Dannii & Kylie Minogue Have That ‘X-Factor’


Okay, so we don’t get X-Factor here in the US so I’m not entirely sure how the show works but … apparently Dannii Minogue, as one of the judges, gets to pick 3 contestants to compete for the big prize and her contestants will go up against the 3 pics of the other judges. In order to help make her selection, it is being reported that Dannii enlisted the help of her big sister Kylie Minogue to help make the decision. Here are pics of Dannii and Kylie looking AMAZING in Dubai recently and the deets of all this X-Factor drama:

With seven number one hits, who better to help little sister Dannii win this year’s X Factor than Kylie Minogue? Dannii has vowed to beat rival judge Cheryl Cole by hiring Kylie – one of the world’s best-selling pop stars – to help her pick her three acts for the final. A source said: ‘Dannii realised once again that it’s a competition between the judges as much as it is between the competitors. ‘She knows she’s going to need the best team behind her.’ The source added: ‘Dannii knows that Cheryl is still managing to win the battle for the public. She realised it was time to bring in her sister to help change things around a bit.’ The sisters were filmed in a suite at the five-star Atlantis Palm hotel in Dubai, where rooms start at £1,000 a night. Kylie, 41, wears an emerald green off-the-shoulder dress while Dannii, 37, wears a floor-length patterned gown. The last 12 acts – three for each judge – will be revealed at the end of next Sunday’s show before the live rounds begin next month. A source told the Mirror: ‘The girls had a blast in Dubai. Dannii is a professional and takes her job as a judge very seriously. ‘But it was lovely for her to be able to take her sister with her to go through the decision-making process. Between them the girls have nearly 40 years experience in the music industry so who better to spot the stars of tomorrow?’ According to the Daily Star Sunday, Dannii claims she was made to feel like an outsider on last year’s X Factor. Dannii broke down in tears on one of the live shows when Louis Walsh accused her of stealing on of her song choices. The newspaper reveals that Dannii is once again reduced to tears on tonight’s Boot Camp show when her fellow judges decide to throw out one of her favourite artists.

Ummm … yeah … I still don’t know what the heck is going on over on X-Factor … all I know is that I love seeing the Minogue sisters together. It’s a shame that Dannii is all bizzy with this X-Factor biz in the UK cuz she’s gonna miss out on Kylie’s North American Tour debut this week here in Oakland, CA. I was hoping Dannii would be able to sneak over here to see Kylie’s shows but I understand she cannot break away. In any event, Dannii will be workin’ hard on X-Factor and Kylie will be workin’ hard touring the US (well, some of the US). Gotta love those Minogues :)


  • Cupcake

    WOW, they’re VERY pretty!

  • starryeyedfish

    Ok so how it works is that there are four judges, Simon Cowell, Dani Minogue, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole. They each mentor three artists in a category…the categories being over 25s, boys (16-25), girls (16-25) and groups. They have whittled the contestants down to 6 in each category and these contestants have to audition for their mentor in order for them to be picked for the final 3 on the live shows, Each judge usually has a friend in the business help them with their choice and Dani is lucky enough to have Kylie! Dani has the girls this year so Kylie will be the perfect assistant!

  • Lol

    I love Dannii sooo much, I wish she would do more music. I prefer her to Kylie, honestly.

  • nysro

    both of them are so over rated its pathetic.. didnt Kylie sell like a 1000 (literally) of her last labum in the states… thats piss poor for anyones standards.

  • tibby

    It’s so great that these two are in the same industry, are able to handle the different ways their careers have played out and can be supportive of each other professionally like this. They set a great example. Really sweet!

  • Nettie

    Apparently, you will soon get the X Factor, since Simon Cowell is planning to take it state-side, along with some of the judges, including the Barbie-doll pretty (but quite feisty) Cheryl Cole – only problem is she speaks fairly strong Geordie (a Northern English accent from the Newcastle region), and they are a bit concerned that people won’t understand her…

    Not sure if Dannii will be brought along, too.

  • Mrs Jackman

    do i know you? :D

  • Z

    Awww! I haven’t seen them together since Kylie was on Neighbors!
    Look at that bone structure! Their entire bodies will be held up by those cheek bones when they get old!!!

  • BriK

    they are soooooo gorgeous! i want those family genes!

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  • Billy

    Adding to starryeyedfish above, X Factor is BIG in the UK, Leona Lewis won it 2 years ago.

  • Nettie

    @Mrs Jackman:
    err… don’t know… not sure. What makes you think so?
    BTW, Hello, in any case :D

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