Joseph Gordon-Levitt Works Hard For A Living


When last we saw photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he was lookin’ all slick and shizz on the SoCal set of his new movie Inception. Today we get to see a few more pics of JGL on the Inception set lookin’ all hawt again as he preps to shoot a big scene … behold:

It would appear that these photos were snapped in the early AM cuz JGL looks a little sleepy but I’m sure he’ll be up and at ‘em in no time. Makin’ movies may be a difficult task for some folks but clearly it ain’t no thang for JGL.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Rosa

    he is so fine

  • Carolyn


  • Megan

    He looks like Heath Ledger in the third picture, a tad bit.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Yes,he does looks like Heath Ledger.Real hot dude.

  • HeatherLea_1340

    It’s so crazy to see how much he looks like Heath Ledger. LoL.

  • Mara

    did you ver watch ten things i hate about you? : )