaesthetic, and just plain ugly. And a girl had on these types of leggings in my class today. Fail. Mainstream fashion fail.
    PHEW! Rant done.

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  • Carolyn

    She has to be on drugs. Only a crackhead would 1. Own those clothes. 2. Wear them at the same time. 3. Proudly be photographed in them for mass public consumption. And 4. Expect that people are going to give her money so they can look like that too. I don’t even want to see what her “artistic advising” looks like for Ungaro.

  • pancakes!

    i just think she needs to eat some food. like not a fan!

  • Ed_Baph

    I grew up in the eighties and watching Head Bangers Ball was something I did religiously every Saturday night instead of going to church on Sunday Mornings. I think she looks great in this!