Victoria Beckham Does ‘The View’


Victoria Beckham, who just showed her third dress collection here at New York Fashion Week over the weekend, paid a visit to the ladies on The View to talk about how fabulous her life is with hubby David Beckham (who, altho he is hot, can’t seem to play golf to save his life). Here are a couple screencaps from VB’s appearance on The View yesterday morning:

Victoria Beckham opened up about marriage, and life with the ‘handsome one’, husband David Beckham, 34, on a US chat show yesterday. Victoria, 35, submitted herself to a grilling from the women on show The View led by Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg, 53. Looking chic in one of the sold-out dresses from her fashion line – the grey cashmere Giral strapless sheath – she was asked if she still felt sexy after ten years of marriage, to which Victoria said: ‘Yes I still feel sexy. We’re so lucky to have each other. I really feel that with David I’ve met my soul mate. He’s a really amazing father and a really great husband as well, yes I still feel sexy. I go to bed with David Beckham every night, I’m trying.’ Victoria, who is known for her trademark ‘Posh pout’ complained she was sick of being considered the ‘funny’ one in her marriage to David Beckham. ‘Everybody says “David’s so handsome and she’s so funny” – I’m sick of being the funny one,’ she said. Whoopi had personally requested Posh – who is currently promoting the Beckhams’ new fragrance, Signature Story – as a guest but only remembered after the slot was confirmed that she is allergic to scent. So the former Spice Girl was banned from spraying the perfume near Whoopi. The 250-strong audience, who were all given goody bags containing the new fragrance, had to sign a promise in writing not to open the bottles in the ABC studios. Victoria was asked about her signature unsmiling pose in photos, and she said that her mind was elsewhere most of the time she was having her picture taken. Posh said her famous pout was not a conscious move – but that it is just the way her ‘face falls’ naturally. She said: ‘I just think that’s just me. Maybe it’s the way my face falls, I don’t know.’ The singer turned fashionista added: ‘At the end of the day I do what I do. Half the time I’m just doing it, thinking, getting it done, sorting out the kids, you know.’ She also shared her secret of looking so good every time she is photographed at an airport. ‘I think it’s the way I was brought up … when you travel you always look nice. I always have a tracksuit or my pyjamas in my bag, so I go into the toilet – I’m a bit like Superman when I get in there, I put on something comfortable.’

LMAOOOOO about the fragrance … Whoopi may have said she was allergic but what she prolly really meant was, I don’t want no VB stink on me ;) Vicki B. does come across more personable in live interviews than she does in photos. After the jump, check out how personable she was on The View yesterday morning …

I find it interesting that VB says she was “brought up” to wear high fashion on airplanes but I don’t recall that she was very rich before she hit it big with the Spice Girls and even bigger by marrying David Beckham. HMMM. I don’t blame her, tho … looking like a robotic mannequin has become her thing, so she should rock it any way she likes. I still think she’s a robot but she seems like a warmer robot in live interviews ;)


  • Sarah B

    she didn’t say she was brought up to wear “high fashion”, she said she was brought up to look nice when she travels. I was also brought up that way… not a new concept for me :)

  • Mela

    Wow…it’s so different to see her in video. When you only see pictures she does seem very robotic, but seeing her in person I was suddenly shocked at how she moves and uses facial expression. She’s kind of growing on me!

  • lyndyloo

    VB comes from money (new money but money all the same), her dad had money and sent her and her sister to privates schools,

  • Lol

    The hate is getting really old. She’s adorable and has proved many times over she’s not the woman you see in pictures. Get over it.

  • debho

    I think she looked fantastic (love her collection too) and came across really natural and personable. If only she smiled more like that in photos!
    Kate Gosselin on the other hand was like a 5th wheel. She asked one dumb question (do you still feel sexy for David?…or something like that) and looked hopelessly out of place.

