Watch Video Of FELON Chris Brown Paying His Debt To Society


Yesterday we saw the first photos of convicted felon Chris Brown, who is serving out a sentence of community service in his home State of Virginia after he plead guilty to physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, working his first day of his 180-day court ordered community service punishment and today we get to see video of the convict actually engaged in his first day of hard labor:

While I wouldn’t mind seeing Brown chained to a ball and chain as he breaks rocks with a sledge hammer, I am OK with seeing him rummaging thru the horse shit and waste of a Virginia police horse stable instead. After the jump, watch video of Chris Brown serving out day one of his court-ordered punishment for his felonious crimes …

Even tho Brown isn’t behind bars, it is of some comfort to see his sorry ass forced to clean up and dispose of heavy metal bars and other waste as part of his punishment. In the end, I still think he is getting off way too easy but at least he is repaying his debt to society. 1 day down and 179 more to go!!


  • Is that his bodyguard? Ha ha ha. I guess he thinks all the heavily armed police officers can’t protect him from his fans?

  • Zsofi

    Hahaha. This post is funny as hell. :D

  • Zsofi

    Anyway, he could do better. Hurry up, pal!:D

  • My Question to you Trent is this… and I don’t know how to word it differently, so I apologize in advance if it comes out harsh or what-have-you.

    Why are you so focused on his wrong-doings? Why are you constantly slamming him down?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am totally saddened by his actions, but it seems like you almost have a personal vendetta out on him. Yes, he did wrong, but you’re not focused on the THOUSANDS of others who have committed that very same crime. Why aren’t they getting blog time. What makes his infinitely more serious that he keeps getting pushed into the dirt.

    The boy is OBVIOUSLY sorry, and OBVIOUSLY not running from his obligations. I say let it go, and let him move on.

    I understand abusive relationships, one of my previous relationships was abusive verbally, borderline physically. I also understand and practice the principles of grace, forgiveness, and compassion. I think Rihanna has done the same. I think we as the “common-folk” should too.

    • @AmandaMarie — Why do you think he is “obviously sorry”? I have not seen or read one interview where he seems honestly sorry for his actions. He seems sorry that he is being forced to pay for his crimes. I cannot focus on the thousands of criminals that are convicted of these sorts of crimes but I can focus on this dirt-bag and make an example of him. If you don’t approve that is your choice. Part of his punishment is to be publicly embarrassed by this community service, so I am doing my civic duty to ensure he is as embarrassed as possible. Feel free to “let it go” if you like, I choose not to. I have no personal vendetta with him. He is a criminal and should be treated as such.

  • Cupcake

    @ AmandaMarie – You have to remember that this is TRENT’S blog not anyone else’s so he has the right to post whatever he wants – whenever he wants. Besides, its not like he’s taking the pictures himself – He’s just showing us that even though Chris is a celebrity, he’s having to take his medicine like everyone else does when they fuck up. People shouldn’t get so bent out of shape – Sheesh!

  • Go Trent go! Keep it up!

  • Jenna


  • nicole

    But how do you know he’s embarrassed? he’s not walkin around with his head down, not covering his face…nothing. personally, i think he’s just suckin it up & doin what he has to embarrassment attached

    • @nicole — “he’s just suckin it up & doin what he has to embarrassment attached” Which is where I come in :)

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  • @Cupcake – I’m not bent out of shape, and I realize it’s his blog. I love the man and have been an AVID pinkisthenewblog viewer for YEARS. That’s why I love it. Quite honestly, I have never disagreed with him and I think he’s absolutely full of class to the top of the glass. me wanting to change his blog or his view points wasn’t even the issue.

    @trent – thanks for a response. you brought up some decent points again like always. here’s where i believe he appears sorry to me… the fact that he’s done the interviews and videos and is now actively following through on his court appointed duties. most celebrities try and try and try to manipulate their way out of their crimes but i don’t think he did. i think he readily accepted his fate and is now changing. i think he has been sincere in his apologizing, but i think that since he has fame his people control the output of just what that sincerity can look like. when you sign that document saying you’re famous, in reality, you give up a lot of your ability to respond as the true you. it’s HARD for anyone in the spotlight to LOOK genuine let alone BE genuine… because there’s always people in the community to take them down. i’ve done it, the magazines do it… etc…

    that said, i feel like chris should have received a few months of cold hard cell time followed by the same deal he’s doing currently. i’m not stingy when it comes to wanting people to serve for their actions. i just authentically believe people deserve second chances. and i guess that i think that it’s his time to start the dealing with it part. he’s lost sponsorships, and job offers, he’s lost this and that, i just think it’s time he gets his chance to rebuild his life.

