Kelly Clarkson Closes Out The Samsung/AT&T Summer Krush Concert Tour


Last night in Hollywood, CA, Kelly Clarkson performed a live concert at the Hollywood & Highland Complex to close out the Samsung/AT&T Summer Kush Concert Tour in front of hordes of fans. My roving reporter and BFF Darion was on hand to attend last night’s concert and he sends in a bunch of fantastic photos to share with all of us. Here are some of Darion’s photos along with his take on Kelly Clarkson’s live performance last night:

Josh and I had the pleasure of attending a live outdoor concert today at the Hollywood and Highland complex in Los Angeles – next to the Kodak theater, where they host the Oscars. We had SUCH an amazing night! It was the final concert in the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush concert tour – and headlining tonight was one of my favorite singers, Kelly Clarkson! They were also taping several songs for Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Set to air tonight, Tuesday September 15th on his show. Samsung/AT&T were there to promo their new Samsung Jack slim mobile phone, and had kiosks set up where you could check it out. Josh and I were set up in the VIP area at the H&H “Babylon Court”, with a great vantage point above the crowds – PLUS an open bar and tons of food! It was kind of ridic. Kelly came on shortly after 8pm – and got off to a rousing start with “Miss Independent”! The crowd went ballistic and you could tell there were a lot of hardcore fans there. She then slowed things down with “Already Gone”, then got people jumping with “My Life Would Suck Without You” – which made for such a cool sight! Looking up and down the various levels of the Hollywood & Highland complex, you could see people jumping and singing along on every floor! I had the pleasure of attending Kelly’s last tour through LA for her latest album, and let me tell you – the girl can SING! She puts on such a great show. Josh hadn’t seen her live before, and was blown away by how great she sounds live! Her voice is just amazing – if you get the chance to see her on her tour, GO! There’s no lipsyncing, homegirl has some pipes! Kelly continued with “Breakaway”, “If I Can’t Have You”, and then what she called one of her personal favorites – “Never Again”. Several times throughout the show I thought she was waving to us – but apparently we were standing next to some ‘close personal friends’ of hers. Awww! I still pretended she was singing to me! ;) The acoustics outside sounded great and the crowd was really crazy for her – you could tell Kelly was having fun and she was really playful with the crowd. She ended the concert by performing Since You Been Gone – you could feel the thumping of everyone jumping and going crazy! The concert rocked and it was an amazing night, we had a blast! HUGE shout out to Wendy for setting us up, and Danielle and the Samsung/AT&T crew for taking care of us – and most of all to Trent & PITNB!

Aww … I’m so glad that Darion and Josh had a great time last night. Trust me, if I were home I would’ve deffo been there to see Kelly Clarkson perform live but I’m really happy that Darion and Josh were there to enjoy it for themselves. I have been very fortunate to see Kelly perform live before and Darion is right, homegirl can sing and she absolutely does so live. Much love to Wendy and Danielle from Samsung/AT&T for taking such good care of my friends and love goes out to Darion and Josh for reporting back.

[thanks Darion]

  • M_Deezy

    Damn that girl can sing! I was also there last night! I loved every minute of it! It was my 1st time of having the pleasure of seeing her live.. My fav had to have been the Bluesy version of Pasty Cline’s Walking after midnight..

  • M_Deezy

    oh & it was all thanks u to trent via the news links! soo thanks! <3

    • @M_Deezy — YAY!! I saw that you were gonna get tix yesterday, so glad you made it! Wee!!

  • Mariah

    I went to her concert on the 3rd of this month in PA. She is unfreakin’believable! The girl can sing like a crazy mofo.

  • nicole

    Kelly is on my list to see live for sure. she seems like she would put on a great show,

  • Brooke

    I saw her in Des Moines and she did a cover of “If” by Janet Jackson. It was AWESOME! I wonder if she did that last night?

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Squee! I have seen my “wife” live numerous times, and she’s def not to be missed! Darion just got a couple extra cool point on my book! Posts like this one are why I still read this blog. Actually, I found it by googling her about five years ago. True story! :)

  • Krissy

    I would LOVE to see her live. She has an amazing voice. I was really surprised how much I liked her most recent cd…I have never bought one of hers before.

  • Kristín

    i´ve seen her twice live and she´s amazing!! My favorite of all times


    I’m not feelin’ this era of Kelly. I really like her “Behind These Hazel Eyes” album and this one kind of blows. Sorry. And not to be a hater ’cause I totally adore her but why can’t she ever find clothes her size? The clothes she wears makes her look big which she really isn’t.

  • J

    LOOOL at the second pic. I thought the chick with the red scarf/vest thing was Kelly and thought… man did she stack some on in the past weeks.

    But yeah, Kelly’s voice is amazing. I wish she had more success these days. Whats with that? All this love and then nothing! I understand sales are down from 2005, but still. THAT MUCH?

  • Knoxville

    If Darion and Josh ran for office on the Democratic ticket, they would have my vote.

  • LoLo

    I love it when Darion reports!!! His reporting is fun and breezy and informative like yours, Trent

  • Russel Light

    Kelly Clarkson’s voice just makes you want to keep coming back for more. The girls voice is unbelieveable. Kelly is kicking off her new tour “All I’ve Ever Wanted” this October. You won’t want to miss it.