Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Take Her Sister Sophia To A Concert


Nicole Richie, who just gave birth a couple of weeks ago, decided to take her little sister Sophia and her loverkins Joel Madden to see a Selena Gomez concert over the weekend. Little Sophia was unfortunately hobbling around on crutches but Nicole, who just gave birth mind you, was lookin’ totally faboo! Here are some photos:

I’m sure it’s totally normal for women to give birth and then carry on with their normal routines but … HELLO, Nicole looks great! Her baby bump is long gone … she looks fab. While I would love to see photos of little Sparrow James Midnight (hopefully sometime soon), it’s really great seeing Nicole just out and about as if she didn’t just give birth! You go girl, you look great!!

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Ama

    Nicole is one of those ladies that can have a child and not look like they have had any afterward. Lucky Lady. I saw their tweets about this show :) Fun stuff.

  • nicole

    im guessing she was mostly baby this time around, same thing happened with my cousin, when she had her second kid, she looked great after hardly any major weight gain.

  • Tracy

    She looks so amazing. I just love her.

  • Maria

    I love her and I love her and Joel together! Can’t wait to see the family all together!

  • Susie

    She’s awesome. Love her!

  • you are right – nicole does look amazing!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    DAMN Nicole looks great!!

  • Damn I am not surprised but this girl looks smokin as always !! I just love this girl she can give birth on Monday and be looking like a miilion bucks by Tuesday no bullshit she is all that!! I think thats really sweet to take her little sister that i so very cool!!

  • nae

    she looks gorgeous…but as a ‘normal’ person, i have to remember that she probly stays at home all day, can hire a trainer, and a cook & that’s why she looks the way she does. love nicole, but i hate how websites flaunt how great celebrities look right after having a baby. some of us ‘normal’ folks can’t afford the extras (ie. nannies, cooks, trainers) & actually have to take time to work it off in between raising a new baby & going back to work to support the family.

  • jamie

    @nae I completely agree! My friend has a 2 year old and had a baby the same day as Nicole and she told me she’s going on about 2 hours of sleep a night and has left the house – briefly – twice. I don’t want to hate on Nicole for looking great or having helps w/ the kids so she can do things but I really hate how the media acts like this is the norm. Like everyday women give birth then are out and about going to concerts 3 weeks later looking like they were never even pregnant to begin w/.

  • nicole

    even if she does have a cook & trainer…they wouldnt have made a big difference in such little time…seeing as they tell you to just relax after birth, which mean a trainer is kinda out of the question. im sticking with what i said before, she was all baby this time around.

  • Ama

    @ Jamie/Nae- I have to disagree. It all depends on the person. My friend, who by the way isn’t a celebrity or rich so she doesn’t have a personal trainer or cook, lost the baby weight fast and she was out and about with both her children a week after giving birth. It all depends how they manage their time too. Since this is Nicole’s second child I’m sure she knows what she needs to do and what she doesn’t. Which makes it easier to get back into your daily life schedule, even with a new baby. Also there are those women who, luckily- can look as though they had never been pregnant after giving birth. Its just how their body is, it also depends on how they took care of their body during pregnancy.