Kanye West Ruins Taylor Swift’s Winning Moment At The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards


Another MTV Video Music Awards has come and gone and while the focus of the show should be on the touching tribute to the late Michael Jackson by his peer Madonna and his sister Janet Jackson or the coolest performance of the night by P!nk … the focus is, instead, on what an asshole Kanye West is. In true Kanye fashion, West stormed the MTV VMA stage after Taylor Swift won the first award of the night, Best Female Video, after she stunned the audience by upsetting fellow nominees P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. As Taylor Swift was accepting her award, Kanye jumped up on the stage, took the mic from her hand and declared that Beyoncé should’ve won the award because she made “the best video of all time”. Taylor looked crushed, hurt and embarrassed and was not allowed to finish her acceptance speech … Beyoncé looked stunned and embarrassed by Kanye’s rant as well. The auditorium booed Kanye off the stage, he flipped off the crowd with his middle finger and then was asked by MTV to leave the show. Here are a few photos of the incident:

The MTV video music awards held on Sunday paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson, but was overshadowed by an outburst by rapper Kanye West, who interrupted an acceptance speech by U.S. singer Taylor Swift. West, who is known for his outspoken ways, jumped up on stage while the 19-year-old Swift was making an acceptance speech for best female video for her hit song “You Belong With Me,” beating out singers including Beyonce Knowles and Lady Gaga. “I am really happy for you,” West said. “But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” MTV said West, who was spotted earlier on the red carpet drinking alcohol, was ejected from an awards show already known for its circus-like atmosphere. West received loud boos from the crowd when his name was mentioned later in the show.

Kanye was seen carrying a big bottle of booze and was asked by MTV to leave the premises shortly after his rant:

Apparently, Kanye decided to go home and blog an “apology” to Taylor Swift for his outburst … but it doesn’t take a careful reading to understand that it’s not an apology at all:

This “apology” has since been removed from his official website. After the jump, check out video of this outrageous insult to Taylor Swift and see how Beyoncé managed to right the wrong a wee bit at the end of the show …

See, what the egotistical asshole doesn’t understand is that HIS OPINION DOESN’T MEAN SHIT! Kanye seems to think that every time an award is handed out that he doesn’t agree with, he needs to get on stage and bitch about it like a crybaby and that will fix the situation. Instead, it exposes him for the asshole that he really is. This latest rant, stepping all over Taylor Swift’s first win at the MTV VMAs, is the final straw for me. I don’t care how talented he is, he is an utter douchebag asshole and I’m done with him.

Beyoncé ended up winning Video of the Year for Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) and instead of delivering her own speech, she called Taylor Swift back to the stage so she could have her moment:

Taylor finally got to have her moment, Beyoncé showed the utmost class and KANYE WEST IS STILL A DOUCHE! I’m telling you, I was in the auditorium for the whole show and every one booed him very loudly (even tho you cannot really hear it in the above clip). Every time his name was mentioned as a nominee, the auditorium booed him. Much love and congrats goes out to Taylor Swift on her win … I hope she is truly able to enjoy it … she absolutely deserves it.

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  • nae

    kanye is an ass & beyonce is beautiful woman for calling taylor swift back up to have her moment. much respect!

  • CoCo

    Beyonce handled this AWKWARD situation in the classiest way possible. KANYE IS A DOUCHE!!!! I love Katy Perry’s twitter… “FU KANYE! It’s like you just stepped on a kitten!” JERK! It’s like he thought Taylor should just give Beyonce her award?! IDIOT

  • flip

    She didn’t beat Britney for Best Female Video cause Britney wasn’t nominated in that category!

  • Melanie

    Honestly I felt so bad for taylor that i havent been able to see the video. I hope they never let him go to another VMA. I’m not a fan of beyonce but damn she earned my respect.

  • mccraemalcolm

    Kanye is a douche and he should be blacklisted for this. What kills me is that there are ppl out there that are cheering him on. SO RUDE.

    oh and britney wasnt nominated for best female trent!

    She won best pop though! Loved her little dance

  • Jacinta

    Kanye is definitely a giant douche. I loved reading various celebs’ tweets about it. And I loved how classy Beyonce was :).

  • Shadan

    Beyonce showed us once again that she is in fact a class act. She handled that awkward situation with the utmost respect for her fellow nominee. And Kanye is a douche for treating a teenager like that. Shame on him.

  • Faye

    This whole incident . . . ugh. I don’t even know what to say about it. It doesn’t matter if you like Taylor Swift or not, anyone should be enraged by Kanye’s behavior. Where do you get off jumping on stage and grabbing a microphone and interrupting a winner, because you don’t agree with it?

    The look on poor Taylor Swift’s face makes me feel so bad for her. She is 19 years old! I’m not a country music fan, but by all account she is a gracious and classy entertainer, and to have what should have been a beautiful moment interrupted by freaking Kanye West — I can’t imagine. Congrats to Beyonce on her classy move, and I hope this doesn’t ruin the accomplishment for Taylor.

  • Smoo

    I mean lets be honest here. KANYE WAS RIGHT! Taylor’s video was the worst of the bunch for one thing. It was a cute simple boring video. The amount of work Beyonce, Lady Gaga, & Katy Perry alone put into their videos is ridiculous. They are intricate all in their own right. I agree he shouldn’t have interrupted her, a little too much on his part…And his point he was trying to make gets lost in the midst of it all. But his ACTUAL POINT is 100% correct.

    • @Smoo — No, Kanye was NOT right and neither are you. Taylor Swift won the award — whether you agree with it or not. To ruin someone’s moment like that and then to defend the “rightness” of that selfish act is pretty shitty in my personal opinion. Whether someone agrees or not with how an award is given out does NOT give them the right to act like an asshole.

  • erin

    poor girl looked devastated. taylor is like Mtvs little sister everyone was so excited to see her win (you could see P!NK saying “she’s so cute!” for instance). for him to ruin her big moment was like him bullying the nice quiet kid in school. awful!

  • Z

    Why was the thug invited in the first place? He doesn’t know how to behave in public sober but was allowed on stage after sucking down half a bottle of booze, the remains of which he had in his hand when he was kicked out.
    What ever that was he was holding onto with his other hand as he exited should probably remain a snakeskin covered mystery.

  • Shelly

    It really sucks because I love Kanye’s music but he’s the biggest asshole/douchbag ever.

    It’s just an MTV video award. MTV doesn’t even play videos except on sister stations which most people probably don’t have, so it’s not a big deal. At. All.

    Again I like Kanye’s music but I’m hesitant to buy any of his music for a while after this rude outburst. He just sucks. His mother seriously would not be proud.

  • Nea

    somebody really needs to give that kanye douchebag a lesson. he is one arrogant man.

    i really hope his next album or single flops. show him that music fans will not condone his attitude towards other people.

    whether you are a fan of taylor swift or not, what kanye did was disrespectful and way out of the line. he embarrased the young lady.

    i applaud beyonce for what she did, class act. i applaud taylor for being strong. i also applaud other celebrities for sticking up to what is right, defending taylor swift.

  • mccraemalcolm


    Doesnt matter what his point was, the way he handled it was disgusting and rude. I dont care if taylor’s vid was the worst out of the bunch its not Kanye’s responsibility to go on stage and interrupt her like that. If he had somethin to say he should have waited till someone cared enough to ask him.

