Ed Westwick Chillin’ At The Tattoo Parlor


Yesterday afternoon we saw photos of Ed Westwick showing off his freshly inked, two newest tattoos (a pigeon feather and a nekkid pin-up girl) and today we get to see photos of Ed at the scene of the crime. Here are photos of Ed Westwick pausing for a smoke break at the tattoo parlor where he got inked recently … in the first photo you can see that he had yet to get his nudie girl tat and in the second photo you can see that he had just gotten his bird feather tattoo:

See … I dunno. I get that tattoos are cool and all, I have a few myself, but I just really think it’s a bad idea for an actor to get tattoos quite this large and on such high profile parts of the body. I’m sure these tattoos have some significance to Mr. Westwick but I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone thinks it’s a good idea to get a topless woman tattooed on one’s body. Mebbe he was going for the drunken sailor look … I dunno … but methinks that one day (mebbe soon) Ed Westwick will look back on these tattoos with great regret. I hope he truly enjoys them while they’re still “cool”, tho.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Duckie

    Pigeon feather, hahaha

  • jessicagiovanna

    “cannot for the life of me understand how anyone thinks it’s a good idea to get a topless woman tattooed on one’s body”
    I totally agree Trent. Especially Amy Winehouse’s tattoo of a topless woman; either I’m negative cool points, or what, I don’t know, but I just don’t get it. Pin-ups are nice, but topless?? Unless you’re in prison and ~need something to look at~ then they’re not necessary.

  • Kendra

    I’m going to get a naked man tattooed on me just to try to balance the scales a little.. ;)

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  • Talia

    Pinups may not be something meaningful or beautiful to you. But obviously it is for him. Most people don’t just get stuff tattooed because it’s pretty, definitely not when it’s that big. And considerng the size of it, he probably DID put a lot of thought in it. I don’t see why he would regret this any more than a random person who works a dayjob in a office would regret it.

    I believe you have some tribals on you, Trent? I definitely don’t mean this in a bad wat, but what’s the meaning and beauty in that? Just saying, while it may not be meaningful to you, it can be for others. Just like I don’t understand tribals, you do. Simple as that.

    • @Talia — I didn’t say it didn’t have meaning for him, I did say I don’t get the meaning and it is my opinion that he will regret these large tattoos.

  • Talia

    That’s my point, don’t go so easily about them. Do you think you will ever regret your tattoos (who aren’t exactly that small either :) )?

    • @Talia — If Ed doesn’t regret his tattoos, then who cares what anyone says about them? If I were an actor, paid to appear on film and I lost projects because my large tattoos were a hindrance then I would deffo regret my decision to get them. Since I am not an actor and I don’t have to worry about losing work due to my tattoos which are not readily visible then I don’t have anything to worry about. I’m sure Westwick appreciates your care and concern but, in the end, I doubt he cares what anyone thinks about his decision to get these (IMHO) horrible tattoos.

  • Kim*UK

    his topless ‘pin up’ is awful, did he draw it himself? he could have got a much better pin up which would look 10x better.

  • Talia

    If he doesn’t care, why are you the first to judge? :)

    And honestly, I have tattoos, and if they would cost me a job, then it wasn’t worth it anyway, cause they mean a whole lot to me. And it’s not like he’s shirtless in every GG episode, in fact he’s in a full blown SUIT every time haha.

    I don’t get the drama, it’s not like he’s the first actor out there to get big ass tattoos. I don’t think Angelina Jolie loses any roles because of them.

    I do agree on the fact that the pinup is poorly done though. He should’ve at least gotten a better drawing.

    • @Talia — Are you new to blogs? Do you not understand the commentary? I blog about the talk of the day … fugly tattoos like this are great fodder for “talk of the day”, especially since your’e still talking about them days later. There is no drama even tho you seem all riled up ;)

  • Talia

    I’m not new to blogs, thank you. I’ve been following yours for over 2 if not 3 years now.

    It’s called a “discussion”, and I don’t think I said you were the one making the drama ;) I’m not English, so excuse me if I use a word in a way that I mean less “harsh” than it’s actual meaning. All I’m saying is it’s not thàt big of a deal to get big ass tattoos when you’re an actor, that’s why I don’t get all these comments about him regretting it in a few years.. ;)

    • @Talia — Totally fair enough, we have differing opinions on Ed’s tattoos … you think he’ll be fine, I’m sure he will be too … but I still think he’s gonna regret them ;)

  • Talia

    haha sure thing, no hard feelings at all, i’m just used to stating my opinion in an annoying way ;)

  • todd diciurcio

    i feel you all will most likely regret your lives in your dying time. all the very best

  • TSZWOF I want to say – thank you for this!