Kylie Minogue Goes Bollywood


Kylie Minogue, the Aussie pop princess who is about to tour North America for the first time ever next month, is making her Bollywood debut in a film called Blue. Here are a few screencaps from a preview video of her performing a song called Chiggy Wiggy in the film:

Now, I don’t know anything about this movie but Pink reader Armaan informs me that Kylie has a small role in the film and performs this song which was written by A.R. Rahman, who also did the music for Slumdog Millionaire. Now that movie I loved!! When I used to teach back in Detroit, I was invited to the home of an Indian student who was throwing a party for Diwali … we watched Bollywood films that I really enjoyed. I LOVE that Kylie is getting in on the action … her sound fits in perfectly with what I know of Bollywood music. After the jump, check out a preview clip of Kylie’s performance of Chiggy Wiggy in Blue

Great clip … looks and sounds fun!! I hope this track becomes available for sale cuz I love it already. Woot!