The Spice Girls Reunite Again


Yay!! The Spice Girls met up for an impromptu reunion dinner in London, England last night and caused quite a stir with the paparazzi. Smiling and obvs very giddy to be reunited together again, Geri Ginger Spice Halliwell, Melanie Scary Spice Brown, Melanie Sporty Spice Chisholm and Emma Baby Spice Bunton convened at the Palm restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge for dinner and then made their way to a hotel in Mayfair for after-dinner drinks. The entire night was perfect … except for the fact that the 5th Spice, Victoria Posh Spice Beckham, was not included. I wonder if her exclusion was intentional? Here is a lovely photo of the Spices hanging out together last night:

Girl Power was in the air last night as Geri Halliwell led an impromptu Spice Girls reunion in London. Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton were in high spirits as they joined Ginger Spice over dinner at the Palm restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge before heading to Mayfair Hotel for more refreshments. But there was one noticeable absence from the party – fifth member of the former group, Victoria Beckham. While we presume she did receive an invite to the gathering, Posh Spice apparently found it impossible to fit it into her busy schedule. She is back in Los Angeles after a triumphant visit to New York Fashion Week, where she unveiled her DVB spring/summer 2010 collection. The band certainly didn’t let Victoria’s absence get them down as they giggled and gossiped just like old times. In fact she hasn’t been present at any of their catch ups since their reunion tour in 2007. There were persistent rumours of tension between the group during their string of concerts. But Posh later dismissed the reports, saying: ‘Things get made up all the time. You know, of course we argued. But, you know it’s been great.’

While it is true that Vicki B. was bizzy here in the States this week and simply couldn’t just fly off to London for dinner with her former bandmates, it is also true that she was just recently in London … and if the other Spices really wanted to all reunite with her they could’ve scheduled dinner when she was in town. HMMMMM. It’s hard to swallow that the 4 Spice Girls just randomly decided to get together for dinner last night, just a week or so after VB left town. Considering that Victoria has already made her way to LA, it kinda does seem like this impromptu reunion was scheduled at the perfect time … when VB was on the other side of the planet.

[Photo credit: Big! Pictures; Source]

  • Nah. I don’t believe there’s tension between Posh and the rest of the girls. It just happened that way.

    People just like to make up things in order to get other things going…ahem…

    • @Nando — I’m not making things up, I’m just saying that TO ME it looks like they got together when VB was conveniently out of town, that’s all. That may or may not be the case but it seems shady to me.

  • Kendra

    Maybe they don’t all live in London and just happened to be there at the same time! Ooooor maybe Vicki smells..Oh well..If she’s upset about it she can cry on the sexy shoulders of her hot hubbie David..

  • p

    I’ve seen this on a number of websites now, yours is the only one saying that you THINK this is the reason haha the others are saying it’s DEFINITELY the reason. I dont think it’s true at all. Soo good to see them all together though.

  • Joanne

    It makes perfect sense to me, as Victoria lives in LA and had just had fashion week. These four also have younger babies and have alot in common right now.

    I don’t know why people need to find a catfight in an everyday situation? … They probably found themselves in London at the same time, tweeted and said “let’s have dinner and a drink” *shocking*.

  • Susie

    Hmmm, I dunno if there’s really any conspiracy here amongst the girls to exclude Victoria…especially without knowing the schedules of the 4 who did get together, some of them may have been out of town or caught up in there own life responsibilities and couldn’t swing a get together while Vicks was in town…it’s totally realistic. It’s so hard to get 5 busy women together as it is…I doubt there’s any ill will amongst them.

  • mockim

    hopefully they will have another mini reunion with all the five of them. its really very touching seeing the five of them together not to mention they’re all mommies now. i love love love the spice girls esp mel c!

  • aldo

    im still pissed that they didnt release a dvd from their reunion concert, f·$%k em , or whoever was responsible for that desicion. this kind of stuff was what made them separate as a group again, victoria and all her compromises.