  • Christine

    I was also brought up to look nice/presentable when I travel. Since I’ve gotten older I’ve tried travelling in more relaxed clothing but it just doesn’t feel right. I like to look presentable at all times and travelling isn;t any different to me. I think it’s just also a self-esteem thing: I like looking nice because it makes me feel good.

  • Christine

    I forgot to add that Kate Gosselin was awkward. Not a big fan of that woman. I prefer Posh Spice any day!

  • Frog

    Ok Kate REALLY need to stop airing her dirty laundry…like, we get it…and further more, why do we still seem to care??!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I really love her! She rocks!!

  • jessicagiovanna

    Doña Florinda strikes again.

  • Kendra

    Vicki’s hair is looking CUTE! It’s growing out beautifully! I just love that woman, even if she DID steal my man.. ;)


    Wait, forget Victoria Beckham… is that Kate Gosselin?! On The View? WTF?!!!!

  • vic

    I have to agree with “lol” you really do seem to hate this woman/enjoy laughing at her success. It’s kind of sad.

    • @vic — Hahahaha … seriously, if you think this is “hate” then you are clearly unfamiliar with blogs. LOL!!

  • E

    OMG @ Kate!! You can ask if she “still feels sexy” without throwing in the “unlike myself, you’ve made it successfully with david to 10 years… married.” WTF??? soooo unnecessary!

  • Jenn

    i think that is RAD that the audience had to sign a promise in writing in order to get the perfume. is this a type of perfume that sells at rite aid? ive never seen it, but dont they have like 14 different scents?

  • Susie

    Am I the only one who seriously dislikes her?

  • liza

    i think she is super cute….

  • J

    Pity she ain’t his soul mate. Would a soul mate cheat on you twice??
    I think she means… $oul Mate.

  • mimi

    VB comes from money, hence why they dubbed her “posh” spice. im pretty sure thats what i read years ago in teen mags when the spice girls were hot.

  • Tracie

    Perfume makes me sick too. Well, not ALL perfumes, but I really can’t deviate from stuff with vanilla in it, and I can’t even wear much of that though. So I can see Whoopi having an allergy.
    Though for me nothing is worse than Lysol and Oust. Ugh, that shit gives me a migraine, which makes me hurl everytime I smell it, which really, really sucks because there’s an old lady 20 years past retirement age in my office who unloads a can in the women’s toilet every time she goes in. Despite being told REPEATEDLY not to.

  • J

    VB is so cute! I love her!

  • meg

    lmao!! wtf is kate gosselin doing on here?!?!! for a second i thought elisabeth hadn’t gotten a fug-ass haircut, then i remembered she’s birthing a baby or some shiz like that… anyway, i clearly don’t watch the view very often, but i did enjoy this interview with vicky b (even though kate’s mutterings about her own problems were a tad distracting)!

  • meg

    *had gotten… oops

  • Kitty

    She looks beautiful :)

  • J

    Ok, too “J” who claims she is cute. Use a different name.

    To Trent’s defence, i don’t recall Trent EVER hating on Vic B. The only time i think he hates on her, is just poking fun at some of her poses, outfits or the way she acts in front of the cameras. Other than that, i think he luuuurves her as much as David. I think what people mistaken as HATE is more of a fun way of being, David more than Victoria.

    Either way – whoever it was that said stop hating on her success. But what success has she had since the Spice Girls? A few advertisements here and there which she SHARED with her husband. Other than that, a failed reality show and just going about her normal life in front of the paparazzi with some appearances at fashion shows. Sorry but that does not read success to me.

    • @J – Yep, tis true. i do like VB, I just like joking around about her too … I find it hilarious that people read “hate” from anything I say about anyone … LOL!

  • I was actually under the impression that she was rich before joining the Spice Girls. That’s why she was named Posh. But yeah, she seems to be a nice woman.


  • vintage

    It’s really nice to see this side of Vicky B. She does look really beautiful. Love her hair, and she does have a nice natural smile. Her sense of humor is great too.

    I don’t keep up with celebrity gossip much, but did David really cheat on her twice? …. That jsut really makes me mad.. ugh..