Whitney Houston Films A Live Performance For ‘Good Morning America’


Whitney Houston will appear tomorrow morning on Good Morning America performing a song off her new album, I Look To You (which was released yesterday), but was performed and filmed today in NYC. Here are a few pics from Whitney’s performance at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park earlier today and which can be seen in full tomorrow morning on GMA:

Considering how long it’s been since Whitney has performed live on national television, it’s understandable that the powers that be decided to film this performance for editing before it airs “live” on TV. I can’t wait to see/hear how it turns out tomorrow morn … excited?

UPDATE: After the jump, check out video of Whitney Houston performing I’m Every Woman during today’s performance in Central Park


[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Ashley

    I’m VERY excited. People are already saying her voice was cracking and stuff, but you know what, Whit’s voice is still beautiful, and she can still sing circles around a lot of the “talent” out there today.

    Keep your head up, Whitney! Your fans love you!

  • Hank

    There is a You Tube vid posted on TMZ of the “concert”. Give it a look…………

  • Russell

    My boyfriend waited in a long line to hear Whitney, and really wanted her to do well. His review: “Terrrrrrrrible!” She was hoarse, off-key, and had to have the audience help her through the songs. Apparently this is NOT the Whitney we grew up with.

  • Ashley

    Still better than Britney on a good day. :)

  • patches

    booooooring, her song has already stalled on the charts, her voice sounds terrible live omg it made my ears bleed when she actually attempted to sing, her album is sooooo boring and unimaginative, looks like yet another failed attempt of a comeback for this former crackhead…


    It looks like she relied on her backup singers quite a lot. But, you know, when someone has a voice like Whitney or Mariah, it eventually deteriorates and doesn’t bounce back like it used to. It depends on how often they sing and what not and if they take proper care of their voice. Whitney was into a lot of hardcore drugs that took a toll on her voice. Look at Mariah Carey, she lipsynches now or sings very little because her voice can’t handle the notes like it once did. It happens.


    @Ashley – Um, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • she does sound tired and hoarse, but i’m still pulling for her.

  • Ashley

    I just love how everyone is so ready to see her fail. Whatever happened to seeing something positive. At least she’s giving it a shot. She could have completely shut down, but she’s pulling herself back up.

    People make me sick. They’re practically giddy over the fact that her voice has changed. NEWSFLASH, people’s voices change. Maybe drugs had something to do with it, but she’s not as young as she used to be.

  • Krissy

    Honestly, I don’t really care about her voice. I care more about her humility. There were some interviews over the years where she just seemed very arrogant and rude, and hopefully her struggles have made her into a more humble person. If she is working really hard and interpreting the songs in an emotionally connected way, more power to her. But if she expects people to just give it up for her because they owe it to her, that is another story. I am still on the fence for this!

  • jamii

    wow so let down i wanted her to sound good sooo bad i guess mariah is still number one!

  • kathleen

    I so wanted this to be good. I wanted some new Whitney music. But the album in boring and her voice is ruined. She sounds nothing like she did years ago. Sad.

  • RobCun

    I went to Central Park yesterday and she sounded much better in person than on TV.

  • bla

    i still believe..you can do it…….show the world you’re still the same whitney who can really sing…

  • jade

    I am a true fan of Whitney, true her voice is not the same voice from “the bodyguard” but I love her even more now. We look up to these celebrities and build them up and forget that they are human too. And the fact that she struggled with drug abuse and watching her be “herself” on Being Bobby Brown” made me more of a fan. Celebrities are people that God blessed with a certain talent to inspire others. I will always be a fan of Whitney, keep doing your thing ma ma and keep your head up!