First Listen: Imogen Heap, ‘Ellipse’


Imogen Heap’s new album Ellipse will be available for sale next Tuesday August 25 but you don’t have to wait until then to hear the album IN FULL:

Imogen has made her entire album available for streaming online IN FULL for the week leading up to the album’s release next Tuesday. After the jump, check out a streaming media player where you can hear Ellipse in its entirety right here, right now …

Ye gods, I love her voice! She sounds amazing … her music is so inventive, so wonderful. I hope you love this album as much as I do and you rush out to buy it when it goes on sale next week. Those of you who’ve given the album a listen, do you love?


  • Matthew

    It’s just amazing. I LOVE it! Wow

  • jamie-o

    can’t wait!

  • Jerry

    2-1 is a MASTERPIECE!

  • DJ Vegas

    I found it kinda underwhelming. Not bad. Perhaps I had my expectations set too high with all the hype she created around it. At first listen it is my least favorite of her 3. (4 if you count Frou Frou.) But it’s not bad at all. It has some great moments. I guess I was expecting her to evolve her sound but I only find “Canvas” to have the kind of change I was hoping for. I also got turned off by her recycling sounds from older CD’s. After hours of footage from her studio I expected something quite fresh and do not feel we got that. I kinda feel like we got the last CD all over again. But this is just me. ;)

  • Ally

    Thanks so much for posting this. I immediately went to iTunes to place my preorder. She just has the most amazing voice.

  • Ally

    Trent — You should give St. Vincent a listen. It is definitely a different sound than Imogen, but her voice is also amazing.

  • Emmaaa.

    well done immi :)

  • I am so in love with this album, i don’t have as much patience as some people, so i’ve been listening to it none stop since last night when she posted the link on her myspace. mmm hmmm it’s pretty damn amazing!

  • Jill

    Trent, thank you so much for putting this on your site. I’m listening to it at work right now. :)

  • Monica

    Wow! It’s amazing…thanks so much for the link, Trent. I’ve already pre-ordered it!

  • Adri


  • Jacki

    Thanks for posting this!!! I have been waiting for this album.
    2-1 is amazing!!! :)

  • Lilliah

    um…I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I really love the Jason DeRulo song that uses a sample from “hide and seek”. I was kinda shocked when I randomly heard her while I was flipping through radio stations- I’m sure a lot of her fans think it’s lame, but I love me some dance-y songs

  • brenda

    Immy is a real talent. Glad the album is finally done. The title track is very smartly done.

  • Nicole

    @DJ vegas: i felt the the same way the first time i listened to it… but after listening to the whole thing a couple more times i think i appreciate it a lot more.

    i LOVE 2-1, canvas, and half life!

  • I’ve been loving on Imogen since her last album came out in ’05 and she went on Letterman to promote it and performed Goodnight and Go – it was magic! I’m so glad the new album is finally here! She’s certainly not the most prolific artist, but YAY for the new album’s arrival.

    Trent I sure do agree with what you’ve said above … I think her vocal arrangements are just one little fluffy cloud after another and I love it too – glad you posted this stream, it rules :)

    I never thought a song called Little Bird could be as good as Annie Lennox’s ‘Little Bird’, but this one by Imogen is VERY good.

  • *LINDA*

    Her first album was simply amazing! I appreciate her wide range of vocals. Her voice is so interesting. Her lyrics play out like a simple thought process of the highs and lows of loves desire. Bought her new album the day it came out and OMG I was not disappointed. It fed my appetite for more Immi. She plays way ahead of her time utilizing of all the latest music technology. It’s great how she keeps her fans in the loop with all that is going on as she made the newest album. Don’t be surprised of many artists following her lead. I only hope she continues to bless us with her many talents.