Oprah Winfrey Releases A New Promo Photo & Video With Whitney Houston


Yesterday we learned from Oprah Winfrey herself that her upcoming interview with Whitney Houston, which will kick off the 24th season of The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday September 14, is her “best interview ever” and today we get to see a new just released promo photo of Oprah with Whitney from their interview:

In this Aug. 31, 2009 photo provided Monday, Sept. 7, 2009 by Harpo Productions, television talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, right, and Whitney Houston are seen during an interview at the Town Hall in New York. Houston, who’s new album “I Look To You” was released on Aug. 31, was interviewed by Winfrey for a two-part season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show, airing Sept. 14 and 15.

Oprah has also made available a preview video clip from her 2-part interview which features Whitney’s revelation that her mother, Cissy Houston, showed up at home with the police to extricate her from her dangerous living situation with ex-husband Bobby Brown. After the jump, check out the minute-long preview clip in full …

Dang … it looks like Whitney really is going to open up about her private life. I dunno about “best interview ever” but it sure as hell is “must watch TV”. Part 1 of Oprah’s interview with Whitney airs on Monday September 14, Part 2 airs on Tuesday September 15.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    WOW, go Cissy!!! I am actually planning on DVRing this!

  • maribella

    i really hope whitney doesn’t spin us some fabulous pretty tale of her recovery. i want to see her being real.

  • Whatev

    Whitney is SO full of it. Will definitely be giving Oprah a miss…


    Trent, the 13th is a Sunday and the 14th is a Monday. : ) Her voice sounds a lot better! It sounded really bad when she did the Diane Sawyer interview a couple of years ago. She looks great!

  • nysro

    I will be glad when Oprahs popularity has run its course. I don’t see why people follow that bitches words so closesly.

  • patches

    i can’t stand Whitney, she’s a C*NT! i don’t think we can expect a quality interview that will ask all the questions that people really want to ask, this is just a promo interview for her boring new album. You know she’s not going to ask about the crack and her drug addictions etc…

  • Paranel

    Wow, look at Whitney’s long lean fab legs. Unbelievable. You go girl.

  • One of the top reasons I watch Oprah sometimes is to gawk at her shoes. :D