Ryan Kwanten Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten is featured inside the new issue of GQ magazine, the one with Michael Jackson on the cover, modeling some pieces from various Fall/Winter 09/10 collections and lookin’ YUM all the while. Here is a photo from Ryan’s GQ photospread and the blurby little accompanying interview piece:

In season one of HBO’s True Blood, actor Ryan Kwanten had sex by a Dumpster, suffered a drug-induced perma-erection, was accused of murdering four women, and got swept up by a religious cult. Oh, and he was naked (at least partially) in eleven of twelve episodes. “I led the way in the sexual-shenanigans department in the first season,” says the 32-year-old Australian native, who first made a name for himself playing a lifeguard on an Aussie soap. Kwanten may play a dim womanizer on-screen, but offscreen he’s smart enough to suffer the indignities of his nude scenes with a smile. While other TV networks are struggling to keep the lights on, True Blood’s viewership has doubled, easing HBO out of its post-Sopranos slump and assuring Kwanten that he’ll remain taken care of through the global meltdown. Besides, Kwanten says, “This season, Anna Paquin is far more naked than I am.”

‘Tis true, Anna Paquin may be more nekkid overall but, to be honest, I don’t really pay much attetion … for obvs reasons. Ryan has that hot/dumb look that tends to suck people in immediately. He seems to get more interesting the less clothing that he’s wearing. After the jump, check out all the photos from Ryan’s GQ photospread — yes, he’s shirtless in at least one of the photos …

HMMM … well look at that … he even looks good with clothes on. To be honest, I’d prefer less clothing but I’ll take all the Ryan Kwanten I can get ;)


  • Jacinta

    I’ve loved him ever since Summerland where he played a surfer, who incidentally was often shirtless. I think that must be in the job description for him.

  • roxster

    oooh yum. He looks a bit like Ethan Hawke in the blue chair pic, no?


    EH. He’s not really fulfilling (in my opinion) even though he does things Jason would. They could have found someone hotter but he does have a good bod.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is pretty HOT!! I love his character on the show. I hate to say but that is what is kind of appealing about him!! Smart or dumb, clothed or not–ID HIT IT!!!

  • Krissy

    I think he is just the hottest thing to come along in years!! He is so cute…his face is just adorable, and his body is freaking amazing! I love his brown eyes with his sandy hair. Just a super, super hot man!

  • DAYUM! I don’t usually like blondes but the boy just has that face that makes you wanna take care of him. ;) And such a great series of photos! I just wish they’d let him speak in his native Aussie accent on TB instead. :)

  • DVRDiva

    I love him in the show, but when are they going to do a layout of Alexander Skarsgaard? He is so hot, especially after this last episode!

  • Liza

    He is TOOO hot for words. I am more attracted to brunettes but he is the exception. He’s so friggin’ hot. I <3 Ryan Kwanten.

  • Lexie

    ahhhh good old Vinnie, haha He is missed from australian Tv, hopefully they’ll put true blood on tv soon enough over here.

    I’ll have to keep downloading it for now haha

  • ss

    Ryan is very hot and has a gorgeous body. He doesn’t get enough credit for his acting as he’s completely opposite to Jason in real life. The Southern accent is perfect considering he’s an Aussie, the comedic timing and his ability to make Jason likable shows he’s a fine actor.

  • Sarah

    I get so excited each week to see more of Jason Stackhouse and less of his wardrobe. I will be buying this GQ for the photos even though GQ has been pushing that ugly sweater for a while now- the grey one with the oversized collar.

  • mimi

    its VINNIE!!!!! :D

  • MelMel

    He really had to grow on me. Didn’t much like the look of him at first but this season, he’s just so much hotter. So is the guy who plays Eric, have you noticed? Yum yum!!!!!!!!

  • Stacy

    He’s cute, but Alexander Skarsgaard is WAY HOT! And, he’s all about the nudity (he’s “Scandinavian, God-damnit”)….bring it on!

  • Meghan

    I love Ryan and his portrayal of Jason!!! He is absolutely sexy and adorable.

  • SuziLee

    @DVRDiva – oooh am I with you!!!! Eric (yeah his real name is too hard for me to get right! LOL) is HOT HOT HOT!! I want more of him & Jason in True Blood, wearing less clothes!! ; )
    That would suck me in more than the craziness they got goin on – like eatin “heart” pot pies etc!

  • Jade

    He is EXTREMELY hot. I wonder if he’s anything like his character…

  • Any day now, we’d had whole spreads of Alexander Skarsgaard. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HEAVENS ABOVE.


  • iris

    He is adorable, but please sweet jebus, put Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) in GQ!!!!! That man is 6’5 of pure yumminess.

  • iris

    Did any one see Eric as Mr.January in a new calendar for “Fangtasia”? That was HOT.