Lindsay Lohan Channels Her Inner Vampire On Twitter


Lindsay Lohan, when she’s not babysitting for random strangers on the street, spends quite a bit of time hanging out at home and playing on her computer. Thanks to the wonderousness of Twitter, we are able to partake in some of her Internet shenanigans. Earlier this week, L. Lo professed her love for the HBO series True Blood and posted a couple of photos to her official Twitter account to show just how devoted a fan she truly is. Here are her pics and the texts of the accompanying tweets:

my dream ….. true blood is AMAZING

me& @jorgeperezjr & friends decided to pretend that we r the ECHELON of vamps :) hallow’s eve came early

I believe she meant to say that she and her friends are in the upper echelon of vamps, but you get the gist. While I completely believe that Lindsay is a big fan of the show, methinks that the posting of these photos might have another purpose. I seem to recall that Evan Rachel Wood mentioned in passing that she was a fan of True Blood and, wouldn’t you know it, she got a part on the show … something tells me that Lindsay is hoping the same thing will happen for her. I think a small part in True Blood would be great for her … she can’t do any worse than ERW (and let’s face it, ERW was pretty wretched as Vampire Queen What’sHerName) and we can see that she makes a pretty sexy looking vampire. What do y’all think … would Lindsay Lohan be a good fit on the show?


  • kristy

    omg i know right? evan rachel wood was horribleee as the queen.. everything she said just sounded so over-acted! i hated her before and now i hate her even more!

  • janelle


  • Lulu


  • love

    lindsay tries too hard… ugggh… i don’t want to see her on TRUE BLOOD!!!

  • Val

    !!$%**@!!! NO

  • The are the echelon. HAHAHA. And she wrote the word in all-caps.


  • Vanessa, Michigan

    I think she would be a great vampire…decandent, selfish, and totally unaware of the opinions of others……but all jokes aside.
    She has the looks and she is still a decent actress.

    I don’t know you guys are acting like this show is like top notch……its entertaining but it isn’t the best thing ever. Just campy fun.


  • nicole

    i kinda like these pics of her.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She would be okay but that doesn’t mean I want her on one of my favorite shows jacking it up with her horrible acting skills. Keep the show pure and do not let LLO near it!!

  • Tracy

    Ok no fucking way. She cannot ruin True Blood. I despise her.

  • slartibartfazt

    NOOOOOOOOOO But Evan r W wasnt that bad.. i kind of like her

  • Michele

    I cant agree more with the first post, I think that she was really trying too hard, Lindsey would have made a better queen. What is especially disappointing is that Evan was nothing like the Queen of Louisiana was supposed to be like in the book. In the book the queen had more interest in humans and was not as ridiculous as Evan Rachel Wood made her seem. I loved ERW in Thirteen and Running With Scissors, I think she should stick to what she’s good at….not being a vampire.

    Whatever the motives of Lindsey’s post I think she would make a hot vamp and I hope they bring her in maybe in the next season.

  • Michele

    and the queens name is Sophie-Ann Leqlerc….I may have spelled it wrong

  • sarah

    NO WAY!!…

  • hello1

    Trent are you even a fan of True Blood? Do you even watch it? Evan Rachel Wood was awesome in the show. What were you watching? not True Blood I’m guessing. Im tired of these people joining the band wagon and judging True Blood when you dont realize how smart and funny this show is. ERW just added alot of potential drama to the show. And REAL True Blood fans dont need people like TRENT and LINDSAY to post opinions on the show!!!

    • @hello1 — I am a fan, I do watch, ERW sucked in the role of the Queen and, to be honest, the show has gotten stupid boring in the last 5 eps. One can be a fan and still be critical.

  • hello1

    lol looking at these pictures, i bet what ever was happening while taking those pics, 20 seconds later Lindsay was doing the dirty with that guy.

  • Snarf

    Alan Ball wouldn’t touch the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan with a ten foot pole. (Although he’s probably having a good laugh over this lame attempt)

  • Kassss

    I found Evan extremely annoying in this role. I’ve watched since episode 1, and I was very bothered in the first season because some of the accents were forced and unbelievable…but this season the regular characters have gained a lot of footing. Having her lackluster performance at such a pivotal point in the story and after the lead roles have made so much progress just kinda sucked to watch. Doesn’t change my opinion on the show, I’ll still keep watching.

    And while the show may just be “campy fun” to some people, in my personal opinion it is “top notch. It’s breaking records like crazy…a prospected 11 million viewers for the finale. That’s an insane number of people – they’re doing something really right. Not many shows gain momentum as the season progresses, and they have nearly a million more viewers each week.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve read all the books and ERW WAS terrible as the queen. Like Michele said, she was nothing like the Queen in the book. So far they’ve been pretty good as far as the characters in the show vs. the characters in the book except for this huge mistake in casting and persona. As much as I love TB, It was the worst ep so far this season. I wonder if the director was different too because even the rest of the cast seemed a little off acting-wise.

  • Ella

    HELL NO!!!!! ERW was bad enough, but Lindsey Lohan? That would make the show a complete joke. Celebrities should not get parts on their favourite t.v shows just because they are famous. It’s not some game where they can go and play pretend for a few hours. It’s sad that real talent might be passed up just becuase some name wants to live some little fantasy. and @Trent, you really didn’t like the ‘ I will rise up ‘ episode? I thought it was brilliant, i cried like a baby at the end.

  • kellye

    Good lord no. I love True Blood, but not with coked out Lindsay on it. BOO to that idea.

  • persephone

    hey, im a big fan of the show too! gawd, im hoping for more ericxsookie scenes! i love them!

    i guess erw is still adjusting.. sophie ann role is quite big for her. she sounded more like a valley girl than a 1,100 yr old vamp queen.

    if lindsay wants to be in the show, she can play the very irritating Debbie Pelt. coz ive heard they will have weres on the next season! im gonna see alcide!

  • persephone

    but pls allan, dont even try to hire that bitch. u can do better.

  • Nicola

    Evan Rachel Wood seemed more like a spoiled rich girl rather than someone who oozed royality and danger.
    Lohan looks rather dead most of the time, especially her over-dyed hair. Although I think she’d do better as a human getting killed than a vampire killing people. She seems to play herself too much in recent times.

  • Freddie

    What are you talking about? ERW was fantastic! She’s a great, versatile actress. Also, what do you mean it got boring?? This season – especially the last couple of episodes – just keeps getting better and better, as reflected by the growing number of viewer ratings!


    Lady Gaga’s been posing with fangs for a while here and there. Lindsay’s just jumping on any bandwagon she can these days.

  • Em

    This is so interesting!! I didn’t realize that there was such a difference of opinion over True Blood and it’s greatness!! I LOVE the show, and I think that it’s only getting better as well.

    What’s so boring?? What do you want to see more of Trent?

    I will admit that I would like to see more Eric/Sookie shenanigans!! And what the hell, go on and throw some of that YUMMY Lafayette in there as well!!

    As for Lindsay Lohan on True Blood…I would watch it…!

  • wendell

    ERW did not suck. She understand the tone of the show and you apparently don’t. This season has been great and I will continue watching it.

    • @wendell — We are all entitled to our opinions, I feel this season of TB has turned ZZZZZZZ and ERW has been terrrible as Queen Bee.