Penn Badgley Does ‘VMan’ Magazine


Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl hunk and star of the upcoming thriller The Stepfather (due out in theaters next month), is featured in the pages of the new issue of VMan magazine wherein he poses for a few purdy pictures and chats a bit about his status as a teen idol. Here are a few photos from Penn’s VMan photospread along with a few quotes from the accompanying interview:

“I’m not just a teen star idol. I’m not just that.”

“They brought me on to be the awkward sort of confident nerd. In the beginning, they wrote to my ability to stutter very well – it’s a comedic kind of thing.”

“You barely have to be famous for people to scream when they see you.”

“If you look at the lives we’re leading on the show and the lives we’re leading offscreen, I mean, they’re very fucking similar. But it’s not weird, it doesn’t feel incestuous.”

“In certain circles we’re treated like royalty. We’re treated like the Kennedys. We’re never going to be able to separate New York City from Gossip Girl and vice versa.”

“I’ve always tried to distance myself from the character. You don’t want people to think of you as this one guy.”

I gotta say, I wasn’t really wowed by the GG season 3 premiere ep last night … too much of it seemed overly contrived … but I’m sure things will be gettin’ good real soon. As for Penn, I’m happy to see that he is getting his own time in the spotlight … with The Stepfather, he’ll be a star in his own right. I love how the trailer for the film features Penn shirtless as many times as possible … that’s really the right way to market a film to teens ;)


  • Mm-hmm, I agree that GG was rather on the meh side last night. Bring on the kissing boys, wtf are they WAITING for?
    I did notice on GG that Penn got a bit more ripped over the summer which as you point it is nicely evident in this trailer, too.
    The movie looks 100% predictable and I’m 100% sure I’ll go see it :-))) I love what they’re going for with the circular saw ;-)
    But what I really wanna see from Penn Badgley is a co-starring role with Adam Brody in a big ol gay rom-com. Now THAT’D be good movie-makin’!

  • jessicagiovanna

    I still don’t like him.


    People are going to say that this movie is copying Disturbia even though this movie is a remake. I don’t see it doing well.

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  • Jenn

    kent! i soooo support a big ol gay rom-com with adam and nearly any boy!

    chase- this isnt a reimagination of the stepfather movies? from the 80s? perhaps before you were born. hells bells. how old am i? old.

  • bosie

    Glad to knwo that our goal in America should be about “celebrities”….thanks to those young idiot girls….that make an idol out of turd.