More Promo Pics From ‘The Vampire Diaries’


Last week we got to check out a few pretty sweet promo pics from the new CW series The Vampire Diaries, which debuts this Fall, from a photosession titled Love Sucks. Today we get to check out a few more promo pics from the show — unthemed as far as I know but just as sexy:

Okay, so I really loved the photos we got to see last weekend but these new photos are nice as well. I especially like the one we see here. Elena’s hair is all flowy and she is flanked by vamp bros Stefan and Damon … it’s gonna be fun watching these vamps fight over her affections. True Blood it ain’t but I’m hopin’ The Vampire Diaries will bring the drama nonetheless. After the jump, check out a few more promo pics from this new set of photos …

Sooo broody. Look, these vamps cannot out-brood Angel so they’re just gonna hafta give that up right now. Go for sexy, a la Twilight, cuz broody ain’t gonna cut it. Tho, I suppose in a TV show that features the main characters journaling in their diaries … I guess there has to be some moniker of broodiness. I draw the line at crying tho. If either Stefan or Damon make with the bloody weepies, I’ll be done with the show. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  • Jadedkitten


  • Chivonne

    So much overkill on vampires now :/

  • Katie

    Vampire Diaries came out before Twilight though.

  • It’s Britni, Bitch

    Elena’s hair is supsosed to be blond.

  • Jamie

    I’m just waiting for the THREESOME SCENE??????

  • Amanda

    No one does sexy vampire men like Joss Whedon! XD

  • shannon

    a quick look at that photo kind of looks like SMG with dark hair. anyone else agree?

  • truepp

    It is driving me nuts because Elena is supposed to be blonde

  • nicole

    i wouldnt mind havin those vamps flank me.

  • Vicky

    The pictures look like they were taken at my university, Royal Roads, on Vancouver Island. I did a double take when I saw them.

  • robin

    she is sooooo pretty. i can’t lie…i’m 23 and i’m excited for a new teen drama. i’m SO OVER reality TV!!

  • Tay

    No vampire will ever top Angel. :)

  • Jacinta

    Heh Paul Wasilewski…I mean Wesley (I wish he hadn’t changed his name…oy) gets to play both sides of the Twilight coin. He was wolf on the show Wolf Lake (where I first saw him and fell in love hehe) and now he gets to be a vamp in Vampire Diaries. He also played a nephilim in the Fallen miniseries. Dude gets around the fantasy world. Loved him on Everwood and American dreams too.

    And o’course Ian Somerhalder has had a special place in my heart ever since his adorable little face popped up on the Dawson’s Creek spin off Young Americans. Jake/Hamilton for life!

    And I’m a Nina Dobrev fan from her time on Degrassi. So I guess I’m pretty good with the leads =)

  • Illise

    These vamps are way hotter than the ones of twilight ( except cam cause he is the hottest of the hot lol ) ian look so hot here, and to my amusement he dosent look girly like he did on Lost ( i hate that type of guys like tom welling and ian they have such a ken face lol )
    Cant wait to see the series cause to say the truth twilight bored me

  • Kerri

    over it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    that’s all we need, more teeny vamp love. at least they they sparkle. ~smh~

  • Jerika

    Good god. Are there actually people really excited for this?


    I cant wait to see this show i love vampires and i am a big huge fan of the twilight saga

  • Mike

    I watched the pilot at comic-con and thought it was horrible. I will definitely not be watching VD this fall.

  • Ava

    Ian looks like the Vampire guy (Aiden Turner??? Maybe is the actor’s name) on Being Human in the last picture. Something about the facial hair and cheek bones and broody mckbroodiness. PS: Being Human = amazing BBC show

  • Chimera

    Is she super tall or is it just me?

  • zoe

    “makes with the bloody weepies”
    you’re sounding like Spike there, trent! lol
    and you’re right, @amanda, nobody does sexy vampire men like joss whedon – we’ll just have to wait and see…

    • @zoe — “you’re sounding like Spike there, trent!” I’ll take that compliment ;) xoxoxo

  • redangel

    Ok im pissed cause Elena is supposed to blond!!

  • L

    so I’m exciting about seeing this. Never read the books though. Should I?

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  • jessica

    Love the boy but she’s crazy annoying… just Definitely not how I pictured the character growing up.