Britney Spears Covers Alanis Morissette In Concert


Britney Spears, who is currently on the second leg of her North American tour The Circus starring Britney Spears, busted out a surprise performance in Greensboro, NC last night. In addition to her normal setlist, Britney interjected a LIVE performance of the Alanis Morissette hit You Oughta Know:

It’s unclear if this new number is going to be repeated at future concert stops or if it was a one-time-only special performance. I understand they had problems with the rigging equipment and Britney was not able to make her usual entrance to the stage by descending from the rafters, nor was she able to fly on her huge umbrella to perform Everytime. Perhaps this cover was a special gift to the audience for the rigging problems. After the jump, check out video of Britney performing You Oughta Know

I added a few videos so that you could see/hear Britney’s performance from different angles/perspectives. She sounds amazing and what a great song. Do you suppose she decided to do this song as a shout-out to THIS person? I really hope this was not a one time occurrence, I would love for our dear Britney to perform new/different cover songs at upcoming shows. It occurs to me that Britney may record this song for inclusion on her upcoming singles collection CD. She recorded Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative for her last greatest hits album, covering Alanis on her new collection makes total sense. What songs do you think Britney should cover in concert?


  • Lauren

    She sounded great! That was a big F you to Kevin! LOVE IT!

  • N_N

    Rock on. Britney!

  • Nicola

    Wait…BRITNEY sang LIVE??!
    Can’t really hear it that well!

  • jj

    She sang it LIVE!! That’s awesome.

  • Steven D

    Someone explain how she has graced the covers of numerous magazines for having “the body” back and for looking so wonderful?…..If you ask me she’s not really looking any different than she did before!

    Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t look bad, but she surely doesn’t look amazing.

  • Vicky

    I think it would be cool if she released You Oughta Know, maybe Alanis And Brit could collaborate on a duet.

  • J

    WOW trent. i totally loaded up PITNB after seeing the videos to say, Trent check this out! And it was already up! +111111

    This is totally awesome. I guess i should mention it before some hater does. Beyonce has performed this aswell on her new tour. From what i am aware, she has only performed it once, maybe twice or three times. But i think once, on the opening night in Canada. And Beyonce’s is more remix, i think If I Were A Boy stops and she sings this to fit the theme.

    Not gonna be all hating, but i do prefer Britneys. Purely because, well its LIVE! From Britney and she sounds great! (And looks hot too). Yes Beyonces is live of corse, but hers is different. But great song, nothing beats the original though.

    So this Singles Collection. I’m still not too fond of it. I would prefer Unusual You with BIG promotion of it to be released before they do anything else. BreatheHeavy have a post about the singles collection, but more of a, what they should release if they do release another compliation. (BH says she should re-record some of the songs to make them either more modern or remixed with a few new songs and some remixes of current songs too).

    Trent, you gotta admit. Unusual You is a great song, whether its Dance Ballad or not. One of her greatest and has the potential to be very popular, much like Everytime was. She hasn’t released a ballad since Everytime and altho this isnt anything like Everytime, it sounds like a hit! Different, similar but great!
    Then they should re-release Circus as a deluxe edition with TROUBLE added as a single a few new songs and then a SIngles Collection after. Give her some time off ready for a new studio album by end of next year possibly.

  • Chris

    The song was recorded in the studio and she lip sync for the concert.Remember when she had time off and was photograph at a L.A. studio.

  • Jordan

    I love this!!! Let Brit do her thing- honestly, no matter what she wears, and no matter how she looks, people are still gonna love her because she’s britney :)

  • Ron

    That was freaking amazing! Too bad she didn’t do it at this at the Philly show!

    Gimme more!

  • greer

    what is she wearing? good to see she made the effort to dress up!

  • Tracy

    Sorry nice try. She is lip syncing at least part of that. She sounds great though.

  • nicole

    im sorry..but those pants have got to go lol

  • Kevin

    Um Beyonce performs this at every show in the middle of If I Were a Boy.
    I think it`s great that Brit sang something LIVE and it would be amazing if she added this to her repertoire. However, lets not compare the two queen B`s – they`re both great on their own.

  • love


  • Ashley N.

    Bless her heart. Those pants are not flattering at all.


    Oh wait, is today Sunday? I totally forgot that today was National Hater Day because reading these comments makes total sense! I missed it on my calendar, dammit. Well, I’ll join in! Britney, you suck. I’m completely basing my opinion on your performance (even though I wasn’t there myself and numerous people who did attend the concert said you were live because your mic kept on going out but, let’s not try to stick to facts BECAUSE facts are for, like, newspapers?) because the quality of both videos suck. But, I’m still judging it. I guess people shouldn’t film with KODAK cameras with crappy resolution and sound. Go away! <– There, did I sound convincing?


    I will agree that the pants are flat-out horrible.

  • la princesa

    Thanks for this! :) Loved it!

  • debho

    Those pants= very bad. But then no one can ever accuse Brit of being fashion forward.

  • mike

    omg that is amazing. please brit, let this be the direction your music is going, i will be able to die and go to heaven a very happy man!