  • Lady G

    Well Trent, I suppose you didn’t see his Larry King interview and if you did, then you must have though he was being trite or otherwise. Out of curiosity, what must he do to seem repentant? Come crying to the media? Self mutilate himself like he did Rihanna? Seriously, come on! Chris Brown will get along just fine with out this blog or the many others out there that seem intent on throwing this back up into his face. He admitted that he made a mistake and he admitted that it was wrong. What’s it to you, Trent? How about focusing on the misdeeds of other celebrities – like Jude Law seemingly about to be a deadbeat dad? Or all the other WHITE celebrities that make other disgusting mistakes. Or you can just keep being the go-to blog for covert racial prejudices.

    • @Lady G — your ridiculous comments about my “covert racial prejudices” aren’t even worthy of a full reply.

  • Tracie

    Bwahaha, covert racial prejudices? You’ve gotta be kidding me. He does cover white celebrities that commit crimes, but even if he didn’t, it’s not really a valid point since Trent ain’t white. Christ, what you’re saying is just as bad as the morons who call Kanye and Obama “reverse racists” as if that’s even a real thing.
    And “Self mutilate himself like he did Rihanna”? Did you read that before hitting “submit”? First off, “self mutilate himself” is redundant, second, he can’t self mutilate another person.
    And while I know you were asking Trent, I did see the interview on LKL, and he was not at all repentant. He acted like a petulant child. Saying “sorry” doesn’t actually mean the person is contrite. It’s like me saying the earth is flat, just cause I say it doesn’t make it so.

  • Anita

    @Lady G, as a black female, I don’t see Trent being prejudice in any way. It’s not about black, white, purple, whatever, it’s about human beings doing stupid things.

    What Chris Brown did was wrong and I too have zero tolerance for domestic violence. Yea he apoligized, but he should have never done it in the first place. He made a terrible decision and now has to live with it – forever. This is the price of fame – the good, the bad and the ugly. A lot of these celebs need a reality check and should be more proactive then reactive. It gets tiring hearing all the apologies after awhile.

  • Bren

    @Lady G: You know when you throw around the cry of “racism” over anything you just weaken it so that it is not effective and doesn’t have the impact it should when you actually need it?

  • Joanna

    Seriously, I have to agree with Trent on this 100%. He’s allowed to rebuild his life sure, but I don’t think he deserves the celebrity success he has previously had. There are plenty of musicians who deserve a chance at what he has and are better people.

    @Lady G — There are so many wonderful BLACK musicians out there who don’t beat up other people and don’t commit crimes. In an industry with so many bad role models of different ethnic groups, why keep one more?

  • sarah

    To me, the thing about this is that I see a person who did a terrible thing and that is showing regret and responsibility, at least at some degree. A LOT of other celebrities just do 20 minutes in jail and that’s it, right back to the same… and that celebrities are people that you (Trent) don’t show the same dislike that you show here. I now that is really a matter of personal opinion, and to me, even though what he did is something that is very hard to forget, at least he is showing the intention of redeem himself… and that something.

  • chris

    Trent I love your blog, I loved Chris Brown, I still like him, he made a horrible horrible decision, probably multiple horrible decisions and he is paying retribution for them and only time will tell if he will change to be a better person and if his career will be saved. I know you keep saying you don’t have a personal vendetta against him but you are truly devoting more time to your blog now than ever to this “scum of the earth” as you call him. And not to rain on your parade but doesn’t the saying go “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. So for the love of Pink stop with the daily Chris postings, I actually live in Richmond, VA and am getting more than enough of Chris locally. If you keep this up your blog is going to turn into a personal police blotter for Brown. Enough is enough, get over it and move on.

  • J

    Okay this is so effed up. This major douche (yes people he is still a douche even tho Kanye been all in the news of late). thinks its OKAY to act all cool and wicked whilst doing this crap because of breaking the law. He is such a loser its not funny.

    walking round thinking he is top sh*t & all. and he is allowed a bodyguard. i’m sorry, well im not really, but he should lose all rights as a citizen when doing his community labour. all rights should be lost except for rights to breathe, drink water & eat. NOT MCDONALDS. No bodyguard. That smile on his face needs to wiped clean! The way he takes his shirt off the douche of a show-off – the cops should make him work harder than what he seems to be doing in this video. Ahh his time will come and this is only the beginning. I just REALLY hope his album & singles bomb,i doubt they will too much, but they really NEED to. His life needs to be ruined.

