Nine Inch Nails ‘Wave Goodbye’ To The Bowery Ballroom, NYC


Last night was the first show of the FINAL leg of Nine Inch Nails’s Wave Goodbye Tour and, by pretty much all accounts, it was a fucking FANTASTIC performance. NIN played the intimate (ie. minuscule) Bowery Ballroom to a well-sold out house of ardent fans. The Horrors were the opening act but, in all honest, every single person in that venue was there for NIN:

The setlist for last night’s show was an excellent mixture of old and new and provided over 2 hours of kickass entertainment. Those of you seeing any of the future NIN shows on this leg of the Wave Goodbye Tour are in for a treat because I’ve been assured that the shows will all be different and Trent Reznor has got a bunch of really amazing surprises in store (if just *one* of the setlist scenarios I heard about turns out to be true, I will DIE). After the jump, check out some of the photos I snapped at last night’s concert, see the full setlist and watch video of NIN performing Discipline

While waiting in line to enter the venue, I got to meet Pink readers Jes and Lorena who let me hang out with them in line before we all got to go in. I was fortunate enough to get a great spot at the front of the balcony for an excellent view of the show. I have to admit, a little part of me was wanting to be down in the melee of the pit but the prospect of smelling like everyone elses sweat kept me in place. My dear friend Karen showed up in the balcony, too, so we hung out for the whole show squealing and singing together. Here are a few of the MANY photos I took last night as well as the full setlist from last night’s show:

Somewhat Damaged?
The Beginning of the End
The Collector
March of the Pigs?
Something I Can Never Have?
Meet Your Master
?Banged and Blown Through (Saul Williams)
?Gave Up
?La Mer?
Gone, Still?
The Downward Spiral
Down In It
The Hand That Feeds
?Head Like a Hole??


The Good Soldier?
Dead Souls
?In This Twilight

The band was in excellent form. Touring overseas has really gotten them to a great, tight place as a unit. Last night’s show had to be the smallest venue I’ve ever seen NIN perform in. I can’t even fully explain how tiny it is, the Bowery Ballroom is kinda like your parent’s basement. The energy was so good in that place, there was just overriding happiness emanating from the crowd and from the stage. It was an honor to be there last night. Here is video that I shot of NIN performing Discipline:

Not sure why the video is so pixelated but you get the gist. There are 10 more NIN shows left, 7 more for me … the next one is TONIGHT at Webster Hall. Check out my Twitter profile if you’d like to get updates from the show and mebbe I’ll see some of you tonight.

  • Thanks for tweeting all those pics last night Trent – a whole bunch of us were following the show from across the world online, which made for a really fun night, even if it meant going to bed at 5am! See you in LA!

  • Robin

    Fan.Tastic. Thanks! I hope you’ll keep the coverage coming! I’m vibrating with excitement for the Chicago shows ;-).

  • K

    Ohhh I would KILL to see them perform Hurt. Love, love, love it

  • goddamn, reznor is one sexy mother fucker!
    cool vid – who’s the guy jumping up on stage from the floor?

  • Matt

    K- Then you should just go to a Nine Inch Nails show. They play “Hurt” all the time!

  • Michele

    Thanks for posting! I am so bummed I couldn’t witness that. I will see you at the Wiltern though!!