  • Shelly

    And WTF?! Lil’ Mama going up on stage too during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance?

    Where the f*** was security to not let everyone and their grandmother go up on stage whenever they felt like it???

  • Mela

    I honestly don’t know why they allow him to be near televised events. Trent, I would 100% support you if you decided to boycot him along with Speidi.

  • Tonya

    I’m with Mela….people saw him act this way before and we let it go hoping he would mature. But now we see he hasn’t changed and continues to think he can say whatever he likes. People are going stop buying his music b/c they don’t want others to think they like this ASS. He’s hurting himself in the long run.
    On the flip side Beyonce showed how much of a class act she is!

  • Smoo

    I agree with that, like I said, his original point was lost in him acting the way he did. But yes Trent, he IS right. Taylor’s video is the plainest of them all, she should have not won the award at all. It was a sweet cute clip that I enjoyed. Is it better then any of the other nominated videos? Not at all. I’m saying from a musical video standpoint, Kanye was right. HOWEVER, he acted in an immature manner, and therefore his point got lost. And yah, I don’t agree at all BUT interrupting a 17 year old girl winning her first VMA is not cool

  • Keishon

    I am a devoted Beyonce fan and I was obsessed with Single Ladies, but I was honestly hoping for Taylor to win. Yes, her video was simple and cute, but I found it nostalgic. It’s not so much his opinion but the way it was expressed that was wrong. Did anyone else see B’s expression during his tirade… she was mortified. But she handled it with the utmost grace and allowed Taylor to have her moment in the sun. It shouldn’t have been up to B to rectify the sitch, but she handled like a real woman should have. The worst thing is we’re giving the bastard exactly what he wants by talking about it. Trent, I’m with Mela, let’s boycott the jerkoff.

  • Ama

    Oh my goodness poor Taylor Swift! I am not a fan of country music, though I will admit I do enjoy some of her songs. Also about her music video being simple, sometimes being simple is a good thing. It means she was focusing on the words of the song, and the music instead of being all flashy. I have never liked Kayne and seeing him do this really makes me want to punch him. Also, didn’t it kind of look like Taylor(the boy one) looked like he wanted to go and push Kayne off the stage or something? ….I would have done it, stupid ass.

  • jenne

    i was so surprised that Taylor won but so happy for her. she seems like a great young lady and it was sad to see that asscandle Kanye disrespect her win..but it was AWESOME to see Taylor’s subway performance afterwards. class act, that Taylor Swift..and of course Ms. Beyonce!

  • Jackalyn

    That is the most sarcastic apology I have ever read. Why bother writing anything if you don’t mean it and obviously he didn’t. What a waste!!! His talent is totally shadowed by stupidity and arrogance. BUT I would like to say THANK YOU to Kanye…You just made Taylor more popular than she was before….

  • wendell

    Kanye is an egotistical ass. I can’t believe security is so lax that he made it on the stage during her acceptance speech in the first place. It’s like MTV was begging for it to happen I will never ever listen to Kanye again. He is the worst kind of person.

  • Mariah

    I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it forevermore: Kanye West is the biggest damn douche bag in history of music. His self-righteousness is off the charts. Everyone should boycott him and his music because karma is a bitch, Kanye. What goes around comes around. And I fell so much more in love with Beyonce when she had Taylor come back on stage to have her moment that she deserved. Team Taylor! Team Beyonce! FUCK KANYE!

  • MannyVA

    Kanye was not the only one who jumped on stage..Did anyone else see Lil’ Mamma jump on stage during Jay Z ‘s performance?…But she didnt do anything as extreme as Kanye. Well now we have a new saying thanks to Douche Bag when someone gets all up in your business…..” Why you gettin all Kanye on me”?

  • Shelly

    I know what you’re trying to say Smoo because Taylor’s video wasn’t up to par with the rest… but that’s for anyone to think and keep it to themselves like Kanye should. It’s their opinion and they can have their opinions but no one ever has the right to go up on stage and claim that the winner shouldn’t have won. There are a lot of award shows where I don’t agree with the outcome. It happens all the time.

    Kanye should have just kept his ass in his seat and posted in all CAPS on his blog about how Beyonce should have won and not Taylor.

    It would have still been rude to Taylor for winning but at least she wouldn’t have to go through his humiliation like she did.

  • Keishon

    @Ama, I agree with “simple being a good thing.” You don’t need flash or shock value when you have the talent. With or without flash I LOVE B and I think that K.P is extremely talented too, don’t care much for GaGa; I liked Taylor’s vid the best because it’s more “personal.” Also, it was the only category she was nominated for, so why not, right? :)

  • Steph

    And didn’t Kanye say a few MTV award shows ago that he was done with MTV? If only that were true we could be saved from his douche-baggary. There’s something called class and regardless of your opinion on who should have won, you have class and clap and smile.

    And off topic, but Pink’s performance was AMAZING!

  • Denise

    Didn’t anyone teach Kanye some manners while he was growing up? Obviously not. He acted like white trash, and he’s not even white.

  • Mudarling

    @ Smoo ur totally right, the way he went about it was def wrong but what he was trying to conva was right. Kanye was wrong and the way that he went about it lost all its feeling. Taylor’s song while it was CUTE, was just that, CUTE! Go on youtube and see how many people have redone that video, not many. That’s how I feel a video should win, if everyone is talking about. Kanye was Wrong but what he was saying was right. I do feel bad for Taylor Swift, but she’s young she’ll bounce back. Plus if this breaks her, she shouldn’t be in this business.

  • Ariel

    So Trent, you thinking that it is wrong means that everybody must think that he is wrong? I believe @Smoo is entitled to his/her opinion no? Everybody agrees that Kanye is being an arse here but nobody is defending the “rightness” of his action. Rather, it is just stating the opinion that Taylor’s video is not the best of the bunch. It was only a personal opinion, right? Aren’t people allowed to make their opinions?

    • @Ariel — Me thinking Kanye’s behavior is wrong means that I think it’s wrong. Of course everyone is free to believe what they want, I personally would not want to align myself with asshole behavior like Kanye’s but if that is your druthers, then have at it :) And for the record, Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video whether anyone thinks hers was the best or not. So to say that she shouldn’t have won is, technically, wrong. Personal opinion on an award that was already handed out is irrelevant, even tho you’re free to express it :)

  • Kendra

    I have a feeling MTV was awarding Taylor for her amazing album in general. The top selling album of the year, right? Maybe it wasn’t her best video or even the best of that bunch, but that girl has kicked the music industry’s ass this year and I think they wanted to acknowledge that..I didn’t think Beyonce looked mortified during douchey’s tirade..She almost looked like she was kind of laughing..That’s how I saw it, at least..I didn’t watch the whole show but I’m glad to hear she brought Taylor out with her..I’m not a Beyonce fan but I’ve always thought she was a sweet girl and that act totally backed my opinion up..Kanye should win the Biggest Douche In The Universe award this year..

  • Milan

    See the kind of example our Nations leaders have shown. This isn’t original. Kanye is simply pulling a Joe Wilson. Only Kanye was shown the door!

