Chace Crawford Does ‘Wonderland’ Magazine


Gossip Girl hottie (and soon to be star of the remake of Footloose) Chace Crawford is featured in the pages of the new issue of Wonderland magazine (the same issue that features Megan Fox on the cover). Chace channels his inner fashionista in the stylish photospread and talks to the mag about “making it in Hollywood” as well as his new stint as People magazine’s Hottest Bachelor of 2009. Here is a portion of his Wonderland interview:

When the actor Chace Crawford removes his baseball cap and pulls up a chair at the Belmont Lounge, a relatively low-key Young Hollywood hangout in the centre of Los Angeles that’s akin to a high-priced dive bar, it is impossible not to get lost in his eyes. They are so electric, so transfixingly ice blue that they deserve their own colour in a box of Crayola Crayons. They are such showstoppers that on the set of Twelve (Crawford’s upcoming film, and his first big-screen starring feature role since Gossip Girl became a worldwide phenomenon), his co-star, the rapper 50 Cent, joked that Crawford has “Skyline Eyes”. “I’m not going to say it’s hurt me,” Crawford says of his boyish features, which also include his now-signature bushy eyebrows. “I’ve got to thank my mom, though. She’s a beautiful woman. She bestowed on me some good genes.” Indeed, this summer Crawford’s good genes earned him the much-coveted title of People magazine’s Hottest Bachelor for 2009. Not bad for a college dropout who, just a few short years ago, was earning money by valeting cars at the ocean-front restaurant Geoffrey’s in Malibu. Crawford, who turned 24 in July, grew up near Dallas, the son of a dermatologist (his father) and a teacher (his mother). (His sister, Candice, just graduated from college and hopes to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.) The story of Crawford’s first encounter with acting is right out of High School Musical or the new Fox sitcom Glee. In high school, Crawford was a football player, even if, he says, he was into art and painting. But during his senior year, the drama teacher asked him to audition for a role in a production of The Boyfriend. “I sang the National Anthem,” Crawford recalls. He got the part. “It was a good little role and something about it was just fun, but it didn’t even really trigger anything in me.” After high school, he landed at Pepperdine, a small Jesuit college on the beach in Malibu. A year later, he dropped out to do some soul searching. “I was just sort of confused and didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Crawford explains. “Everyone there seemed like they knew what they wanted to do, which is, of course, complete bullshit. So I took off.” During that time off – a time when he was valeting cars, “flooring down the street and back” – a friend convinced him that he should meet her commercial agent. “I didn’t realise how much money one commercial could give you. I’d done minimal modelling in Dallas, and just hated it. I met him, and he goes, ‘Can you do improv?’ And I’m like, ‘What’s improv?’”

Seriously, Chace has lived a very charmed life thus far and it looks like he’s going to be enjoying that great life for many years to come. I wouldn’t necessarily say that he’s the best actor I’ve ever seen but he holds his own and deffo has the looks to make it in the biz. I think the true test will come when we see what he’s got in his upcoming starring role in Footloose. That movie is much beloved already, Chace has got some big dancing shoes to fill … I’m very curious to see if he’s up to the task. But that film is still many months away from release so … we’ll just have to wait and see. After the jump, check out a few photos from Chace’s Wonderland magazine photospread …

I gotta say that I don’t love these pics … I mean … yeah. Robert Pattinson does the wild hair much better and the last pic with the rose is just … wrong. It looks like a bad senior photo circa 1988. I mean, am I wrong? Ah well … better luck next shoot, Chace.


  • Sunji

    The picture on the bottom left looks a little like (young) Leo. See it?

  • Ally

    What a strange (and by strange I mean bad) photo shoot. How do you manage to make a guy that handsome look so fuggly?

  • hello

    i actually like the 2 bottom ones, the top right is just freaky lol

  • CoCo

    Doesn’t really look much like him… I like this “improved” Chase! I’m all for the scruff over the pretty little boy look he rocks on GG. He’s just pretty! :)

  • Kendra

    If you hadn’t said these were of Chase Crawford I don’t think i would have known..He looks so different!

  • Jadedkitten

    Could he not

  • Sarah

    i like the one on the top left. its the one thats the most normal looking. the one on the bottom left is okay too, but the one on the top right is just INSANE looking, and not in a good way, and the one on the bottom right is just like….not cool.

  • Steven D

    I had the opportunity to hang out with Chace that year he was at Pepperdine(before he became famous) and he was a pretty cool guy…made some good memories. He’s a real guy who seems grounded.

  • BriK

    I really like the orange sweater one.


    Jeez, who is settin’ this boy up for photoshoots? They’re always so off putting and weird.

  • Tracy

    I really like Chace. He is such a nice guy and he is really down to earth.

  • Presley

    He is so pretty! I would love to see him in his 30’s all sexy with age!

  • sexyback

    Also met Chase at Pepperdine. Very nice guy! By the way, Pepperdine is not Jesuit. It’s Christian (specifically, Church of Christ). Apparently, Wonderland doesn’t fact-check. :)

  • Me

    They made him look like a clown on the top right photo…the bottom ones are just strange! These photos don´t make him justice, he´s way hotter than that and they messed him up!!