Adam Lambert Features In A New Photoshoot


Earlier this week we saw a photo of Adam Lambert on the set of his album cover photoshoot and, as you may recall, he was lookin’ pretty damn ridic in his Michelin Man-inspired costume. But, if you thought he looked bad then … then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Glambert was recently photographed by Robert Sebree and this what they came up with … photos that went from bad …

to worse …

… and all kinds of fug in between. To say that Adam Lambert is going the cheesy route with his outfit choices would be a compliment at this point. After the jump, check out a few more photos from Lambert’s photoshoot with Sebree AND, as a bonus, check out video of Glambert performing on the American Idol Idols Summer Tour 2009 in Hamilton, Ontario last weekend where he was hit by a dildo that was thrown on stage from the audience — trust me, you’re gonna wanna watch …

I’m sorry but this is too much LULz for one photoshoot … but there are more LULz to be had in this post. Lambert performs the Led Zeppelin classic A Whole Lotta Love on the AI tour and during his performance in Hamilton, ON last weekend an ardent fan threw a dildo at him as her performed (skip to the 2:15 mark to see him get hit with the dildo):

In his defense, he handled the situation well. One hopes the dildo was unused. Ew. I really hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come in Lambert’s career (the photos, not the dildo) cuz I’ve yet to see anything that would make me a fan … how about you?


  • Diana

    Hmmm, Adam, if you are out there, find a better team of people to guide you! We want to see you succeed!

  • ollie

    i don’t. WHAT A DORK

  • lizzie

    I actually don’t think the photos are that bad…

  • JJ

    Awww, give Adam a chance, Trent! Did you watch him on AI at all? He really is talented & always seemed like a really great guy, he never had anything but nice things to say about the other contestents. I agree, the photos & outfits are a little on the hidious side but hopefully the music will make up for that.

  • Lisa.

    Uhh those pics are horrible.

  • mccraemalcolm

    He’s the actual male version of Lady Gaga.
    My music may be good but lets dress like an idiot for the press and say and do obnoxious stuff.

  • I kinda like it…I think he’s being true to himself. And he does seem to be a nice guy!

  • Kendra

    I don’t think the pics are that bad, either..Some of the poses are cheesy, but I think the outfits are totally him..

  • patches

    this guy is trying WAY too hard too fast, he should first maybe get some credit behind him. I new this would happen. Its all going to just be a big joke/flop with him. As a gay guy myself, i wish a more masculine acting guy would succeed that doesn’t act like a stereotypical diva gay, we’re not all flamers just so you know…

  • thank you, I needed a laugh that second photo is killing me, the rest are not bad though.

  • ju-ju bean

    Awww. I like the photos. I think he really had to ‘hold back’ on Idol to show of his “family friendly” side. Now that he’s mostly free of that, he can choose to express himself more. Is there another male celebrity that you can say you’d like to see him look like? I can’t and I’m glad he’s chosen to glam himself up.

  • erin

    Hmm. I caught the Idol tour a couple of weeks ago and it was interesting how much louder the applause was for Adam than for Kris. I’m definitely a Kris fan, since his music is more the type of stuff I listen to, but I like Adam too. However, the audience skewed pretty young at the show I was at and I was surprised by some of Adam’s stage moves considering the average age of the audience. Although maybe the crowd is more mixed at other shows. I guess I expected it to be a bit more “family friendly” – I know the parents of the three kids sitting in front of me did!

  • Michelle

    dude looks like a rockhopper penguin in that second picture. for serious.

  • Chivonne

    bad singer, bad pictures, bad outfits, bad hair
    on a plus he can kick pretty well.

  • Rachel

    Trent, have you ever seen his pre-AI stage costumes and photos? They are about a hundred times more ridiculous and outrageous than these.
    Knowing that, I actually like the majority of this photoshoot (though that second pic is very lulzy).

    I think irregardless of whether he has mainstream success in the future or not, he will always have a cult following. I’m fascinated by him, personally. I adore his voice.

  • Bebe

    idk, the outfits are okay (save the second one, of course – ugh). But he has the same expression in about five of those pics. I just have a hard time seeing him as the creative, relevant artist people make him out to be. There is, imo, a reason why he couldn’t make it on his own, without Idol. (just like there’s a reason Kris et al. couldn’t either).

  • Camille

    Thanks Trent, now I know what a dildo is ! (…stupid French people who can’t speak English !)

  • Bill

    I kinda like these photos.


    I like the pictures but his face is overly photoshopped. He has really big craters in his face due to acne and they resulted in scars. Siiiiick!

  • veronica

    aw, whatcha got against Adam? he can sing his ass off, he’s great looking, and a very nice and humble guy.
    granted, his fashion choices are questionable, but it that how we should be judging a performer?

