‘Dr. Horrible’ Invades The 2009 Emmy Awards


The Internet phenom mini-musical/web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which managed to win a Hugo Award and a Creative Emmy Award this year, invaded the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards which aired on CBS last night. Here are a few screencaps from the short Dr. Horrible invasion of the award show:

Just when you thought television was safe, Dr. Horrible took over. The doctor, a supervillain conceived by Joss Whedon and played by Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris for the Web series “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” interrupted what would doubtless have been a fascinating explanation of how nominations are tabulated. Decrying “corporate entertainment” and even the awards’ “athletic and luminous host,” Horrible laid out a plan to take over television, but was quickly thwarted by nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion). Sadly, contrary to previous reports, the short wasn’t a musical bit. The Internet series won the confusingly titled Short-Format Live-Action Special Class award at the Emmys’ Creative Arts ceremony, held separately from the televised event.

Yes, folks, Neil Patrick Harris — who hosted the Emmy Awards last night — also stars as Dr. Horrible and managed to make his role as Best.AwardsShow.Host. even funnier. In addition to this little invasion by Dr. Horrible, NPH also performed an amazing song titled Put Down the Remote to inspire viewers at home to stay tuned into the Emmy Awards show broadcast last night:

NPH really expanded on the amazing job he did hosting the Tony Awards earlier this year and really hit it out of the ballpark last night. After the jump, check out video of Dr. Horrible’s invasion of the Emmy Awards and watch NPH’s performance of Put Down the Remote

Thruout the entire telecast last night and in the Emmy winner’s press room, pretty much EVERYONE was heaping praise on NPH’s hosting performance. Some are calling him “the new Johnny Carson“, Joss Whedon has dubbed him “the new Frank Sinatra” (who is making TV cool again) and I can’t say that I disagree. NPH is the new star in Hollywood … and I love it!! If you have not seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, you can learn all about it HERE. Trust … it’s really fantastic. I’m certain that NPH’s performance last night will keep him in high demand for future awards show hosting duties … which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. What did y’all think? Did you watch the Emmy Awards last night? Did you love NPH’s performance as host as much as I did?

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  • Sara

    I didn’t watch the Emmys but I’m really starting to LOVE Neil Patrick Harris! I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan so of course I love Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer! Thanks for posting the vids! :)

  • Margie

    He is nothing short of awesome and I swear, he better win an Emmy for his portrayal of Barney on HIMYM or as a host of the Emmy for crying out loud.

    Love, love, love him.

  • Considering it only went about 5 minutes long and I didn’t want to stab myself with something pointy, I say he did an awesome job. Love NPH.

    PS: Can someone explain to me the purpose of Phoebe Price. I googled her, and am still confused…….. thanks muchly :)

  • Kendra

    I was so bummed I missed the opening number! Thanks for putting it up, Trent! I thought NPH did a great job and was so happy for him that so many people complimented him during the show..He must have been on cloud 9 after the show..Jimmy Fallon was effing awesome when he presented, too..But, really, can someone tell me how the eff Jon Cryer beat Tracy Morgan and that guy that plays Kenny on 30 Rock?? Seriously?? Who even watches his stupid show?? Oi..

  • Shala

    I’ve always ADORED him.. I’m so happy and excited that he is doing so well with everything that he takes part it.. i hope i get to meet him one day.. He is truely LEGEN… wait for it.. DARY..

  • Beth

    I really enjoyed the Emmy’s this year. NPH was fabulous. I think Pheobe Price won tickets to the show.

  • Alex

    That was pretty awesome! NPH is adorable and insanely talented!!!!

  • Ha ha ha thanks @Beth. Good call!

  • Shelly

    Last year’s Emmy show was like watching paint dry. Bad idea to have Seacrust host, and an even worse idea to have him host with 4 other people. It was slow and boring to watch. I got second hand embarrassment watching last year’s Emmy’s.

    This year with Neal it was fun, light-hearted, and just ran so smoothly. He did an incredible job. I also LOL’d pretty hard at Jimmy Fallon and his auto-tune bit. It was all around a great show. :)

  • aimie

    he should have won the supporting actor in a comedy. john cryer… what??? NPH was robbed. as was how i met your mother. (in all fairness i watch neither 30 rock nor 2 1/2 men… but still. my shows were robbed). oh and so sick of mad men winning everything. booooo. (don’t watch that either). i was tied for team dexter and team house. robbed… they were robbed i say!!!

  • CB

    I have never in my life watched even three minutes of the Emmy;s. In fact, I didn’t even know it was on when I turned on the TV and saw NPH…
    I ended up watching the whole damn thing!
    The Academy Awards needs to call him, STAT!

    • @CB — Well, yes NPH is an amazing host … but let’s not forget that Hugh Jackman did a pretty fantastic job with the Oscars earlier this year. I don’t even know how I’d be able to choose between the two.

  • Kendra

    @Shala – Legen..wait for it..dary..Hahahaa! Sounds like something straight out of Arrested Development..

  • Kim

    NPH was fantastic last night & I think he proved that he should have won the Emmy for supporting actor in a comedy series. Jon Cryer? Really, Emmys? Really?! NPH so deserved that award, but he’s probably not feeling too down after all the fantastic reviews he’s gotten for his performance last night.

  • Michelle

    I watch the Emmy’s every year and I have to say that this one was hands down my favorite show. I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris to begin with and after his Tony Award gig I knew this was going to be awesome. He did not disappoint!!! And getting to see the video of him and Nathan Fillion together was just too much. They were two of my favorite child actors and seeing them all grown up and playing together just about sent me over the edge!!! LOVESSS IT!!!

  • roxster

    NPH was amazing! I’m so proud of him, he did an AWESOME job!

    @Trent: Hugh had a great opening number (which he def deserved that Emmy for!) but after that he sort of fell short. It just wasn’t that entertaining. I thought Neil did a great job setting up the show format, keeping it running smoothly, and injecting some comedy into it. Fantastic job all around!

  • Penny

    Many kudos to Trent for all the Dr. Horrible love. I eat the words from my previous post. All is right with the world again. :-)

  • love

    gotta love NPH!!!!!

  • lauren

    i was bored out of my mind. and i dont blame NPH.. i don’t know what it was? something was so boring about it to me.

  • janelle

    NPH has so much class.

  • Becks

    I’m so excited to see big music and bravado making a comeback like this (this show and Hugh Jackman’s Oscars). I absolutly love music like this, and to see it being accepted again is fantastic.
    NPH is like a star from a long gone era that actually CAN do it all. Very fun to see…

  • schmee

    I could so marry that man. “Doogie, Dr Horrible and Barney, otherwise known as NPH and SchmeePH would be honored by your presence at their wedding…” Its magical isnt it? *sigh* :P

  • jessica

    he’s pretty amazing!

  • Sandy

    @Michelle… I don’t think Nathan Fillion was ever a child actor. You must have him confused with someone else. However, it was a terrific broadcast and NPH rocked it! I never usually stick with an entire awards show, and this time I actually watched most of it, and tuned out less than normal!