‘Heroes’ Season 4 Releases A Promo Poster


Last month we got our first look at the promo trailer for the upcoming 4th season of the NBC series Heroes, which has been titled Redemption, and today we get to check out a new promo poster just released for the show. Only 3 of our beloved heroes are represented in this new poster but considering the tone of the coming season, perhaps the inclusion of these particular characters will clue us in as to what’s in store in season 4:

I know we’ve been down on Heroes for a while but this promo poster for the upcoming new season, which opens with volume five, “Redepemtion,” has me as curious as a co-ed with a hot new roomate – I’m looking at you Claire Bennet! Heroes returns on September 21st with some interesting new cast members including stuntman/actor Ray Park, Prison Break’s Robert Knepper and recent addition Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson.

I really like the addition of these new actors to play new characters. While Heroes may have been in a bit of a slump last season, it did pick up in the end and could move into exciting new territory in season 4. After the jump, check out a preview video of hero Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) vs. a new superpowered character with a cool ability for knife play (portrayed by Ray Park) …

Trust me, I was hating Heroes pretty much like everyone else was for most of last season but my hope in the show was renewed in the end. They lined up some really great actors for the coming season so I’m looking forward to what they got in store. I’m telling you, tho, if they let me down again … I’ll be out for good. From what I’ve seen thus far, it’s lookin’ like it’s gonna be a good season. We shall see.


  • Miranda

    notice peter’s new face scar? The Peter from the future had the scar….so peter must get it soon.

  • renee9605

    What’s with the weird, penciled-in cleavage on the poster??

  • Taylor

    I love a kick-assing Peter. It makes me swoon. The addition of fab actor Robert Knepper (T-bag from Prison Break) has me hopeful that season 4 will be worth watching again.

  • hoganbcmj

    Dude, Heroes lost me in season 2. And regardless of whether a few people are still hanging on waiting for it to be good again, it’s done absolutely nothing to interest me since. Scoring a couple of interesting cast members also does nothing to get me interested again. You’re alone on this one I think. Heroes has been done since the end of Season 1. Sad but true.

  • Laura

    umm yeah i was very dissapointed with vol 2 and 3 but vol 4 was really good i’m very interested in knowing how are they gonna play out the synathan thing, what peter and claire are gonna do once they found out what happened to nathan :( and the carnies storyline seems inneresting. and wth where is peter in that poster >:( he should be there too with claire, sylar and hiro.

  • AC

    I cant wait for Heroes new season, i know that it has been crappy lately but the season finale gave me hope that it could get better again ,dunno lol heroes is like a bad habit as longs as it stays on the air i’ll be watchin.

  • Hannah

    I’m so glad someone else noticed the cartoon cleavage. weird.

  • Brittny Doll

    3rd on the wtf :S cleavage bandwagon….like was that even nessesary

  • Lilliah


  • meh

    Hayden Panettiere is so annoying. Haven’t watched this show since season 1

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