  • Brandon

    Hey Trent, Britney wasn’t nominated for the Best Female Video

  • Denise

    I can’t believe that anyone would defend a scumbag like KW after what he did to Taylor. Liking or disliking her video is irrelevant. What he did was just mean.

  • Cami

    Why do we even put up with this guy anymore? Why are people trying to figure him out? Whatever happened to just plain NUTS? Is it not PC to call people crazy anymore? Did science cure crazy and I never heard about it? Kanye West is just mentally disturbed.

  • Joan

    Why don’t everyone stops placing judgment on whether she deserved it or not? It’s not the issue. She won. Simple video or not. That’s that. It’s not even the issue here. If it worked that way everyone would have their own award show.

  • mika

    It’d be cool if all who disagreed (raising my hand here) boycotted him and not let him have one iota of free PR. Dude is despicable. The only way that I’ll put Heartless or Stonger back on my playlist is if he redeemed himself, like give a crap load to some charity. Perhaps mothers against drunk driving or AA since he seems very much in need of rehab in that sense.

  • aimie

    correct m if i am wrong, but… the vma’s are voted on by fans and IF the fans voted for taylor swift to win… then by MAJORITY…. it does make kanye WRONG!!! it was wrong to get on stage, it was wrong to take over her speech, it was wrong to “apologize” without apologizing, it was all wrong! Kanye, i think has a big issue with country music in general… isn’t he the one that lost a best new artist to gretchen wilson and went off about it some 5 years ago or something. Somehow somewhere Kanye got it into his head that only his opinions matter and the general public as a whole gives a shit what he thinks. Sorry Kanye, but until today you never registered on my radar and now… only cuz you’re a douche bag and a whiney little bitch!


    also, i gained a whole new level of respect for Beyonce last night. I am not a huge fan of her music she has a few songs i like but now after the selfless act she pulled i have an entirely different view. She is a class act!

  • Irma

    It’s hard to be a big Kanye West fan when he pulls shit like this. I’m not buying a ticket to his concert (even though I’d love to see Lady Gaga and to be honest he’s awesome in concert) and I will never buy another one of his albums. I’m glad Taylor had an AMAZING performance after this entire mess and that Beyonce is just great and let T-Swift have her moment in the spotlight without some douchebag ruining it.

  • Sarah

    you know, i never comment on blogs and i typically enjoy this one.. but i do appreciate the commenters who can admit that whoever is judging the VMAs were doing someone bizarre.. if there was some way to go back and read the tweets btw the announcement of TS winning and KWs debauchery, they were all registering shock at the decision.. obviously twitter is in no way indicative of, well, anything, really, but i (and my vma watching party) dont agree with those that think that that song or video is better than ANY of the others in the category.. she doesnt have the voice or the talent, i dont think.. also, i really do not understand how b can win video of the year but not this category… is mtvs voting just completely arbitrary or are there certain voting nuances to which i am not privy?

    i dont think its fair to attack everyone that has this opinion.. saying someone that does is ‘pretty shitty’ is ‘pretty shitty’ in its own right and im shocked at that reaction.. @trent says ‘saying he is right, doesnt make him right.’ was that in reference to his opinion, or his behavior? bc no, his behavior was not right.. i REALLY dont think anyone can argue that it was, or defend him in anyway (unless drunkenness is a defense, in which case send the man to AA) .. but, when allowing his opinion is allowed to stand alone, @smoo saying it is right doesnt make it right, but @trent saying it is wrong doesnt make it wrong (unless, again, you were referring to his behavior, which yes is objectively very, very wrong)

    @trent – what if instead of beyonce it were NIN – im sure you would still disagree with the behavior, but what would you be saying about the award in that case?

    since when is it wrong to disagree with an award (im referring to @smoo, not KW, btw).. we talk about upsets all the time.. what is the point of people blogging/commenting on awards shows if they arent allowed to disagree with the results.. just because TS had something really effed up happen to her doesnt mean that everyone that thinks shes a bad artist is a horrible person.. yes she won the award, but the vmas are not the ultimate authority on music.. so people should be allowed to disagree with their decision… this is a blog, with comments! would you prefer all the non-TS fans didnt read?

    im sorry that this is a terribly long rant, but i was just shocked at the attack on a reader and couldnt really keep quiet on behalf of non-TS fans.. i, like everyone else, think KWs behavior was deplorable.. but i (unrelatedly) think someone else should have won that award.. and dont attack me bc some douchebag that has the same opinion attacked like.. well a douchebag!

  • jenna

    Let’s start a Boycott Kanye campaign!

    He doesn’t deserve any more press…good or bad.


    Trent, you should have an opinion poll like E! did with Speidi. If we vote to boycott Kanye then I think you should just not post about him again.

  • @aimie…. and if voted on my the fans, didn’t Kanye the douche also insult the fans by saying that Beyonce should have won. As if we (not that I voted, I am talking the collective “we”) are incapable of chosing the best video.

    Country fans are hardcore and very loyal. Of course they would vote for their girl Taylor.

    Ugh he is such an asshole.

    PS: Kelly Clarkson’s response is awesome ( http://iamkelly.wordpress.com/) and I heard that Pink had to be restrained from punching him in the face on behalf of everyone…

  • joe

    Kanye’s a bitch. I’m selling his cd’s back to the music store!

  • Sarah

    “And for the record, Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video whether anyone thinks hers was the best or not. So to say that she shouldn’t have won is, technically, wrong”

    I’m sorry trent I don’t understand! It seems that you are saying that people’s opinions are wrong. I think that the only people that are wrong are those who say ‘she didn’t win the award.’ A matter of should or shouldn’t is strictly an opinion, and it’s not fair to say that someone’s opinion is wrong! :(

  • Kendra

    @aimie – IS it the fans that vote for all of the awards? That would definitely make sense, what with Taylor Swift’s crazy success..For some reason, I thought fans only voted for the New Artist award..

    Personally, I’d rather see a cute and gooey storyline in a video than Beyonce dancing in a leotard or Lady CaCa’s butterface..But that’s just my opinion.. :)

  • Denise

    No one is criticizing those who did not think TS deserved to win. They of course have the right to an opinion. What we ARE criticizing is fart face Kanye for going up on the stage and taking over TS’s moment. Please, there are better, more polite ways to express your opinion.

  • aimie

    @sarah,,, the vma’s are fan voted. THE FANS VOTE. if you don’t like the outcome then vote. period. if she won that means that the fans gave her the award. and i am soooo sorry, but since when DOES talent have anything to do with the vmas?!?!? it is a fan voted system, popularity will always reign on that channel and that awards show. Taylor is an amazing songwriter and for being so young it only shows what a force she will be one day. is she the best singer… no, but neither is britney and she is always a crowd pleaser at the vmas.

  • aimie

    @kendra… the link i saw said voting started early august for all awards. @suzanne yes he kinda is saying that… but the thing about him is he is the only one whose opinion matters. shrugs. i am glad taylor won and i am pissed her moment was stolen, but… vma’s always make for some good tv. lol

  • Stephanie

    I have one thing to say to Kanye people who don’t think he’s a bully. I would LOVE to see him try this with Montgomery Gentry, Tim McGraw, or, better yet, Toby Kieth! That’s not to say big brothers still aren’t going to take care of their little sis, Taylor. The country world is just as fierce as the rap. Kanye better be watching his back because I’d hate to see the South rise again…against him.

