Zac Efron Gets Shirtless On The High Seas


Despite a new report that surfaced over the weekend that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens had gotten engaged to be wed, pretty much everyone BUT the publication that published the rumored engagement are refuting the claim. Besides, there is more important Zac Efron news to impart today … in the form of these new shirtless photos of Zacy on the Vancouver, BC set of his new film Charlie St. Cloud which has been filming for the past few weeks:

Lawd, his new haircut makes him look about 10 years younger … clearly not of marrying age. I have to admit, I have no idea what this Charlie St. Cloud movie is all about but methinks that a shirtless Efron movie will bring all the girls to the yard, no matter what the subject matter. Let’s just hope the film does better at the box office than his gf Vanessa Hudgen’s new film Bandslam did this weekend … it was a total box office FL5OP (the 5 is silent).


  • lyndyloo

    he’s a child!

  • for someone only 22 his abs are looking damn fine.

  • Diana

    I wish he would just dump Vanessa. I’m not sure what he still sees in her, but well, I don’t know them, lol : )

  • Elena Casallo

    OMG, he may look like a child but LAWD is he friggin’ hot or what!?!?!? He is so adorable but with those abs he is hot hot hot!!!!!!! Thx for the wonderful shots of Zac…

  • Christine

    Ooh, chiiiiiild. Dreamy dreamypants.

    Hahah stupid vanessa hudgens and her stupid movie.

  • Bridget

    The Life and Death of Charlie St.Cloud is an amazing book. I can’t wait to see the film. I highly recommend the read. I hope Zac does the character justice.

  • Wow, he takes good care of himself. His abs look great.


  • julia

    should i feel like a pedophile for thinking he is hot?!?!
    im only 3 years older than him but he does look like a teenager…


    His birthday is in October and he was born in 1987 which would make him 21, BB.


    Seriously, his butt dimples are too delish.

  • Rebecca

    bahaha the 5 is silent… that made my day.

  • Pinkie

    I was an extra on this scene in Van. He is so tiny in real life!