Whitney Houston Does ‘Ebony’ Magazine


Whitney Houston is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Ebony magazine, just in time for the release of her new album I Look To You which is available for sale TODAY! Here is our first look at her new Ebony cover:

Thus far, the Ebony website has not been updated with any info about this Whitney issue but her interview and/or photos should be released soon. As for this cover, well, all I can say is Damn, Whitney looks good. It’s great to see her on magazine covers again, rather than tabloid covers. Welcome back, Whit!!

[Source, thanks Marcus]

  • She looks young! And happpy.


  • Paul From Toronto

    Definately looks healthy..

    I kinda hate it when people are still dragging her in the mud and bring up her past when clearly she surpassed it and was able to become strong again. Some people are just haters.

    She looks Fab! Welcome back Whitney!

  • Olivia

    She looks great…but her cd is garbage her voice is jus not strong at all. Greatest Hits album is the only one that will get played from me from her. Classics of her music will live on. but she shouldnt expect too much from this album. she just sounds terrible.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • GetRight

    The new album is awesome!! “Million Dollar Bill” and “Call You Tonight” are my new jams!

    Great to see Whitney back where she belongs and looking so beautiful.

  • Ashley

    She’s looking fabulous, and she’s sounding great! LOVE the new CD! :)

  • Lisa

    What an amazing turnaround – I mean she was honestly worse off than Britney (Whitney being addicted to crack, etc). I mean look what happened to DJ AM – Whitney is so lucky she made it through & came out looking amazing and thank God she’s clean!

  • Ashley

    I think she’s gonna do just fine. Life throws you some awful curveballs sometimes, and sometimes you don’t exactly choose the best path, but she seems even stronger now, so I think she can really leave all the bad stuff behind her. :)

  • ivano

    she looks stunning, welthy and happy, and i am very happy! you’re back whit….better than ever! we all love ya

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