  • peeklyn

    First of all, I am not in any way shocked my Kanye’s immature words towards Taylor Swift. I am not a fan of country music, but Taylor Swift is a talented young lady and, regardless of whether or not people believe she deserved to win, she absolutely deserved the chance to accept her award and deliver her thank you speech.

    Kanye West is a tool. Plain and simple.

  • peeklyn

    And if it was someone else who won instead of TS, like Pink for example, she probably would have beat the shit out of him right there on the stage.

  • Sarah

    @suzanne – i didnt realize that the vmas have turned into a fan voting award.. i also dont think that because i consequently didnt vote that i shouldnt be allowed to share my opinion on TS’s talent.. also, while i agree with you that popularity is the reigning force behind someone fan-voted (obv), i have to say that talent and popularity are strongly correlated – no britney is not the best singer, but she is an excellent all around performer.. and i will rephrase an earlier statement – in my opinion, taylor swift is talented, just not as talented as the others in the category

  • Sarah

    @peeklyn – i totally agree with that! she did deserve the right to accept her award! also, i would have loved to see pink punch him ha!

  • SuziLee

    Kayne was a complete and utter douchebag. Whether or not you agree with who wins an award, you sit in your seat and maybe you comment on it to the people you’re with or whatever, ya don’t go runnin up on the stage actin a fool grabbin mikes and scarin teenagers!!!
    Beyonce is beyond classy and that is why she will have a long amazing career. Hopefully Kayne will take his bottle of Hennessy and his snakeskin body suit wearin freak of a girlfriend and just go the F away!!!
    And Smoo – dude – it’s a blog w/opinions. We all have ’em, Trent’s just givin his. Ya don’t like it, move on to next article or another blog. Kayne has one – have it & move on to that one buddy!

  • Ashley

    I am on Team Boycott! Poor sweet little Taylor. :( I felt so bad for her. And to everyone saying Kanye was right, you do realize that good music is based on OPINIONS right? Even though YOU thought her video was the worst, doesn’t meant that it actually was. In my opinion, it was the best one and I think she deserved to win. That’s MY opinion. You are welcome to yours, but that doesn’t meant that you have the right to bash Taylor into the ground because you wanted someone else to win. I am probably the least biggest Beyonce fan in the world, but if she had won the award I wouldn’t have thought anything of it because that just meant that more people liked her during the voting.
    You do realize that Taylor is one of the biggest artists in America right now, right? Doesn’t that prove she deserved a win?

  • Sarah

    sorry my comment was @aimie not @suzanne :/

  • ash

    yeah kanye is f’kin retarded. im not a country fan either, but that was someones moment to shine an he totally crapped on it. i was a kanye fan an put up with his big ass ego cuz he made good music. now, he lost a fan. so arrogant an dumb. an beyonce is so classy, love her! but anyway, OMG NEW MOON TRAILER!! CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!

  • lilredhairedgrl

    I guess I’m the only one who thought Kanye was joking at first, like it was something MTV planned because Kanye is always pulling this kind of sh*t. I actually laughed at first. But the look on Taylor Swift’s face told me it wasn’t a joke and I couldn’t help but think how he just ruined her moment. What a douche Kanye can be.

  • ErinRenee

    Kanye should be banned from the awards shows for at least a full year. He has done this too many times now. He is such a narcissist and someone needs to give him a good beatdown. You didn’t see him take the mic from Eminem! Of course not. Taylor was so upset and she didn’t deserve that. He needs to get over himself, he’s not THAT GREAT. No one is and anyone who is as fantastic as Kanye THINKS he is would NEVER do that to someone, because great people don’t pick on someone like Taylor. Wish they would have kept his jaw wired shut. LOSER!

  • Janelle

    @Erin – Mtv has already banned Kanye West from the show.

    In my personal opinion, I’m not a Beyonce fan, but I love and respect what she did for Swift. That was mad class.

    And @Smoo – the point of the matter isn’t who’s video you or anyone believes was better. They’re different videos and everyone has different tastes. The point is a matter of respecting one another and that Kanye needs some serious long-term therapy and to readjust his whole life.

  • nicole

    i mean honestly he was right….what he should have done is held his tounge for his blog. i felt so bad for her, i think if he had done it to anyone else…it wouldnt have been such a big shock…but to taylor, shes the sweetest thing ever. but hey…atleast she can say she has a memorable VMA moment right?
    – and that children is why you dont drink & carry the bottle with you to big events.

  • Ariel

    I think this backlash just because people commented is ridiculous. @Kerri If Trent can’t take comments, he should make the posts unavailable for comment? And @Trent, I am not agreeing with his behaviour, I am just agreeing with @Smoo’s opinion about the the result.

  • zsofi

    For a moment, before reading the whole article, I thought Kanye jumped on stage, because he thought he should have won the award. Whatev:) But, anyaway, why does he have to ruin everything? He is as interesting as Chris Brown to me. Jerk.

  • *J*

    I am no fan of taylor swift but my god she did NOT deserve that! my heart just sank when i saw it, she just looked so gutted! is there anyway kanye can be punished for his behavior? i don’t think being sent home is really going to have an effect! lets just hope people stop buying his music! it really kills me because seeing comments on youtube, he has a lot of people on his side which i just don’t understand!

  • ErinRenee

    @Janelle – Hey, I wasn’t sure if it was just that show he was banned from, or future ones too. And I am not a big Beyonce fan either, but I will definitely put credit where it’s do and I agree, she had such class to share the stage with Taylor. Good for both of them. Check out the video of Taylor at Madison Square Garden and see how humbled she was by the crowd. Such a good girl and it’s nice to see her do well.
    @Nicole – I agree with you too, he should have saved it for his blog, isn’t that what blogs are for???

  • Siobhan

    @lilredhairedgrl I totally thought he was joking at first. I didn’t think he would honestly do that again after the last time he did it and for a category he wasn’t even nominated in. I was thinking it HAD to be a joke. I tweeted during it that it better be a joke and then I saw Taylor’s face and she was completely confused and hurt. He is such a douche.

  • Anna

    She didn’t deserve the award, but she didn’t deserve to be treated like that either. At first I thought it was another Eminem vs Bruno moment, then I saw the look of devastation on her face and I felt bad.

    … is it wrong that I found his sarcastic “apology” amusing?

  • Christie

    Amen, Trent. Amen.

  • Lisa

    heated discussion nice…Kanye has proven the fact that he is an ass time and time again, it’s been going on for four years now, so last night’s bad manners should be no shock to anyone. What’s sad is his mouth is upstaging whatever talent he has left (SNL appearance, nice)…all i remember now is what he says, not what he sings about. Arrogant f’er that one.

  • Lisa

    Kudos Beyonce, whole new respect for her.

  • Nita

    I agree with boycotting everything Kanye: music, blog posts, all his ridiculous behavior. It’s annoying that he gets more press out of this incident, but there should be negative repercussions (ie sales down the toilet) for him. Trent, you said it best: his opinion does not mean SHIT!

