Victor Newman Is Being Written Out Of ‘The Young & The Restless’


Longtime fans of the #1 daytime drama, The Young and the Restless, have a big adjustment to get used to in the coming weeks on the series. According to a new report, Y&R head character honcho Victor Newman (played for 30+ years by actor Eric Braeden) is being written off the show. Braden refused to take a pay cut from the show (which was asked of all the actors on the soap to keep things afloat) and was informed that he would be written out of the show. Does this sound familiar, Y&R fans? Melody Thomas Scott (who plays Nikki Reed-Foster-Bancroft-DiSalvo-Newman-Abbott-Landers-Chow on the series), who’s been on the show almost as long as Braeden has, tried to pull the same stunt earlier this year … and she was written out of the show, too:

Stop the presses! Emmy winner Eric Braeden has been written out as the iconic Victor Newman on Y&R. The actor has already taped his last scenes. Reportedly, Victor and Nikki go on vacation. For the past few weeks, Braeden has been involved in intense negotiations. While his contract is up at the end of 2010, Y&R has been asking actors to take pay cuts when their 13-week cycles expire. Actors like Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), who this past summer was written out after she balked over the same issue, are furious; not over the fact that they are being asked to take pay cuts but that they are being expected to re-negotiate their contracts during their 13-week cycles. It is important to note that they are willing to take pay cuts but at the end of their contracts. “Everyone knows they have to take a slash in pay,” says an insider. “That isn’t the issue — the issue is that their current contract isn’t being respected. Once you open up a contract during a cycle, the original contract is null and void and you must start over from scratch. Eric thinks he should be paid his current salary until next year. The same thing happened to MTS. Her contract wasn’t up this summer — her cycle was.” As previously reported, Y&R is currently transitioning Adam Newman to inherit his father’s complex history. Additionally, the sudser has announced it’s casting a new millionaire bad guy named Tucker with a big name to cover their bases. “The casting call is not a scare tactic,” says an executive. “Tucker is a real role.” During Braeden’s last tape date, the actor gave a speech to the cast saying he may not come back and thanked the cast and crew for decades of memories. “He said he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be back, and thanked everyone for their hard work,” says one co-star. “He got emotional towards the end. After his speech, there was dead silence. We were all stunned,” says another witness. If you’re a fan of The Mustache, Soapgeist suggests you start writing into CBS, Sony, and Y&R like yesterday.

To be honest, none of this is surprising. And, as a longtime fan of Y&R, I don’t mind it so much anymore. I was more upset when I learned that Thomas Scott (Nikki) was being written off the show but I’m not so broken up about Braeden’s departure. I understand that Braeden the actor is almost as pig-headed, stubborn and uncompromising as his Victor Newman character is. Not only is he a horrid actor but he really doesn’t bring anything new to the show. I don’t understand how it seems more desirable to say no to a pay cut and get written off the show. The fact that neither character (Nikki or Victor) is being killed off is a good sign for them … should they wise up, they can come back. Should they not wise up, the actors can be (shudder) replaced when those characters eventually return to the show. While it’s true that losing these characters would be a big change for fans of the series … I personally would be fine with the changes. I would rather lose a couple of characters than risk losing the whole show because their selfish paid contract demands were being met. Any Y&R fans out there? What do y’all think?


  • Denise

    Wow, this is very surprising to me. I can’t imagine Y&R without Victor Newman. But, when it gets down to it, “the play’s the thing” (or in this case, the show’s the thing). Writers create the characters and the actors just bring them to life. Any competent actor can play Victor just a competent actress can play Nikki. This may be an opportunity for Y&R to hire younger actors who can grow into the roles, and make Victor and Nikki live forever (when they eventually return to Genoa City).

  • wyatt’s mommy

    I agree Trent….I am not a fan of Victor Newman and will not miss him on the show.

  • davidsask

    It will be odd if they leave, but the show isn’t the same as it used to be with current writers anyhow. By the way they did the same thing with John and Marlena on Days, so no one should be shocked. Here is some rumored HUGE spoilers for you, so stupid if they come true:

    Victor and Nikki are reunited, Ashley saw them kissing get angry and files for a divorce.

    Ashley is awarded the ranch and Newmans has part of her divorce settlement and kicks Victor and Nikki off the ranch.

    Ashley moves in at the ranch with Sharon baby which she think is hers and invite Adam and Sharon to live with her.

    This result in Adam and Sharon having a love affair.

    Nikki and Victor team up to bring Ashley down.

    Nikki and Victor end up successful with there plan.

