David Beckham Shows Off His Underwear On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’


A couple of week’s ago, we saw a huge poster advertisement of David Beckham and Ellen DeGeneres (well, Ellen’s head was superimposed over Victoria Beckham’s head) for Armani Underwear hanging on the wall of the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA where The Ellen DeGeneres Show tapes … and today we know why. I mentioned that Vicki B. paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show but while that was true, it turns out that her hottie hubby David Beckham was actually the guest of honor. Becks taped the season premiere episode of Ellen’s show 2 weeks ago and it finally aired yesterday. During his appearance on the show, Becks gave Ellen (and viewers at home) a peek at the underwear he was wearing for the interview … and what a peek it was:

Ellen DeGeneres may have photoshopped her own face over Victoria Beckham’s in the couple’s famous poster campaign for Emporio Armani, but guest David Beckham had his own surprise in store. The LA Galaxy had a special treat for the talk show host during his television interview, which screened in America last night. He revealed that rather than wearing his trademark Armani briefs, he instead had Ellen’s name all over his underwear. His wife Victoria didn’t seem to mind as she flashed a rare smile while hugging sons Romeo and Cruz in the studio audience. And Victoria had even more to smile about at the end of the interview as family man Becks went up into the audience to kiss her and their three boys. Becks revealed his boxer shorts tribute after Ellen teased him by asking if he had considered getting a tattoo of her. He laughed: ‘I’m very tempted – but I actually did this.’ Then he stood up and lifted the bottom of his shirt to reveal Ellen’s name across the waistband of his boxers. Earlier Ellen revealed the mock adverts where she had replaced Posh Spice’s face with her own image. ‘I don’t know why they didn’t end up in magazines because I think they looked good. Let me show you what we did,’ she told David and the studio audience. But her joke didn’t end there. ‘That’s crazy that nobody got to see that. I felt that more people should see it and I don’t have a lot power but I have some power,’ she said. Ellen then surprised the father-of-three by revealing four giant billboards of the fake image hung in New York’s Times Square, outside the television studio, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and in Liverpool Station – David’s hometown! David laughed at the mock Armani posters as did Victoria, who later gave the host, who is married to actress Portia De Rossi, a big hug, saying: ‘That is so funny.’

Hahahahaha!! This is so Ellen … and I love that Becks was happy to play along. While it’s a shame that he didn’t show off all of his undies, I suppose we can’t be too upset with what he did show off … no sir, not at all. After the jump, check out a few more photos of Becks and Ellen and check out video of their interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday …

I don’t know about you but this seems like an excellent way to kick off a new TV season. Woot!!

Update: Pink reader Ama pointed me in the direction of video from Becks’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, check it out:

Ain’t he just the cutest … well, when he doesn’t speak ;)

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  • Chivonne

    I love Ellen and I love Becks and his body. His voice I could do with out.

  • Ama

    I love Ellen’s show. It always make me laugh. Did you notice that most of the guests there are always really relaxed and they smile way more then they do in other interviews and such :D This show is the only real entertaining ‘talk show’ /interview show XD

  • Sal

    5 minutes – that’s all I need. 5 minutes . . . .

  • Sal

    Happy Trails to you . . . .

  • Ama

    Also; here is link to it, for those who missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmFelcwJ7wk

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I totally recorded this yesterday and I thought he was so cute!! I love him. He seems like such a genuine guy and you could tell how nervous he was because he kept figiting with his hands.

  • Kim

    awww… I love his uneducated English accent…

  • nicole

    its always fun when beckham & ellen get together.

  • Irma

    She is TOO funny. And he’s gorgeous.


    I love Ellen! Oprah who?

  • Christine

    LOVE Ellen! LOVE Becks! ahhh
    and lol @CHASE, I totes agree. Not a big fan of the O!

  • Kendra

    I love him..I really really do..I love that he blushes when seeing those underwear ads! He seems like such a down to earth guy..A ridiculously hot down to earth guy..I really don’t even mind his voice..I think he’s charming..

  • Sarah

    I totally agree with Ama- Ellen’s show seems to be one of those interviews that can get people to laugh and loosen up while being interviewed. I also love how she gets all the juicy gossip out of them without letting them get away with soft answers. She may have been the voice of Dory but she’s RUTHLESS. And I loff it.

  • Sarah

    DB always strikes me as being beautiful inside and out… whilst he is nice too look at, he always comes across as a really nice guy. Even his voice is sweet because its soft and gentle.. I can’t ever imagine him shouting.. plus he has a killer smile that rivals Michael Weatherly…..

  • brit

    what is the name of the song playing in the background please???