Britney Spears Returns Home To SoCal


Our dear Britney Spears brings her tour The Circus starring Britney Spears back to the Staples Center here in Los Angeles, CA tonight (after debuting the show here in SoCal earlier this year) but has already been seen around town getting reacquainted with home. Brit Brit made a beeline to her fave Starbucks location yesterday to refuel her caffeine supply:

It appears that Britters was a bit unruly before she hit Starbucks but calmed down considerably once the caffeine was flowing thru her system. While it’s nice to have her back home again, she won’t be here for very long. She performs here in LA tonight then makes her way down to San Diego, CA tomorrow night then heads to Las Vegas, NV to close out the North American portion of her tour this weekend. But Britney should be back home again by next week … for a longer stretch of time. She doesn’t make her way to Australia to tour then until November. Because I saw the show 3 times earlier this year, I’m taking a pass on seeing the show again tonight … are any of y’all going?

[Photo credit: X17]

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  • Katie

    That outfit— a WORLD of no

  • Jill

    Pictures like that first one makes me nervous. i dont like her interacting with the papp’s…..brings back her crazy days. i like the second picture much more….bad outfit but at least she had her shirt on correctly.

  • Jill

    now all she needs is a stop at victoria secrets for a good bra…..all the money she has and she never wears a bra….. they look better lifted brit. lol

  • Ace F

    With the smoking and all the coffee–her breath must be ungodly.

  • truepp

    seeing her saturday in vegas! Yay!

  • Lana

    I already saw her in Anaheim but I’m seeing her again tomorrow night in San Diego! SO EXCITED!!!

  • 2little

    Ick. Does she ever go anywhere and not look a hot mess?? One doesn’t have to be glam when out & about, but damn I look better than this on cleaning day.

  • Tracy

    2little i totally agree. I want to buy her some proper mirrors as it appears she has none. And a stylist PLEASE.

  • nicole

    still no bra huh?

  • sexyback

    Yes! I’m seeing her tonight! SOOO excited.

    But yes, she’s a hot mess here. Someone get this woman a stylist. Or at least a full-length mirror…

  • One question what the hell is she wearing?

  • I traveled 8 hours just to see her at the Staples Center. I’m kind of dissapointed you’re not going, Trent. D:

  • Djoyful

    That girl picks wears the strangest clothing.

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  • jenn

    OH NO YA’LL, Brit Brit is drikin’ Starbucks agin! Where are those swish brown boots?!?!


    She’s debuting her new song “3” tonight at the Staples Arena! Of course I’ll catch it on YouTube since I live 8 hours away from LA but I’m hoping it’ll be great. I hate her outfit and she could look so much better… I wish she would actually try to look good but oh well. Oh, and she wasn’t interacting with the paps because she had a friend with her and she wore those fugly ass boots, too! AHHHHHHHHHH

  • jas

    i’m seeing her in sydney, australia!! 16th of november, her first aussie show!! so excited!!

  • Jennie

    that outfit is a hot mess