‘Cougar’ Courteney Cox-Arquette On The Prowl Again


Last weekend we got our first good look at Courteney Cox-Arquette in her return to network TV in her new ABC series Cougar Town … today we get to see more pics of the Cougar in action on the set of her show. It must be, like, impossible for Courteney to ever look bad … ever:

Courteney has always been a beautiful woman but is it just me or has she gotten a lot more sexy in her “advanced” age? I don’t care what age she is, she looks fantastic … and I guess that is the point of her new show. I’m not really all that excited about much of the new TV programming debuting this Fall but Cougar Town is deffo on my list. It’s great to have Mrs. Cox-Arquette back on the scene again.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She never looks bad!!

  • Ama

    Like wine, she seems to get better with age. XD But seriously, she is really beautiful and I know a lot of people would be like ‘Oh if I had her money, I would look that good too’ But I think she is a natural beauty.

    The show looks interesting and funny, so I may watch it :D

  • Katie

    I LOVE that dress

  • nicole

    im actually pretty excited for this show.
    and your right she does get better with age.

  • priscilla

    Totally agree with you all. She looks amazing! and Ama i know, they always act like they only look that good because they are actresses and have the money to do something with their looks, but Courteney was already naturally gorgeous before she even started in showbizz. And looks even more beautiful without too much make up and photoshop than with. She really doesn’t need it.

  • lila

    i was watching old friends episodes the other day… and you know, both her and jen aniston both look better in their 40s then they did in their 20s. not that either of them ever looked bad by AT ALL, but it’s just interesting what a few million will do.

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  • bel

    yes i agree with you all…she looks amazing and sexy just like her bff jennifer aniston…

  • Katie

    she totally looks better with age! I think she’s gained weight and it’s done good for her! she doesn’t look as boney/skinny. So pretty.