Chuck Bass Goin’ Gay On ‘Gossip Girl’


The news that fans of the Gossip Girl book series have been waiting to hear has finally come. Playboy cad Chuck Bass, who has an affinity for the ladies as well as the gents in the book version of the series, will indeed be exploring the realm of same-sex fraternization in the TV version of the series. Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly broke the news late yesterday that Chuck Bass, played by Brit Ed Westwick, will be kissing a dude in the third ep of the coming Fall season … which is good news because this plot development does take place in the book series. I am very happy to know that producers of the TV show are keepin’ it real. Here are pics of Westwick in costume on the set of GG here in NYC yesterday:

Spotted: Chuck Bass sucking face with a dude! It’s true! Multiple Gossip Girl insiders confirm to me exclusively that the CW phenom is currently shooting an episode for its upcoming third season in which Ed Westwick’s legendary lothario kisses another man … First things first: Sorry to disappoint, but no, it’s not Chace Crawford. Westwick’s “romantic” interest is up-and-comer Neal Bledsoe (CSI: NY, Guiding Light), who’s guest-starring in episode 6 as Josh Ellis, NYU’s head of freshman affairs. Since Josh is tasked with selecting an incoming student for the honor of delivering the freshman speech, he’s, shall we say, a person of interest to Blair. In fact, she’s so determined to snag the slot that she goes so far as to pimp out her boyfriend to the gay guy in charge. The catch? All you need to know is there is one. Oh, and wait until you hear what Chuck says to Blair following the lip-lock. (Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Spoil.) It was only a matter of time before GG played the maybe-gay card with Chuck, who swung both ways in Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl books.

Well, it’s about time. Not for nothing but a show as fun as Gossip Girl really needs to up its gay factor … and, sorry, Serena’s gay little brother ain’t really gettin’ the job done. Now, I have not read the GG books but I’ve been well informed of Chuck Bass’s proclivities for the man-on-man action. Sure he dabbles but dabbling can be fun … which, I’m sure, we’ll see acted out this coming season on the TV show. Perhaps once the other GG guys see how much fun Chuck is having they’ll wanna join in, too (I’m talking to you Nate Archibald)! This new development deffo makes Gossip Girl must see TV … at least for me.

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  • Ally

    I’m done with GG if they spent an entire season and a half of will they/won’t they for Blair/Chuck only to get them together and then Chuck to be gay. Think of poor Blair!

  • MeG

    NOT Chuck please. I dunno, I am curious how it will play out, and with his style and charm it does kinda make sense. He is just too hot to give up to the other side without this comment on this blog making some sort of impact on the writing of the show. Haha jk but gay/bi or straight, I am still going to hope he and Blair end up together ;)

  • g

    Finally! I’ve read all the books, and I can’t watch the show becasue of how much they changed it! Chuck going gay shows they might be on the right track.

  • Tracy

    Ed just does it for me. He is incredibly sexy. Yummmmy!

  • nicole

    well..they said chuck & blairs relationship would take an interesting turn…but apprently they stay together this we’ll see

  • Irma

    Is he going to get a monkey too?

  • Kayla

    I hope the explore it further than just one kiss (which from reading this sounds like it was Blair’s idea). I hate when shows/movies deviate from the book(s) so much.

  • Jstar

    His exploration into gayness makes him even hotter (and I am a straight married girl)…man I love me some Chuck Bass gay or not he is hot!!!

  • Danny

    It’s probably a one episode twist and then it’ll be over, I wouldn’t get your hopes up, ladies.

  • Katie

    i haven’t read the books but love the show….mainly because of the sexual tension between blair and the HAWT chuck bass. dabbling is fine chuck but go back to blair

  • Ashley

    Have any of you actually read what Ausiello from EW said? He’s saying Chuck kisses a guy FOR Blair because she wants to give the freshman speech at school. The guy he kissed is head of NYU’s student affairs so Blair pimps Chuck out. Chuck IS NOT going gay and Stephanie Savage (the showrunner of GG) has already said that Chuck and Blair will be together for all of the 3rd season.