‘Extra!’ Previews Kylie Minogue’s First Ever North American Tour


Last week we got a look at the setlist for Kylie Minogue’s first ever North American Tour (which kicks off TONIGHT in Oakland, CA) and yesterday we got to see behind the scenes video from Day 1 of productions rehearsals for the show. Today we get to see video from Extra! TV who bring us a sneak peek at the show itself!! Here are a few screencaps from Kylie’s dance rehearsals for performances of Red Blooded Woman and Wow:

It turns out that RBW will feature a bit of Where the Wild Roses Grow in the middle of the performance … OMG, I’m DYING!! Those of you who wish to remain unspoiled prolly don’t want to watch this 2 minute long clip. The rest of you who are curious or simply have no self-control (like me) can watch the clip in full after the jump …

I understand that Extra! will air an exclusive interview with Kylie on their show TODAY … so make sure you tune in (check local listings) to see it. I’ll try to share the video with all y’all should it become available tomorrow. We are just hours away from the kickoff of Kylie’s first ever proper concert performance here in the US. I’M DYING OF EXCITEMENT!!!


  • Z

    If that woman could bottle her energy….she could sell it for a million bucks!

  • Tonya

    Have a great time Trent!!!!

  • Tom

    That was kinda boring..hope the rest of the tour is better…

  • Dagnabbit!!! I KNEW I shoulda tried harder to make it happen for me to see this show. Ah well, maybe next time she’ll do a proper North American tour.
    butanyway… I can totally relate to your excitement. I would be soooo excited too! A Kylie concert in the gay mecca. What more could we ask for?
    Tho I must say I’m surprised that ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’ is not on the setlist. Sure, us fans know she’s got a 20 year library of fab music – but for N. Americans that song is her most-recent “mainstream” hit so for that reason alone I would think she would want to play it live for this market. But if she DOES end up incorporating that song into tonite’s show, keep your ears peeled for her to possibly medley-ize it with You Spin Me Round… I heard she does that in the UK shows so who knows, maybe here too.
    Oh and you must let us know how she does with Burning Up/Vogue – that’s so cool she’s doing those songs.
    Damn I wish I was gonna be there tonite, too. Blow her LOTS of kisses :)
    Oh and any chance you’ll get backstage to meet her? WORK that OUT, mister!!!
    And let us know if she mentions or dedicates any aspect to her experience with breast cancer. I’m interested if that part of her lift factors into her show in any way, shape or form.
    kay thx bye! HAVE FUN FUN FUN!!!!

  • Ramble much Kent? (settle people, we are actually good friends)

    But I have to agree with every word. Except for your obsession with You Spin Me Round….. that baffles me just a little.


    I am soooo stoked for ya’ll goin’ that she is playing “Confide in Me” which is the song that made me realise that she didn’t suck balls and is more than just a soap star trying to sing. And for any Aussies reading this, you know what I mean… Which Neighbours, Home & Away or E-Street star didn’t try and break into the Stock Aitken and Waterman school of music at some point in their career.

    Hope you have an awesome time Trent and please tweet tweet tweet as much as ya can


  • debho

    E-Street….there’s a show I’ve forgotten about. rofl

  • David

    CGYOOMY is in the official setlist…it’s a medley of Like A Drug/Boombox/Can’t get you out of my head. ;-)

  • David

    Oops, meant CGYOOMH…

  • rooney


    Saw kylie tonite and it was one of the best shows ever. Closing with “Love at First Sight” had the entire floor jumping up and down. I want to go tomorrow night too.

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