First Look: Imogen Heap, ‘First Train Home’


Yesterday we learned that Imogen Heap is making her new album Ellipse available for streaming in FULL online one week ahead of the album’s release next Tuesday August 25 (click HERE to listen to the entire album if you missed it yesterday) and today we get to see the music video for her first single off the disc, First Train Home … here are a few screencaps:

The name Es Devlin is not well-known to music fans, but the British set designer is a rising star in the scene, having collaborated with Kanye West on his ‘Touch the Sky’ tour. However, Imogen Heap became familiar with Devlin through electronic artist Nitin Sawhney, who they’ve both collaborated with. “She directed this very graphic, very visual beautiful piece that she did for Nitin Sawhney and it was an hour-long piece and only the 300 people in the IMAX cinema while Nitin was performing saw it,” Heap tells Spinner. “It was great because I was one of the only people that saw it, but it’s a shame because it didn’t have a life after that.” Heap is rectifying everything by giving Devlin the opportunity to showcase her talent on a much more enduring scale. Devlin directed the video for ‘First Train Home’ — the first single from Heap’s new album, ‘Ellipse’ — a pairing that came about the night of the IMAX film. “Also my friend Mika had worked with Es on a stage set design, so I had two kinds of people on the same night who knew her very well,” Heap recalls. “So I ended up chatting to her and it turns out she’s a fan and she really liked one of the ones I’d done with Nitin and she was really into my music and I just said, ‘We have to do something together.'” “This is her first directing video and so it was a bit of a kind of a challenge for both of us,” Heap continues. “Es had never made a video before, but I knew we had a great relationship. I really like her as a person, I think she’s a genius creative person and I just thought, ‘Two girls together…’ I’ve never been directed by a girl either and I thought we could do something really great together.” According to Heap, having a woman director made some things easier. “She’s an amazing woman and I felt very at ease around her, I felt I could talk to her on the level of even my body and making sure I was happy with the way I looked and just being able to be very open with her,” Heap says. “But if you talk to a man about any kind of woman-y thing they slightly twist around awkwardly.” In fairness, Heap gets that. “I’m equally awkward when a man talks to me around man things.”

Imogen is such an innovative and creative artist, she just effing rules. I’ve been such a big fan since her debut album iMEGAPHONE which was much less electronic. I’m so happy that her work with Frou Frou catapulted her into the fame that she so richly deserves. I hope she tours extensively with this new album cuz I can’t wait to see her live in concert again! After the jump, check out the music video for her first single First Train Home off her new album Ellipse

Again, if you haven’t listened to it yet you MUST stream her new album online HERE. It’s a beautiful album and it needs to be heard by as many people as possible. Love it!!


  • I love the video – I love the album – I love everything about it. Though I was picturing something more live in public then in a studio, I’m still happy with the video :D

  • Denise

    I love Imogen! Although I couldn’t help but compare her hair to Grace’s in the 80’s flashback episode of Will & Grace, the hair kind of threw me off…but the song is wonderful per usual for Imogen

    • @Denise — “I couldn’t help but compare her hair to Grace’s in the 80’s flashback episode of Will & Grace” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! comment win of the day!! hahahahaha :)

  • RJ

    Immi’s also making her directorial debut and directing her own video for this song as well. She’s so amazing. <3

  • meg

    Ha, I thought she was shirtless in the screencaps! I’ve only given the album one listen, but I think this song is my favorite.

  • j

    I gotta admit, I’m not really in love with anything other than First Train Home and Canvas right now…hoping that changes. I’m gonna curl up with the album when I get it on Tuesday.

  • *LINDA*

    I so look forward to seeing her in concert she is the best thing to come along since the Cocteau Twins!