  • Janelle

    @Erin – It sounds like hes’ banned from their shows in general. The thing Taylor does like @ Madison Square Gardens, she does at all shows. Kinda weird, but she likes to show her fans her thanks. Pretty cool for a 19-year-old!

  • Jenn

    So done with Kanye….he does this every year. “Swagger” my A$$–He’s just a spoiled brat with entitlement issues.

  • Lily

    @Isaac- F off.

  • Denise

    Good going, Isaac! You just pulled down your pants and showed everyone what a big fat azz you are.

  • Mariah

    @Isaac – your ego and Kanye’s ego should go fuck each other. You belong in the same category as Kanye anyway: douche. Plain and simple. Fucking dumbass.

  • Christina

    He is an ass and any one who thinks that it’s ok to jump a stage and make a point is off character. You have every right to think that she should not have won on your own time. It was put to a vote and she won. To put her down on national television is very immature and embarrassing for you. Yeah you are talented but acting like that makes you talentless. Kanye, god, get a life.

    Trent please he does not need any more attention for anything. Even though I’m a fan of his music and music only I have no problem with you nixing him from your blog.

    You rock by the way ;-)

  • Smoo

    To all the people who backed me up on here, thank you. My MAIN point was the fact that yes Trent, she shouldn’t have won the award. Yes, she did win- but does that make it right? I believe if you are solely judging the 6 vids in the category, hers and Kelly Clarkson’s were the weakest two. So yes, I will stand by Kanye’s opinion of the fact that Beyonce did get robbed and should have won.

    I don’t know if I made it clear to everybody, maybe i didn’t? But I in no way respect Kanye for portraying his opinion the way he did. It was tasteless & classless. But lets stop with the boycott nonsense. This was just immature, lets all remember what Chris Brown did and turn our efforts towards boycotting a woman beater.

  • Tracy

    I truly felt sick to my stomach when I watched this last night. His behavior is appalling, and the worst part is that it keeps happening. This douchebag needs to stick his head in a sandbox and never come out. I just hope everyone stops buying his music so he can learn a lesson that you CANNOT act this way to such a sweet girl and get away with it. He is the epitome of a douche.

  • Smoo

    @Sarah. Thank you, for fully understanding what I’m saying. We can all have our opinions, but just because I share the same opinion as Kanye doesn’t make it “wrong”.

  • Katie

    People- ignore Isaac. Telling him he’s a douche is exactly what he wants. Commenters like this deserve to be ignored.

    Team Taylor. Whether or not you think her video deserved to win, I like that we ALL agree that what happened to her shouldn’t happen to ANYONE. Kayne is a disgrace to everything music.

  • It’s All Good

    @Isaac is a Troll and we shouldn’t feed the Trolls EVER. Let the douches hang together — keeps them out of the general population! @ Issac is OVER.

  • Pru

    Kanye needs to realize that he isn’t all that and his music doesn’t at all go with his Diva personality. Get some real talent and a personality.

  • It’s All Good

    Oh, and FUCK KANYE.

  • Smoo

    @Isaac. I am a gay man. As you could tell Trent & I have not been on the same page on this issue. Ignorance will get you nowhere. Believe it or not, gay men have different opinions! (Shocker I know)

  • EmCee

    I do not like T-Swift OR Beyonce. I’d much rather listen to Kanye than either of them. Or at least in the past I would have…I think that was literally the douchiest thing someone could have done. He’s a little bitch, and even though I don’t like Swift, I would never wish something so embarrassing and awful upon her. It’s basically disgusting.

  • kitty50

    Well,well,well, yet ANOTHER scandal about Kanye West and an outburst at yet ANOTHER awards show. Shock me,shock me,shock me! No doubt about it the man is a total douche, but how much you wanna bet that this morning while drinking his Tang and googling his name he was rubbing his hands together and
    (ego)maniacally laughing in glee because once again news outlets, internet bloggers, and people that tweet(twitterers?) have made him the number one story in news entertainment today? No matter how you look at it you just can’t buy that kinda of attention and publicity.

  • It’s All Good

    @kitty50 – You’re probably absolutely right, so let’s do the one thing that Douchey can’t take – ignore him completely!

  • Z

    Do they have an award for “Most Likely To Be Jumped In The Parking Lot And Stomped By A Pack Of Women In Heels”??

    That is about the only award HE would ever win! Snort!

  • Pingback: Beyoncé is a Class Act! ( . . . But Boycott Kanye West!) | Ethel The Frog()

  • JoZee

    So what, TS won, and people disagreed with the decision. People disagree and bitch about the winners of award shows all the time, but they do it with tact and respect. They do not get up on stage, take the mic from the winner in the middle fo her speach and procede to embarass themselves, the winner, and the person THEY wanted to win, not to mention an entire fanbase.

    It’s called respect and dignity and Kanye lacks all of that, and more. You’re displeased? bitch about it on your blog when you get home, not on stage ruining your career, and embarassing yourself and others.

    And on top of all of this…Kanye was right, Beyonce had the best video, that’s why she WON for the best video fo the year. Maybe he shoulda just waited until those results aired before acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum. I’m sure Beyonce wasn’t terribly disappointed that she lost best female video, and who would be when she was still in the running for best of the year.

    He threw a fit over a few grains of sand when the whole ocean was still up for contention. Lame.

  • b

    Kanye is a tantuming toddler.

  • b

    I meant tantruming!


    KANYE WEST IS A DOUCHE BAG! I hope all of his future albums FLOP and he retires with that hoochie mama of a girlfriend of his! I don’t care what anyone says. To be honest, I was surprised that Taylor won. Beyonce’s video was better, yes, but not the best of the decade nor ever! I mean, ridiculous. Taylor Swift has worked her ass off! She has outsold Britney, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, etc. this past year and last year as well. All of you who whom are on Team Kanye need to eff yourselves. Also, people are forgetting that she performed MINUTES after what Kanye said and she still killed it! She’s a professional even at 19! I don’t like Beyonce but I have a new respect for her. Kudos, Beyonce!

  • Chivonne

    She did deserve it ! I love her cd. I really do not like him and loved when he was booed EVERY SINGLE TIME. (:

  • aimie

    @sarah, everyone is intitled to their opinion. for the record, i didn’t vote either. but to be completely honest i don’t understand why he even got up at all. “beyonce had the best video of all time???” ummm, no not even close. she was dancing in a white room with 2 other chicks in leotards. what makes THAT an amazing video… THRILLER or VOGUE or even FREAK ON A LEASH… those could be contenders for “best video of all time”. sigh. i like beyonce and love the song the video, to me was just ok. but, my tastes in music are probably wayyyyy different then the average vma voter.

  • Kim

    @Smoo what is your criteria for saying that Beyonce’s video was better? I personally liked Taylor’s video better based on the fact that I enjoy videos with a bit of a storyline. I also thought the dancing in Beyonce’s video was quite sloppy, despite the great choreography. The cinematography in Beyonce’s was great, but there were no sets and very little production value. Effort wise, I’m not sure Beyonce’s took any more work than Taylor’s considering the number of extras, sets, etc… in Taylor’s video. My point is that not all of us agree with you that Beyonce’s video was better and obviously, whoever chose the award also felt the same way. You are entitled to your opinon of course, but saying “Kanye was RIGHT” (as a fact) rather than “I personally think Kanye was RIGHT” (as an opinion) does set you up for people arguing with you to defend Taylor’s video.