  • Frisa

    He’s not going anywhere! I have been an avid watcher for 30+ years and this show would not be the same without Victor Newman. He may not bring anything new to the show but he is an icon with history and he is intertwined in too many lives for this not to affect the show. And I swear if they try and replace him with Adam’s character I will stop watching because I don’t like him and I don’t like his character. Victor may be a bully at times but he has a heart (somewhere) and he loves his family. And people keep blaming him for this whole Patty mess. Yes he brought her to town but he didn’t force her to poison Summer or take Colleen hostage. She did that all on her own. They are both to blame for their roles in this mess. I think Victor and Patty should have a love affair….now wouldn’t that be something to watch! He could help her get better because he feels bad and then she would fall in love with him and him with her. But honestly, just like MTS…its all a game of who blinks first and he isn’t leaving the show.

  • Frisa

    Oh and one more thing…sorry Trent I totally disagree with you on this one. Its not selfish to want the contract you signed to be honored. Its called business…if the actors weren’t living up to their end of the contract they would be let go. Don’t let them fool you…there is a lot of money in soaps. Did the writers or Mr. Bell take any sort of pay cuts…betcha they didn’t.

  • desdemona

    And just when they were finally getting back together too!! ugh…i am bummed. I love Nikki…the show won’t be the same w/o her.
    I love Nick and Sharon too….and always fast forward through the silly plotlines with kevin/amber/daniel etc.

  • Marie-L

    Nikki is already back she won’t leave again. MTS was out during the time she took to decide to accept the pay cut.

  • garion

    it’s called a business, hence, he should take a cut. Soaps are a dying breed. Y&R will go away like Days, Guilding Light, etc… sooner or later. Eric should try and stop the bleeding.

    it’s like unions and the auto dealers. Those union people wouldn’t make concessions thinking the auto industry would always fund their high salaries and great benefits as most other workers in all other industries are being screwed. Well, the economy affects EVERYONE, and they learned their lesson eventually.

  • Leslie

    I highly doubt that money was the issue for MGT (Nikki)’s leave. She is married to one of the producers.

  • Amanda

    I would much prefer that he leave the show and take the character with him than having him replaced. I think the show will survive without Victor (although I’ll be sad to see him go), but Eric is Victor. Some actors and characters become synonymous, and I think that’s the case with Victor. I hope something can be worked out because the Jack/Victor feud is one of my favorite things about Y&R. It’d be a shame to lose that. Victor fuels so many storylines. I’m crossing my fingers.

  • Jenn

    are there enough housewives left to even keep making soaps?

  • Namerequired

    I think the TPTB should honor the contract, The actors know they’re going to have to take paycuts when the renegotiate their contracts. This stuck out to me
    “It is important to note that they are willing to take pay cuts but at the end of their contracts. “Everyone knows they have to take a slash in pay,” says an insider. “That isn’t the issue — the issue is that their current contract isn’t being respected. Once you open up a contract during a cycle, the original contract is null and void and you must start over from scratch.”

    Once they null and void that contract the actors lose any ability to negotiate on a level (or as level as can be) field, for vacation time, storyline input and other benefits. Eric has money (so does MTS) some things are about more than money, I side with the actors.

    Oh and NO ONE can ever replace Victor Newman period (Jack’s a pansy, Nick LOL, and Adam yeah seriously, as evil as Victor I could always see his heart trying to break through) they tried to replace Drucilla and look how that turned out, some actors personify a role, especially in daytime when they come into on home 5 days a week 52 weeks of the year. Now if Heather can back as Victoria Newman, maybe when could have something there.

  • Shanny

    I have followed Y&R since th 80’s. Many characters have come and gone from the episode but Victor is a staple. It would be extremely disappointing to see him go away, especially if that means Adam gets a bigger role of any kind. He is boring.

  • Krissy

    Wow…I remember coming home from kindergarten and seeing the final moments of this show, because my grandmother watched it. He has been on there for AGES!

  • pinkdog

    oh trent this is why i love you so! keeping me up to date on my soap! cannot stand the mustache- he’s such a horrid actor! now if they could just can abby and mac…
    and yep, i’m one of those housewives (a real one from atl!) that still watches y and r!

  • Sean

    He will be back soon I’m sure… There’s no way that Braeden will stay away for too long once cooler heads prevail. And they cannot recast this role. It would be like recasting Erica Kane – never happen. The same thing happened with MTS and she had to be written out for 2 months because the agreement came too late (BTW MTS’ husband is NO longer a producer on Y&R)

  • beth

    Victor gone for GOOD? I’ll believe it when I see it. He’ll be back after a hiatus and when contract negotiations are resolved – just like MTS!

  • KD

    I just started watching Y&R just over two years ago. The story lines kept me tuned in but this last while the story lines are getting quite silly. Have they hired new writers. It will be interesting to see if Braeden leaves the show for good.