  • Naomi

    I actually love most these pictures. Why are some of you guys being so judgemental and mean. He has God given talent and charisma and has worked very very hard. More importantly, he has added a lot of joy to so many lives.

  • Roxy

    The pics are wack, but the guy can sing.
    He just needs more of his own stuff, not the covers the Idol fans keep begging to hear.

  • Adam Bomb

    Awww Trent, say it ain’t so! I didn’t start reading your blog until after AI was over, but I never knew you were among the Adam skeptics. I might cry just a bit ;)

    The photo in the chair is way too much, but I don’t have a problem with the rest. I think Adam has an amazing voice, and I feel like he’s doing what he wants to do in regard to his look. I love it. That boy gets my motor runnin’, fo sho. And he sure did kick the hell out of that dildo!!!! I can’t wait for his album.

    • @Adam Bomb — I wouldn’t say I’m a skeptic, the boy can sing. These photos are silly, tho.

  • kelly

    why must he ruin led zepplin for me? i would throw a dildo at him to if i was there not gunna lie, pics look like shit, he is trying way to hard

  • Briana

    It would have been even better if he was hit in the face by the dildo lol.

  • Anna

    The photos are high fashion pics done by Hollywood photographer Robert Sebree who does most of the big names in the “business”. They are not nor are they meant to be your usual run of the mill photos. With the attitude in some of your replies and your bad grammar, I would suspect you live in small towns.

  • Jay

    Terrible site. Pink is for wimpy little girls. Adam ROCKS!!!

  • B

    Love him. Don’t care.

  • Debbie

    I love the pictures and the clothes. I imagine he was being posed as well as being dressed by the photographer. I don’t really understand all the mean remarks, remember, if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. Adam is a beautiful person, inside and out plus he can really sing.

  • Lori

    I think the photos are fabulous. He can carry the look. Any look, really. I never watched any of the AI performances last season, but caught a quick glimpse of him after all was said and done. Go Adam!

  • brian

    Love him, love the pics. C’mon people. It’s rock and roll. It’s supposed to be fun and outrageous. It’s about time we had some stars who know that and can have fun with their image instead of worrying about being so serious and so credible. Fuck it. have fun and enjoy life.

  • Wagon

    You obviously had a negative bias towards Adam before these photos, because if you liked him you would probably think these photos are pretty cool, or if you treaded the middle ground you would think these are just in line with the vibe he presents. This is not your taste, great – you have plenty of other singers to endorse that are more mainstream.

  • Stephen

    He is a singer, not a model, it should be his music, not his pictures that make you a fan.

  • Jim

    TO HELL WITH YOU if you don’t like these pictures. They’re wildly original and loads of fun. Adam is giving us something to look at, as opposed to the other AI people who wear the same boring thing night after night. What, do you want him to pose in front of an Olan Mills backdrop like he lives in Milwaukee, looking liek he just came from church? Forget it.

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES AND I LOVE ADAM. He’s one of the only performers doing anything interesting at all right now. He’s hot, and he can sing like a mother******.You’re just some dumb blogger.

  • KFLO

    Stop complaining, these pictures aren’t even bad

  • Angie

    Adam is fantastic, fun, fabulous, and brave. The pictures are great. He’s not afraid to try anything and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what he does next.

  • james

    You know what Trent? Coming from someone who is still using that tired old photo from Madonna’s Confessions promo tour to promote himself, I’m not sure that you’re the best person to criticize someone like Adam. In the immortal words of Janet Jackson, “what have you done for me lately?”

  • Dorena

    well, personally I think Adam is stunning. The pics are photoshopped but what celebrities isn’t? Also, his voice is equally stunning. Fun and fab!

  • Shelly

    He’s sweet, has an amazing voice, and I actually like those pictures. I wish more people would accept him, but whatever…people will have haters.

  • Rose


    really james,,really?

  • Randy

    I saw these photos on VFTW first. I still think they’re good, actually, and quite in line with what we expect from Adam. I’m not sure what people want from him.

  • Mason

    Adam is a fabulous creature. More talent than the sum of all other AI folks. Sorry, true. Goddess must surely love flamboyant talented gays ’cause she sure made an Adonis of one this time. Sit down and shut up, Betty Bitter.

  • Bubba

    Might I remind everyone who is older than the age of 12 that Elton John performed in Duck costumes….

  • Ariel

    LOL I wish I had thrown that dildo at him for ruining my favourite Led Zeppelin song.

  • Tarey

    Negativity is an adolescent way of appearing “grown up” and “cool.” Adam will make it without all you teeny pink peeps.

  • Tasha

    Yeah, some of the pics are a little lame, but I guess I just don’t care. Saw him in Detroit last night, he was great as usual. It was also fun to see how he shocked the crowd around me. I never go to “family friendly” concerts and I felt like I was sitting between Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. Needless to say, the looks around me were very disapproving, lol