  • Nix

    I don’t agree with what Kanye did.
    But I did think it was funny when he said that Bush doesn’t like black people. So for me now to call him a douche I feel like a hypocrite.
    His outbursts just have to be looked at with a sense of humor, maybe not for Taylor, but for us folks that his behavior doesn’t really effect.

  • Vicky

    I utterly completely agree with what Trent said “His opinion doesn’t mean shit”. If Kanye West doesn’t agree with the awards and winners and wants to do something about it, go create his own freaking event, instead of taking it away from the winners. Taylor Swift is a young girl, amazed and humble by her first VMA win, and she didn’t get to enjoy it. I’ swear I’ll never listen or buy another Kanye West song again.

  • Sami D

    congratulations to taylor! i love country music. i think it’s awesome for a country artist to win a vma. i agree that beyonce handled the situation with class. she probably earned more respect than she already had. if kanye didn’t like the fact that taylor won he could’ve saved his comments for after the show instead of ruining it for taylor. it was rude, disrespectful, and stupid. it seems like in his “apology” that he is saying that taylor should give her award to beyonce. he is a jerk! i wish he would go away!!

  • Georgina

    “I don’t care how talented he is, he is an utter douchebag asshole and I’m done with him.”
    Trent, I agree with you 100%. and his “apology” was not an apology at all; it was him trying to explain himself, which made him seem like a bigger asshole than he already is. he shows absolutely no remorse for what hes done.

    even if he didnt agree with mtv’s decision to give taylor the award, he could have stated his opinion some other time.

  • fayth1313

    He Won. Like he always does. Whats the saying “Bad publicity is still good publicity”? I sooo do not agree with what he did. That is horrifying. And honestly im not a beyonce fan either but her face of shock and embarrasment said it all as well. She did go up a few notched in my book for giving taylor her time to finish her speech. But i feel what Kanye does is always very calculated. He knows what he is going to do. He WANTS to cause controversy at every event. Wasnt he the one who pulled the race card a few years back because he didnt win? Bad publicity unfort is good publicity cuz we are ALL talking about him today. Love to all

  • Jill

    TRENT I”M SO GLAD YOU POSTED ALL OF THIS FROM YOUR FIRST-HAND view of the show and showed Kanye as the asshole he truly is.
    I can’t stand the selfish asshole.

  • Jenn


  • Jenn

    Trent- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow in the footsteps of NY POST and Boycott this stupid F**K.

  • Kristin

    First, to everyone who doesn’t think she deserved the award, it’s irrelevant now. Doesn’t matter! I think she did deserve it. I would WAY rather watch her video than Beyonce’s, that’s MY opinion and everyone is allowed one. But apparently those opinions ad up to be in Taylors favor because she won the award. Everyone keeps saying that Beyonce should have won it because she won the Best Video overall. As far as I remember, Taylor wasn’t nominated for that one so whos to say that Beyonce would have still won if Taylor was in that category too? Overall it really is a popularity contest and Taylor has the teen girl and the country vote…which adds up to a HUGE chunk of votes. I’m not surprised at all that she won. And Kanye….ugh…I was really pulling for him over Eminem before his tantrum there. I thought he had a great album but I’ve lost what little respect I had for him as a person in general. I don’t think that anything he said was right. Beyonce’s video was NOT the best video of ALL TIME. While I wouldn’t mind watching it, I’d probably flip the channel if I had the option. I thought her “If I Was A Boy” video was WAY better than that one anyway. I don’t know what else to say but that he is destroying his fame. Not many people want to have anything to do with him because of that. I mean how many times have we had to say “GET THE EFF OFF THE STAGE KANYE!” ?? He’s always been an ass who says stupid and IGNORANT things and he always will be.

  • Snarf

    He has 0 class and is a total coward. No way in hell he’d pull that crap if Pink had won.

  • Kim

    If Kanye West was standing in front of me, I would tell him to Eat a DICK! I agree with you completely! No one gives a fuck about what he thinks. I was never a fan of Kanye…I really don’t think he is talented. He’s just another one of those that I have always wondered who gave him a contract and why…
    Someone needs to let him know he is not God’s gift to the,
    as he seems to think…

  • Katie C.

    I think Kanye West just does all of these BS rants for publicity. He knows that everyone will be talking about it for weeks to come and then when the next awards show comes up, he’ll think of something even more stupid and insulting to do. He really needs to grow up. Very lame, Kanye, very lame.

  • peeklyn

    @Snarf Totally agree. I said the same thing earlier. He’s just a coward, Pink woulda beat the shit outta him.

  • paulo aguilar

    There goes his career! He just flush his career down the drain and its nobody’s fault but his own. Won’t be long before his record label drops him and he becomes a no talent rapper trying to score another deal. WAY TO GO!

  • Grace

    I couldn’t sing you a Taylor Swift song to save my life, I think Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are kind of ridiculous, and Beyonce and Pink are super talented, but I haven’t listened to them in years. I don’t watch MTV or VH1 anymore. They are music videos in an age where music channels are not what they used to be in my opinion.
    This is NOT about who deserved to win. It’s about respecting things that you cannot change and respecting another human being enough to let them have their moment whether you think they deserve it or not….especially when it comes to something that DOES NOT MATTER! Yeah maybe Beyonce should have won, but it’s a freaking moonman award. I doubt she’s gonna lose sleep over that loss while she’s vacationing in Croatia on a multi-million dollar yacht.

    I understand that this is America and we have the right to say what we want, but that does not mean we can disrespect and abuse that right and speak out of turn KANYE AND JOE WILSON!!

    Kanye’s mother must be ashamed of him. I’ve never seen anyone with an ego as big as Kanye West’s. Lil Mama’s might be on its way up there, though. Get off the stage little girl, you can be moved and remain off the stage. It’s totally possible if you have any self control.

  • Jordan

    I literally can’t even describe how absolutely SICK this makes me. I honestly want to cry for Taylor Swift, when the camera cuts back to her face after Kanye says his rant. Like, what was she even supposed to do? He is such a DOUCHEBAG and he ruined her moment, and I absolutely hate him. @Trent, I agree, I am so done with him. . I’m so happy he got escorted out and I’m happy he got booed. WHAT THE HELL makes him think he has the right to step up on stage, without being asked for his opinion, and put down Taylor Swift, who won her first award. Like seriously, who does he even think he is? I think this is the most I’ve ever written on here, but it just makes me SO MAD. I really hope this ruins him.

  • decs

    LEAVE KANYE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ntoauhra

    yesterday night i fucked kanye wemnst ‘ mother, her fucking pussy is as ugly as his fucking penis-head,
    i’m pretty sure he’s gay, he’s dating an hermaphrodite.

  • John Newbom

    Plain and simple, Kayne is a racist and just doesn’t like white people.

  • allison

    taylor’s video is great.
    beyonce’s was cool too (but i personally like taylor’s more)
    kanye is a giant douchebag.

  • Rebecca

    Kanye west is a compete tool. What he did was beyond wrong. It was disgusting to take away taylor’s moment like that… such a sweet and talented girl and she did not deserve that humiliation in what would have been such a special moment for her. I never liked Kanye West, now I despise him, and I refuse to ever listen to his music. What a total jerk.

