A Dapper Hugh Jackman Spends Time With His Ladies


Here are a few photos of Hugh Jackman, lookin’ all slick and stuff in his snazzy suit, as he spent some time in the West Village of NYC yesterday with the lovely ladies in his life … his beautiful daughter Ava Eliot and his wifey Deborra-Lee Furness:

We don’t get to see much of Ms. Furness here on the blog but I thought these pics of Hugh and his ladies were too cute not to share. As you may know, Hugh is in NYC these days cuz he is performing with Daniel Craig on Broadway in a play called A Steady Rain. I’m thinkin’ Hugh was all dressed up for the show (about two Chicago cops) when these pics were snapped. Ava and Deborra are a couple of lucky ladies, don’tcha think?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • snoopy

    no, it wasn’t for the play. It was for the climate week nyc ceremony that he participated in yesterday, as world vision ambassador.

  • Jenn

    is he the world vision ambassador cause he is hot?

  • Jenn

    meaning, the world wants to visualize him.

  • LuLi

    MMM I love him and I Think he’s a good husband and father but…. I REALLY DON’T LIKE HER!! She looks much older than him!!!!!! I can’t understand what does she got that makes him to be in love with her! Sorry!! :( That’s what I think….Anyway I love that they’re still a family in these days!!!!

  • Heather B

    I read ‘lovely ladies in his life’ and figured that was his mother. Kudos to Hugh for sticking with a good woman through all this fame jazz and not chasing the hot young tail…that I know of at least.

  • kat

    So cute! But doesn’t he have an older son? We rarely see them together :(

  • Dawn

    She is older than him. What does that matter? They obvs connect on some level that has allowed them to be a stable happy couple and in turn family.

    I love that he hasn’t let all the hoohaa about/around him and his hotness go to his head— nicely grounded and aware that what he does for a living doesn’t make him who he is as a person.

    My husband is 9 1/2 years younger than me and really the age thing only occurs to us when other people bring it up. Mostly they are amazed he is not older than me. lol

    Yay for happy couples/families—-they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ways!

  • ga law

    Beautiful kid!

    No comment on the wife. WTF.

  • ganesh

    she is one super duper lucky lady! i’m guessing he actually has substance and loves his wife for her person not her looks…not that she’s unattractive, b/c she’s not, but he is sooo darn hot!

  • Wow. People can be so harsh. She is a lot older than him. He’s forty and she’s 54 or 55… something like that… ?

  • april

    i don’t think her hair or those sunglasses really help her. she’s actually quite lovely:


    i commend people who fall in love, regardless. true love’s hard to find nowadays.

  • I luv the pics with hims and his daughter,he looks like her bodyguard

  • Lady J

    wow he really knows how to wear that suit! a very dapper gentleman, yum.

  • kat

    Oh thanks Trent!!! I’ll go eat my words now :)

  • Emma

    i love hugh, he’s so grounded. i remember listening to an interview with him on the radio here in australia (he’s ours haha *wink*) and he was talking about deb and you could just tell how in love they were, finally a couple in hollywood that’s genuine!

  • Stella

    Looks aren’t everything, ferchristsakes! :)

  • robin

    love ain’t always about looks..ive seen plenty of woman with less attractive guys…its kind of refreshing to see it the other way around. (not that she’s unattractive..but it’s hard to compete with hugh)

  • Cindy

    I Love that he loves a real woman! She’s not some 20 year old size -1, she’s real and he really really loves her! And she’s apparently a big TV star in Australia and helped him with his big break there, so she’s no slouch hanger-on either!

    Ain’t he gargeous tho! Jeez…

  • catherine

    I think Deborra could be so much lovelier if she stopped wearing black all the time, wore moe shapely clothes, had her hair styled and tightened her boobs. She has a neat, easy way with her hair that I like but sometimes it looks bad. I don’t want her to lose Hugh so she needs to have a remake. She must be very bright and kind, but Hugh might start looking for more if she doesn’t shape up a little. He is just the hottest, finest man!