Is Reese Witherspoon Wearing An Engagement Ring?


Reese Witherspoon was spotted wearing a pretty new ring on her left ringfinger this week which has sparked new rumor that she and longtime beau Jake Gyllenhaal are gettin’ hitched. Now, before y’all run out and start buying wedding gifts, it should be made clear that there has been ZERO official word on this rumor … which comes from a few photos of Reese wearing a ring and a site called The Inquisitr. HMMM:

Reese Witherspoon has fueled rumors that she is set to tie the knot with partner Jake Gyllenhaal after she was spotted flaunting a gold band on her wedding finger. A source said, “Reese looked delighted, and she was definitely showing off the ring. She kept holding her finger up for people to see, she even flashed it around when she was getting in her car.” A photograph taken by X17Online reveals that the band is made up of three interlocking strips of gold, two of which have solid gold baubles on them. A small golden star is stuck to the top strip, and sits against Reese’s finger. Neither Reese nor Jake’s representatives have commented on the claims. This is not the first time that reports circulated on the couple’s plan to get married, who began dating in 2007. Earlier this year, Jake was spotted ring shopping in New York. In March, it was claimed Reese removed a sparkly band during a photo shoot as she didn’t want people to know she was planning to walk down the aisle. A source said at the time, “It was gorgeous, and everyone noticed it right away. But she took it off as soon as she saw people staring. Reese stuffed it in her bag and didn’t put it on again the rest of the day.”

Personally, I don’t think they’re engaged … and if they are, then that is one lame ring. The ring looks more like a gift she got from her kids than from her “fianceé”. I’m gonna hold off on the congrats just yet … besides, Jakey poo wouldn’t do this to us, would he?

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Stephanie

    I agree with you Trent. I have a feeling is Jake was to give her a ring it wouldn’t look anything like that!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    If so, that is one ugly ass ring! Can you say JC Penny catalog!!!

  • Krissy

    I don’t know…maybe she likes her jewelry understated, or maybe it is a family heirloom. I don’t think that rock size equals quality of a relationship. Whenever those tacky jewelry commericals come on that say, “If you love her, buy her diamonds” I tell my man, “don’t waste your money!”

    And maybe it is just a ring that has nothing to do with their relationship.


    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not an engagement but Reese strikes me as the woman who likes simplicity and not big, obvious, gody jewelery.

  • That cannot be an engagement ring if it is than shes getting ripped!! I don’t think her man would give her a ring like that either come on ppl! Tiffany sounds more like it! The ring just looks like an everyday right hand ring to me !

  • nicole

    @ Krissy – agreed.

  • Shelly

    This hype came from X17Online. That’s a pretty big clue it’s just sensationalized. It’s just a ring she’s wearing on her ring finger.

  • Kat

    I don’t think you should judge the ring, it’s more important that the love behind it is strong, not what it looks like. That said, don’t think they are engaged!

  • fauxmance

    Jake’s beard just wanted some press, she does things like this all the time.

  • Liz

    I like the ring. Very similar to the one my husband designed for me. 3 bands with a light blue sapphire. She does seem like a down to Earth person.

  • Michelle

    I agree that it doesn’t seem like an engagement ring. Although maybe it’s a replacement for the REAL engagement ring?! I know that celebrities like to go big or go home when it comes to diamonds on their ladies and it wouldn’t suprise me at all if this is just a “public” ring in place of a real rock. Because I mean who wants to lug around 5 carats in public?? (Well except for J. Lo, & Liz Taylor)
    @Liz – you do have quite the point though that she is a very down to Earth sort of person and that the ring could match her personality… I just don’t see her sporting a star shaped ring.

  • Luv Ya

    If that’s an engagement ring, I’ll eat my costume jewelry for lunch. Anyone see the ring she wore from Ryan? It was simple but rare and very expensive. This is just Reese playin’ with us by putting some fun ring on her left hand. Don’t worry, Trent, Jake hasn’t crossed over that insane line….yet.

  • loonytick

    I don’t think it’s an engagement ring…but I also hope she’s classy enough not to go the tired old diamond route when and if…solitaires are so bo-ring.

  • Thinkingaloud

    Just a PR stunt to offset positive press that Ryan Phillippe’s love Abbie Cornish is receiving for Bright Star, released to theaters this week.

  • Bearding in Hollywood

    I hope Jake won’t be stupid and desperate enough to marry the beard.

  • Olivia Chandworth

    These rings are from designer Nicole Landaw and they are amazing. I own a set myself. It’s three rings and each ring has 2 blossoms on it and each is set with a diamond. The picture doesn’t do it justice!