  • Wendel


    You can not say anything bad about KANYE WEST.
    He is, after all, an African-American, and his people have had bad things happen to them in the past.

    You must understand the hard life KANYE WEST has had as an African-American, and, as Whoopie Goldberg has said in the past, you must understand his culture.

    I am sure when he saw Taylor Swift, a white girl, get an award it was more than he could stand. Isn’t it just like the cave men in the insurance commercials??????

    To KANYE WEST it was just the last straw in insults to him personally.

    Why, I am surprised KANYE WEST did not beat Taylor right on the stage, which is his right to do, because he is an African-American and they have had bad things done to them in the past.

    Is that enough liberal guilt for you MR. KANYE WEST????

  • Elle

    So being completely rude and disruptive is okay because that’s just how Kanye is? Everyone should just step back and bow down and let him act any way he pleases because “he is famous for controversy”?

    Maybe that’s why YOU like him, but I was under the impression that he was famous for his music before he started acting like everything he thinks matters and should be heard by everyone whether we want to hear it or not.

  • Homer Simpson

    I don’t get it. Many of you are calling this guy an asshole but will not hesitate to buy his latest music or download his MP3’s. If you really want send this guy a message, quit buying his crap. The world will still revolve and the music industry will survive without him.

  • Ella

    Ugh, Wendel-
    I get that you’re trying to make a point or something, but please don’t turn it into a race thing. It’s embarrassing. He isn’t an asshole because he’s African American. He’s an asshole, because he has an overly inflated sense of self importance.

  • Bebe

    I just don’t understand how he got on stage. D: Everyone /knows/ what he is like. Has MTV apologized? Because they should – no way should Kanye have been able to get on stage with her. Someone should have been there to tell him to save it for his damn blog.

  • Damian

    To Kanye

    Won’t you please be a good real-nigga’-homie-gangsta’ and get yourself shot dead in some fabulous way and rid us of your stupidity.

    You’ll be more popular that way, movies will be made about you, you’ll have a memorial award show and everything. Fo’ shizzle. It’s worth it!


    where is ANYONE getting the idea that Kanye West is talented? He sucks at everything, so I really don’t understand it. He can’t sing or rap worth a shit, he isn’t funny and he isn’t smart. So…? It just confused me when you said “I don’t care how talented he is”, because… he’s not. At all. Just stupid douche through and through.

  • Tom from OC

    Let’s see if all the KW haters are for real. Don’t iTune his lame raps and boycott his punk shows.

    Start by boycotting Jay Leno and contact NBC via their comment web site if you can. I tried and it will not accept feedback. It just crashes. What a co-inky-dink???

  • lrfw

    kanye sure does talk alot for somebody who doesn’t say much. Basterd!!
    I will always change the station when one of his songs come on.

  • Tom from OC

    Damian wants the homie-gangsta shot. Dude, this guy is no gangster. He a teeny weeny little pud knocker pretending to be down. He rolls with Roc-A-Fella Records (FAIL) where about 7/8ths of Jay-Z’s contracted performers have bailed. Kanye is a perfect candidate for http://www.GayThugDating.com. Of course he’ll be a bottom biting the pillow with tears rolling down.

  • PaulFromProv

    Thanks for having the balls to come right out and say (and publish!!!) what we all are saying and thinking. Kayne West is an asshole, a fucking asshole. He is insensitive, overly full of himself and thinks that we actually give a flying fuck about what he he thinks or has to say! What a waste of talent, managed by a brain that refuse to comprehend what common courtesy is. Is he so foolish to think that his STAR will soar forever? Well if he is, then wake the fuck up dope! We decide who soars and who falls to the earth like a lead zepplin! I am all done with Kayne West and his music, that miserable piece of fucking asshole bullshit!

    Thanks Pink!

  • J

    Diddy was LOOOOVING it when he mentioned Kanye and he got booed. Funniest thing bout Hip Hop & Rap is that they may all be bro’s and all… but behind each others back they all hating on each other, dissing each other because they each wanna be more successful than one another. Funny tho, was hilarious watching Diddy deliberately mentioning it to hear all the boo’s.

  • Mike C

    Someone needs to punch him in the face. He is a raciest piece of shit. Taylor’s video was much better then Beyonce’s in my opinion.

  • Eddie

    What gets me is his frequent use of the word “respect” yet he obviously has no concept of its meaning.

    He failed to respect Taylor Swift in the slightest, stealing her moment in the limelight like some sort of celebrity mugger.

    He also failed to respect his friend, Beyonce, by tainting her participation in the event with his grandstanding. She won’t be remembered as an award winner this year, as much as the subject of West’s tirade.

    In fact, it’s painfully obvious that West has no respect for anyone or anything but himself. In this, we can only hope, he is soon alone.

  • thatguy

    It really don’t matter what your opinion is on who should of won. Taylor did win and he stole her momemt it was an asshole thing to do. I just saw him talk on the leno show and it was intresting how it really turned into poor me its so hard it was just pure bullshit and for the people that support him I hope you have a great moment in your life stolen from you because someone didn’t agree with the outcome

  • mimi

    kanye west is a piece of shit. he should be banned from the vmas in the future because this is not the first time we’ve seen his rude ass being onoxious. he is such a racist, its disgusting.
    what kind of manners are that? what a hoodlum. and its a shame because i used to really like his music but deff not anymore after witnessing countless of times what a rude, arrogant asshole he truly is.

    and he ruined the spirit of what that night was supposed to be about (in memory of mj=coming together and supporting each other).
    face it kanye, nobody’s gonna listen to you anymore.
    your mouth shouldve stayed wired shut if all that comes out of it is crap.

  • gee

    I think everyone should boycott kanye and watch the attention hog squirm.

  • Tom from OC

    Like somebody else said, if he tried that shit with Pink he would have been spittin teeth.

  • MelMel

    LMFAO @ Z’s comment:

    ‘What ever that was he was holding onto with his other hand as he exited should probably remain a snakeskin covered mystery’

    hahaha that cracked me up. Amber Rose can be quite frightening at times. This is true.

    Even though I agree it wasn’t the best video of the bunch, the kid won and should have had her moment to shine. It’s only fair. Is it just me or did this all feel a little staged though?! I mean, seriously. I got a scripted vibe from it. And Shakira and hot ass Taylor Lautner’s back and forth was pretty damn awkward as well, it must be said…….damn, Team Jacob ALLL THHHHEEEE WAAAAYYYYYY. Yum.


  • i cant believe how stupid some people is, but i mean what could you expect from some stupid rapper, plus everything in mtv is staged

  • KayneWho?

    I never even heard of Kayne West before this whole thing. Who the heck is this self-righteous loser? I’m glad I have no clue who this guy is. He’s certainly not worthy of being known by me.