  • Kate

    No i don’t agree with his actions obviously. I grew up in a home full of domestic violence. But, the punishment he is serving is no different than what your next door neighbor would serve. Your neighbor would probably serve less time actually. Are you upset more because it was a celebrity he battered? While i feel what he did was disgusting, again we all make mistakes and deserve a second chance. In my opinion if he serves his time he has done what was asked of him.

  • Lady G

    @Trent – that’s perfectly fine that you don’t feel the need to warrant a response. Everything else aside, all I want to know is what YOU (as the obvious moral authority here) would like for Chris Brown to do to show remorse. I mean you seem to be making quite the point that he is wrong (and he is) but someone is not forever known as wrong after they make a mistake, even if that mistake is a crime. Like @Sarah said, he’s serving his time, he’s been convicted, what more do you want? And if it is that big a deal to you, just stop covering him at all.

    @Anita (& @Trent) – I suppose I used the wrong choice of words. However, all I know is that most of the time when I visit this blog, there is not any equal news devoted to celebrities of color. As a Hispanic female, I would like to see a variety of celeb news not just the same White celebrities. There is daily news that covers every aspect of the industry and I think it’s unfortunate that a blog that is well written and entertaining (PITNB) doesn’t cover all the aspects. I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates to have to bookmark many different types of blogs to get “Black” celebrity news, “Hip-Hop” News, “Latina” news, etc. All I’m saying is since the world is diverse, it would be nice if the good blogs were as well. And its unfortunate that Trent, you as a minority fail to realize this.

    • @Lady G — When Chris Brown completes all aspects of his punishment, then he can begin to be off the hook in my book. And in regards to “covering all the aspects” that you would like me to cover … I can’t write about everything. I will not write about everything. I write about the things and people that interest me most, my blog cannot and will not be all things to everyone. If the coverage doesn’t suit you then I don’t know what to say. I do what I do … and that’s all I can do.

  • That girl

    ITA with Lady G. Sometimes enough is enough. It trips me out that people who had nothing to do with the situation feel they should have such a strong opinion on it. I guess we have forgot the many other “Hip Hop” artist who have beat woment in the past and nothing was said of it..i.e.,, Jay Z, Dr. Dre and the list goes on. Of course, because the people they beat on were “nobody’s” we only criticize Chris Brown. Last time I checked this is America, the land of so called second chances but I guess that only applies to a few, in case your name is Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Nicole Richie.

  • It’s All Good

    Seeing that punk pickin up trash on the side of the road seriously makes my day! HA HA HA!!! Hey, Punk Brown, you missed a spot!! LMAO!!!

  • Philip Wester

    To the apologists:
    The fact of the matter is that he IS getting off easy and that he did NOT take responsibility for his actions. Are any of you apologists aware of the fact that the had the gall to plead “NOT GUILTY” to the charges before they offfered him a plea bargin?! Taking responsibility my tuchas! He denied even committing the act until they offered him an easy way out.

    180 days of community service with no jailtime and five years of probation?! For domestic abuse that leaves the victim looking the way Rhianna did?! The vast majority of domestic abusers get jailtime for less than that!

    And that Larry King interview is full of baloney. Boo-hoo,. he grew up in a household full of domestic abuse, but that’s not who he is as a person! He was shocked at his own actions! Wait… so why even bring your mother with you to speak about how she was beaten by her husband as well? Isn’t that like saying “It’s not my fault, it’s my upbringing’s fault!”… onliy it isn’t because that’s not who he is as a person?

    He even claims that he and Rhianna were like Romeo & Juliette and that it was the media who drove them apart. No, idiot, it was YOU. if it took the media to make Rhianna realize Brown is a dirtbag, then go the media! When you lay a hand on your partner, especially to that extent, you shouldn’t get a second chance!

    He also claims that the night is a blur to him. A convenient excuse. So, to sum it all up, he is not taking responsibility for his actions at all! He paid for an expensive lawyer and held out for a good plea bargin (no jailtime) before pleadng guilty (he had the audacity to plea NOT guilty initially) and then goes on Larry King trying to excuse his own behavior with the help of his own mother (she should be APPALLED at his actions as a former victim of domestic abuse, not supporting him!) while paying lip service to the idiots by “apologizing”.

    That wasn’t apologizing! Actual apologies aren’t accompanied by floods of justifications for one’s own CRIMINAL behaviour and pinning of the blame on the media!