  • anne

    i grew up watching this show, so seeing someone other than eric braeden as victor newman would be strange. but then again, when martha byrne left as the world turns and was replaced by another actress, i thought the same thing. and i actually prefer the new actress. so maybe a new victor newman would bring new spice to the sow. lets face it: the abbott vs. newman rivalry definitely needs a new kick to it and a nuVictor may do the trick. but i bet anything, braeden will resign.

  • Trish

    I’ve watched this show for too long to mention and I NEVER understood the sex appeal (?!) a lot of folks saw in Braeden….plus, I’ve heard a lot about what an ass he is so – buh bye!

  • Trent, I was *just* gonna tweet u about this sitch and then of course i see here u’ve already blogged it…
    even tho y&r is ROYALLY pissing me off lately, i don’t want to see eric braeden go. he is the backbone of the show as victor newman, and i hope the same thing happens with him as it did a few months ago with melody thomas scott – ie, he sucks it up.
    i actually find his acting to be somewhat notable at times. not alot of range, mind you, but every once in a while he makes my eyes go wide for a second or two. maybe obama can arrange a bailout for him or y&r or cbs or WHOever so we can all just move the eff on.

    as for Y&R storyline, i HATE HATE HATE the contrived baby-switch story with ashley and sharon. that’s some of THEE LAZIEST writing i’ve seen in awhile.

    the ridiculous Zamboni painting bullshit fell out of the sky for no good reason months ago and the writers still haven’t cleaned up their own mess with that one. swear to god, adrienne frantz musta graduated top of her class from the “trembling chin school of acting”.

    the “back from the dead and gay” story of Phillip is totally dead in the water. i’m so disappointed in this show for conceiving a truly interesting plot development and then just letting it hang there like an empty cobweb.

    headwriter maria arena bell was absolutely hitting all the right notes in her first year or so at the helm, but she has been sleepwalking thru her gig for several months now.

    sorry for the rant but you KNOW how i am ;-)

  • btw, one more thing, it occurred to me there was a fair number of comments on this eric braeden story so i put my grade one math skills to the test and have discovered that only today’s posts on britney and twilight generated more comments than this one.
    and they say daytime drama is dying.

  • Kiara

    They probably make more than $100 grand an episode anyway…so what the hell are they complaining about a paycut for!?! That’s more than some people make in a year!!! It’s totally ridiculous the amount that stars are paid per episode. How can they even justify it? :@

  • jadedsweetie

    i’ve watched the show since i was a little girl and i can’t imagine him not being there. but, he can take a break for a while and i wouldn’t miss him. i agree with everyone else, the show is getting a little ridiculous and its sad to see that…

  • MissGee

    I totally agree Trent. Peace the spork out to Victor. I have been waiting for this day….he drives me bananas. He can’t act and his character is annoying.

    I also agree with Kent that the baby switching story line is not so swell.

    The actor that plays Adam Newman is also terrible.

    I still love the show tho…and will love it even more with Victor gone!!

  • Therese

    I think that if Y&R had a contract with these actors they should at least hold up their end of the deal until it is up. I’m sure the actors: Melody and Braeden would gladly re sign afterwards. It will be a great loss if Victor leaves and to re cast would be stupid as far as i’m concerned. Either way I will still watch as i’m sure lots of others will as well, but i will miss Victor if he does leave.

  • Rita

    What good is a contract if it is not honored.
    I think Y&R has lost it’s way anyway. How can they expect us to believe these Adam stories, everything goes his way, thy have turned both Ashley and Victor into idiots who can’t see what is in front of their face. The moustache has always been very wary and yet he appears to be quite gullible about Adam.
    I find the story lines very mean spirited and some of them are really predictabible others are just too stupid,
    Wht happened to the great writers they usd to have.

  • Bobbie

    i will never never watch anything Sony again if they let Victor leave!!!

  • I’m not a fan of Victor.Hope he doesn’t get Colleen’s heart.Maybe he could take Adam with him.Would not miss him.the Newmans are bastards right now.

  • Mr Bell took the heart of the show with him when he died.

  • Ivy

    WT…I am devastated. I love Victor he is also the heart of the show no matter what anyone says. Yes he is Sly and Vicivious, but he is the bomb. What will they do without him…be boring I guess…

  • I like the character Victor Newman. I lOVE Eric Braeden as an actor. I think he’s mega talented. He’s a thinker and a doer. He ponders things and gets to work and makes money for his family, honest money, which his bratty ass greed driven children want to take from him. He’s a good man who has planned well for his family and because of Uncle Jack they want to make him homeless and pennyless, they may accomplish that but they are not wize enough to keep it all afloat like Victor has. They’ll need his wisdom in the near future when they figure out Good Ole Uncle Jack got rich off them and won’t have a damn thing to do with them when they are broke. VIctor and Niki together will be back to help the entire Newman family make a smashing come back. Jck Abbott will be history along with his snotty devious side kick Phyllis.