  • cookiemaker

    I don’t think it’s debatable at all that he was rude. But everyone is overreacting! He stole her moment and hurt her feelings which was humiliating, but he did not personally insult her or make any reference to race. To call him a racist is ridiculous – racism is about a system of oppression, not an individual act. I don’t recall the same amount of outrage when Jamie Foxx (however that’s spelled) personally insulted Miley Cyrus, and even that backlash against Chris Brown for beating Rihanna wasn’t as strong.
    What Kanye did was stupid, childish, and beyond rude. It (sadly) wasn’t even out of character. But to call for a ban because he hurt poor Taylor’s feelings is too much. It was a VMA, and while I’m sure it meant a lot to her, it wasn’t a Grammy or an Oscar.

  • Wendel

    “# Ella Says:
    September 14th, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Ugh, Wendel-
    I get that you’re trying to make a point or something, but please don’t turn it into a race thing. It’s embarrassing. He isn’t an asshole because he’s African American. He’s an asshole, because he has an overly inflated sense of self importance.”

    True Ella, but he is getting away with it BECAUSE he is African-American. If he were a CW star and did this he would be the front page of every talk show, NOT the “special” guest of Jay Leno.

    How dare anyone call for a Ban because of HIS behavior.
    After all, he is . . . well, you know.

  • Lisa

    “I’m just real”? He’s an opinionated, egotistical a**hole!

  • Something tells me there’s going to be a song coming out of this. Ms. Swift almost always get inspired to write a song whenever something bad happens. Wonder if Beyonce will duet with her if asked. I’m guessing it might happen.

  • novoltaire

    The single stupidest moment at the single stupidest VMA’s ever. From the beginning of the show it was nothing but a shit fest of rich spoiled “artist and performers” acting like their all important. So for Kanye to get up their and do a litlle rant makes sense especially since every time he’s done thisbefore people reward him with album sales. Yeah he’s a moron. That whole best video in a decade statement- really Kanye there is no way in hell you can really believe that. Most of the videos in the show sucked any way. This was the biggest collection of forgettable videos ever nominated. What happened to all the a-lists stars it’s like MTV wanted to give all the b-listers a whole night to shine. I felt like I was at the prom for a fat kids camp. And by the way Taylor Swift doesnt need anybody’s pity she lives a pretty good life so I’m sure this isnt going to ruin her.

  • MJ

    Kanye should hook up with Serena and tpgether they can be Mr and Mrs asshole.

  • Real people

    Its a class/respect thing.. Like him and many other young blackmen they have no class or respect..I see it all the time.. U just have to open your eyes..Trust me its hard to be a black man and open your eyes and see what WE have become ! Stop doing stupid shit !

  • kitty50

    Kinda harsh since his mother is dead. If you hae something to say at least try to sound intelligent.

  • anti mainstream

    ALL!! rapers,pop stars make PSEUDO MUSIC!!!
    Mtv is a joke!!

    jazz, classic,metal, rock progressive is the way of TRUE music!!

  • Alex

    HAHA! Kanye is the man! The only people appalled by what he did are young white girls bereft of any musical taste.

  • Sarah

    #1 Take off your sunglasses
    #2 Don’t bring a tranny to an awards show as your date

    I never understood why Kayne West has such an ego… I don’t think he’s anything special. He’s not bringing anything to the radio that a hundred other “rappers” aren’t already doing. How disrespectful can you be?!

    I vote for a boycott on everything Kayne. I stopped listening to his “music” and anything do with him years ago when he started getting full of himself.

    Someone needs to check him, boo.

  • noway

    Kayne West does not care about white people.

  • Sarah

    1st of all kanye didnt even mean that apology every other sentence he contridicted what he said in the sentence before, second of all he is an ass, she won the award not beyonce, so he needs to get over it, and thirdly kanye is a racist, he only picks on white people if it was another black girl who won it, i doubt he would of said anything. I hope they dont allow him back next year because he only cares about himself. Taylor congrats because u deserved the award! and on the beyonce thing im not sure if she even meant it cuz she made a face when she told taylor to say her speech, something tells me mtv asked her to let taylor do it, i could be wrong but thats the vibe i got.

  • Ella

    What do you want to have happen aside from what’s happening now? EVERYone is up in arms about this. The outrage wouldn’t be any less if he was white. It’s not about race, it’s about him being a celebrity and celebs get away with everything.
    You’re just as racist as Kanye.

  • Albert Wesker

    It looks like Kanye has, once again, proved he is a bigot towards white people. He has put his own nuts in a vice for his rude, obnoxious behaviour. It is his fault that everyone hates him, not the media’s.

  • Your Mama

    kAYNe is a WEINER

    BeYonce is over rated

    nuFF said

  • G

    Kanye is a dick. simple as that. His drunk ass ruining Taylor Swifts’ moment was bullshit. I’m sorry dumbasses, but IT WAS ALREADY DECIDED. Bitch went on Leno and didnt apologize. He acted like a victim like always. Beyonce just tried to cover her ass. She laughed when Kanye did that stupid shit. She invited Swift to make herself look good.

  • ade

    Though I love Kanye, he was wrong to have done so but TAYLOR SWIFT is a Talentless one album wonder..enough said.she deserves her moment simply because it is gonna be her last.
    With that being said, beyonce’s video isn’t the best of the decade either.
    Kanye stop overplaying your persona.

  • Jon

    Swift is a joke!

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  • Ayrn

    @ SARAH.

    People like you irritate the living feck out of me with your long winded explaination and you jumping at everyone’s opinion to interrogate thier opinions.


    There’s no such thing as being in the middle. You either SUPPORT him or you DONT. And IMHO- Kanye’s a downright douche. Oh and beyonce-class act? Does it matter if she gives up her “mtv” speech ? It’s nothing compared to the vmas or whatever.

  • Angie

    Kanya West is rude and very arrogant. It was very emarassing what he did to Taylor Swift. This was her special moment until Kanya start being rude. I am not of fan of him anymore. Beyonce was very lady like to call Taylor back to make her speech. For Wendel, please stop being so racist towards blacks. People need to stop hating on Beyonce

  • vintage

    @smoo: I agree with Kim, Trent, and a few others whom I can’t rmbr who commented on this, and Kanye is definitely not right. Just because you and Kanye think that Taylor did not deserve the award because it wasn’t as good a video as the others, doesnt mean everyone else thinks that way.

    I think videos and a whole lot other things (art, photos), are subjective. You and Kanye may think her video is not all that great, but I’m sure there are many others who think hers is the best out of those nominated. So, Kanye’s point may be RIGHT to you, but only to those of you who agree with him. As for the others, Kanye’s point is WRONG.

  • Jay U. Beezy

    OMG. Just get over it already. And you people needa stop actin’ like y’all never made mistakes even worse than his. Wow, he said that Beyonce should’ve won.. who the fuck cares? A lot of people were thinking the same thing, he just had the balls to say it out loud. Just GET OVER IT.

  • Jay U. Beezy

    Like damn, that shit happened like a week ago and y’all bitches is STILL cryin’ about that shit. STFU.

  • kal

    Beyonces video was priceless, Taylors was cute..Im not knocking it and I think that this rapper freak should nt have done this, but I have to admit that there was a part of me inside that was going “yeahahaha!” It was so over the top, and obnoxious yes, but this kind of stuff just never happens and while i dont resepct the guy for his arrogance, that punk inside of me kind of was like, “yeah-hoo! A rebel” I know thats not PC and if he was my brother I d smack him upside the head for doing it, but yeah, its just what i feel for now

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