Whitney Houston’s New Album ‘I Look To You’ Hits #1 Worldwide


It’s official!! Whitney Houston’s comeback album I Look To You is a bona fide hit! Not only did it debut in the #1 spot on the album chart here in the US (as the most successful solo female album of the year) but it also debuted at #1 in countries all around the globe! Here is a new promo pic of our dear Whitney and some info on how well her album did in its first week of sales:

Proving that it was well worth the wait, Whitney Houston’s long-awaited album I Look To You debuts at No. 1 on several charts across the world, including the US Top Albums and R&B Album charts, according to Nielsen/Soundscan. With 304,801 units sold within the first week of release in the US, this marks Whitney’s biggest first week sales of her career and the best selling first week by a female artist this year! Houston’s No. 1 position extends across the globe and claims the top spots in Canada, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Led by the dual release of the album title track and “Million Dollar Bill” at radio, coupled with presale promotional campaigns on Amazon.com, QVC and iTunes, and a heavily promoted appearance on Good Morning America, the chart-topping result marks the official return of “The Voice.” And the critics agree! The New York Times boasts that Whitney “re-emerges with full diva qualifications,” USA Today said: “Strong, confident and ready, she clearly hadn’t forgotten how to sing imbuing the material with emotional power.” The Washington Post cites I Look To You “hits all the right marks” and the Associated Press states “the pop queen still has a dazzling voice that can leave you spellbound.”

As you may recall, last week we learned that Whitney was on track to debut at #1 and this news confirms that she not only topped the chart here but she also topped charts worldwide. I am just so happy that Whitney is enjoying success again … we may have lost her for a few years but she’s back, at long last. Congrats on your new accolades, Whit Whit … they are much deserved.

[Photo credit: Patrick Demarchelier]

  • Yelena

    That seems weird that it’s the most successful female debut this year. I was sure Britney and Beyonce and MIley at least had more than 300,000. O well—good for her!

  • go whitney, I’m glad shes back

  • Ashley

    Congrats, Whit! I knew you could do it!

  • pixie

    Canada doesn’t seem to love her as much. I work in a music store and can’t say I’ve sold even one.


    @Yelena – There hasn’t been many albums this year released by females. I’m sure Mariah Carey will beat her record with her album. Last year, Brits album debuted #1 with 505,000 copies sold in the first week. Beyonce’s debuted at #1 with 450,000, etc.

  • Z

    …and all it took was dumping that chump and concentrating on herself for a while!
    She looks very happy these days!

  • bosie

    the pop queen??? pleeaze!~

  • carl

    why must you idiots constantly bring britney, beyonce into a whitney conversation. She is a survivor.let her be that and leave her alone if you don’t like her. that is your choice. Her album will hit way higher sales after oprah. get ready for the ride us fans. I love whitney she is the best. No one can touch her, no one ! get over it. whitney- whitney – whitney – whitney oh my whitney

  • There will never be another artist of Whitney Houston’s caliber.

  • Antione Terry

    Whitney is the greatest selling femaale of all time. She has been gone for a minute but she backs and better than ever. Beyonce or Mariah or Britney can’t touch Whitney she is the greatest diva. For you haters that disagree check the numbers. These females have to come out with twice the albums and still can’t touch her record sales. Over 170 million worldwide.

  • Antione Terry

    And for those of you think Mariah will out sell Whitney you are wrong Whitney will always win over Mariah.