Oprah Winfrey Begins To Hype Her 2-Part Interview With Whitney Houston


In just 5 days Oprah Winfrey kicks off the 24th season of The Oprah Winfrey Show with a 2-part interview with Whitney Houston, who you may or may not know is in the midst of making her musical comeback. According to Oprah herself, this interview with Whitney is “the best interview [she’s] ever done”. I understand that no topic was off-limits and Whitney opened up like never before. Here is a new promo pic released of Oprah and Whitney together and a preview of what we can expect of Oprah’s “best interview ever”:

Oprah Winfrey’s upcoming interview with Whitney Houston is said to be a, “jaw-dropping, open, honest and candid” conversation that the daytime talk show queen is calling, “the best interview I’ve ever done.” Winfrey sits down with Houston for a two-day interview starting on Monday, Sept. 14, where Houston discusses her marriage with Bobby Brown, drugs, rehab and how her family saved her. “I think it’s the best interview I’ve ever done. But I guess you’re supposed to let other people say that about yourself. I can’t think of a moment, ever, when I had a stronger connection to the person I was interviewing,” Winfrey said in a statement to Access Hollywood. “My approach to this interview was to not be judgmental in any way, and not to go in trying to get her to say things to make a ‘moment.’ I just wanted to be able to have an honest conversation with her. One woman to another woman. And the day of the interview I literally prayed about that all day long. I just wanted a connection between the two of us. And that is what happened.” With friends and family looking on, including Clive Davis and her daughter Bobbi Kristina, Houston brings down the house with an emotional performance of “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” from her new album “I Look To You,” which is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. “I think whether you liked or loved Whitney Houston before you will certainly have a deeper appreciation for what she has been through as a human being,” Winfrey continued. “And I mean, the fans are just going to love her even more.” “The Oprah Winfrey Show: Season Premiere: Oprah And Whitney Houston – The First Interview” airs Monday, Sept. 14. “The Oprah Winfrey Show: Season Premiere Part II: Whitney Houston’s Show-Stopping Surprise” airs Tuesday, Sept. 15.

On the one hand, I am having a hard time believing that this interview with Whitney Houston is really Winfrey’s “best interview ever” and on the other hand, having seen many of Oprah’s softball interviews, I can see how it really wouldn’t be difficult for any particular interview to be the best ever. While I expect that Whitney will open up and bare her soul, I don’t expect that we’ll learn any stunning revelations. I think Diane Sawyer’s “Crack is whack” interview will remain THE interview that enlightened Whitney Houston the most to audiences. Best or not, I am very anxious to see this interview in full … the fact that it will air over 2-days is an excellent way to ensure that Oprah’s 24th season of her talk show kicks off with a bang. Will you be tuning in?

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  • nicole

    i cant stand oprah…so no i wont be watching.

  • FK

    Love Oprah! I’ll probably try to track it down somehow.

  • Johnnie

    Of course I will watch! I am so excited to see Whitney actually bare her soul and come clean with her past. Sobriety and focus seem to be her future now. This album is amazing!

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  • J

    the BIG O is prob all still peeved off that she didn’t get a Brit Brit interview. So i guess she will take second best.

  • Ashley

    I can’t wait to see this.

  • Marcus

    Trent… I meant to email you yesterday about this but forgot. I have an source at Harpo that told me about the interview and Whitney apparently comes completely clean on how bad it was with Bobby and the Drugs. The interview was three hours long… She did two music videos that week for I look to you and Million Dollar Bill and also Good Morning America. Also… be prepared for when she sings “I didn’t know my own Strength”, my source says it was amazing…


    @J – I know, right?! Nobody turns down Oprah except for Brit! Ha. Love it. Anyways, I’m looking forward to this interview but I’ll most likely catch it on YouTube. Oprah isn’t really a great interviewer in my opinion. She’s a little soft and she doesn’t really emphasize on the overall topic but she can be surprising if not a little dry at times although she has lost her touch quite a bit. I heard her performance was amazing as well and it better be since her GMA performance was pretty disappointing. It’s about time Whitney came clean about her struggles because denying it for such a long time is a huge joke.