  • Michelle Plett

    I’ve always said that if Brit sang in her range she has a great voice and well, we all know she can perform….it’s when they make her sing too high, but as an alto…she’s great! love this :)

  • shannon

    i really like it

  • Brenna

    That was WAY better than I expected.

  • jazzyjess

    this is one of my all time favorite songs. ;) So hells yes!

    hate pants but man, who cares the girls got the body for them.

  • Amy

    She sang something live? Wow! I’m impressed.

  • Lisa

    What was she thinking?

    Also, I think the song might be aimed at Trawick not Federline – haven’t seen her & agent man together in a while
    This song is aimed at someone you still care about – she does NOT care about K Fed ;)

  • PixiesBassline

    I’d like to say something in favor of Brit – even tho she’s not “my thang”…. Her belly might not be perfect – but it’s wayyy better than what most women could get back to, after having 2 kids so close together…. and actually, better than what some get back to after they only had one kid…. AT LEAST she didn’t go get nasty liposuction or something and end up with hideous dimples and uneveness. And yes, the pants – need to be thrown away.
    But I have to admire people who actually WORK their bods back into shape (even if that’s all I admire about them)… She’s still not physically perfect, but no one is. :)

  • Brian

    I was there and she DEF was singing live. She sounded amazing!! Also, she was alble to make her entrance from the rafters, but she did not fly on the umbrealla for “everytime.”

  • gee

    dear lord where is her stylist? those pants make her look chunky!

  • Tracie

    @CHASE: Was that supposed to make sense?

    @Pixie: I strongly disagree that most women would be able to get back to a figure like hers after having even one child. If you were commenting on her weight loss regime or diet I MIGHT agree, because a “normal” person wouldn’t have the same resources as Britney. But she’s not super-human, there’s nothing special about her, she’s got an average figure, she just happens to have a career that requires a lot of physical activity. With that level of activity most women COULD get back to that, or better. That said, it’s quite sickening when people call her fat, because she isn’t.

  • Aislin

    Alanis is awesome. This song is awesome. Britney singing this song is a gazillion times more awesome than anything

  • Taryn

    “You Outta Know” is one of my favourite songs ever and Britney really did it justice. I’m so proud that she is singing live, and singing live WELL.
    Go Britney – can’t wait to see you LIVE in November!!

  • ashley

    She did really good! Go Britney

  • Jennifer

    I would love if Britney sang stuff with a little more edge like this, it sounds great.

  • Max

    I was there!!! OMG.. she sing it live 100%

  • lin

    Sounds good :)
    Perhaps Britney should try something of Delta Goodrem. I would like to hear Lost Without You by Britney.

  • Shelly

    I was at this show and she sang it LIVE no lipsynching. She sounded and looked AWESOME! I had floor seats and this picture does NO justice to how great she looked. Keep it coming Brit!!!

  • Wow, that was live? I watched this at another blog but it was not mentioned that she sang live. She sounded great.


  • Maggie

    She sounded great! Her voice is nothing to die for, but it’s pleasant and I like listening to it. I hope she sings live more often. I think she may be gaining back the confidence she so sorely needs if she is to sing live on a consistent basis.

  • spazzecu

    I was at the concert and heard/saw it in person!!!! It was amazing!!!! It was absolutely LIVE and she did such a fantastic job! I had no idea there were lift issues until you just said so Trent. What a great concert!

  • Tiffany

    I WAS THERE!!! It was amazing. I had no idea it was a one time thing, but it was one of my favorite parts of the show.

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  • I was there…the concert was awesome…Britney was amazing. She looked AMAZING…I was 20 feet from the stage and was so excited to see her as the old Brit. I can’t believe she did this in Greensboro, NC. You all missed an awesome show.

  • Jill

    I was at her concert in Detroit tonight, and she sang it again, her lift worked, and she looked flawless.

    Bitch is dangerous.

  • razberryswurl01

    as long as brit brit stays in her range she can pull it off. you go brit

  • aamoore

    Just so you know, this was not a one time thing. I saw her perform last night in Detroit, and she sang it again, wonderfully :) Woo hoo!

  • Mo

    Saw her in Chicago last night. Damn girl was GOOD. She worked it hard. I’ve seen her before back in the day but this was an all out awesomely put together performance. She did sing You Oughta Know and the crowd was nuts for it. She sounded great, although it was the only song she actually sang… She may have song Everytime, but the others were rather badly lip synched. Not that I’m complaining. I’d see it again. Let’s face it, no one sees Britney because she can hit the high notes. You see her because she can perform her ass off. Great show. Cool cover. Really hoping she puts out a concert album. How great was that Me Against the Music Bollywod number? Definitely want to hear all those mixes again!

  • Christine

    She sang Oughta Know in Houston… at first I didn’t think it was her bc she had her sunglasses on the whole time and didn’t move from the center of the stage. But it sounded identical to these recordings… so, it’s probably not live.

  • Devon

    My Prerogative was a great cover