Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does ‘Nylon Guys’ Magazine


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who stars in the Summer blockbuster hit film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as well as the indie Summer hit 500 Days of Summer, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Nylon Guys magazine. Here is JGL’s Nylon Guys cover along with some excerpts from his coverstory interview:

GI Joe and (500) Days of Summer might be total opposites, but in a cool twist of fate, they star the same guy: Joseph Gordon Levitt. The former child star plays a manic war hero and a manic monogamist, respectively, and that alone makes him interesting. Sift in his directorial debut, a short called Sparks, that debuted this year at Sundance, and the 28-year-old becomes positively fascinating. So Stephanie Trong followed him to Subway and interviewed him. Plus, she got free refills of Dr. Pepper. That’s a good day.

On The Internet
“I’m really excited about being alive right now. We have this new ability to communicate that could elevate us.”

On his teen years after 3rd Rock from the Sun
“Everyone gets fucked with in high school. I was fucked with because I was on TV. And I think when you’re not used to that, the world can be pretty harsh… I was probably a bit of a dick [back then]. I mean, not a dick but I had very simplistic and strong feelings about things, and right and wrong.”

Why he majored in French at Columbia
“To be honest, I totally have a fetish for girls who are speaking French – I spend the whole movie turned on… I’m really excited because Marion Cotillard is in [his next movie] Inception. I’m excited to meet her.”

Is Joseph hitting the gym?
“I remember realizing, when I played my part in Mysterious Skin, how much overlap there was between a prostitute and an actor. I was putting a lot of thought into what it would be like to have sex for money. It’s really similar in a lot of ways, because you kind of have to play a role and satisfy your audience. And absolutely have them be attracted to you.”

The entire Nylon Guys interview can be read in the mag but these snippets give us a pretty good idea of the tone of the piece, JGL is cool — we get it ;) After the jump, check out some of the photos from Joesph’s Nylon Guys photospread and see just how cool he really is …

JGL has always struck me as such an unassuming guy … I love that he is comfortable doing indie films as well as big budget blockbusters. His over-the-top performance as The Doctor/Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe is ridiculously fun … it shows a side of JGL that I never knew he had. The kid’s got the chops to have a long career in Hollywood. He’s like the US version of Daniel Radcliffe. I very much look forward to seeing the rest of his body of work in the coming years. Oh and he better reprise his role in the G.I. Joe sequel!


  • Joe

    Sometimes the look he gives or the way he says something reminds me of Heath Ledger. I think they look a but alike.

  • Joe

    oops, I meant bit not but

  • Luv Ya

    Loves me some Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He IS cool. I’ve heard the comparison to Heath Ledger but it’s pretty thin, IMO. Anyway, he’s fantastic in “500 Days of Summer.”

  • EmCee

    I had the HUGEST crush on him when I was younger(and obvi still do…hawt!) but he was the only reason I watched 3rd Rock. I was so young…so, so young…haha. He was probably one of my first “crushes.” Oh memories…

    And I agree about the Heath Ledger thing, and I can’t put my finger on what it is.

  • Rose

    He definitely resembles Heath Ledger in these photoes.

  • Lauri

    Ah, I too have had a crush on him since the days of “3rd Rock” and Ten Things I Hate About You…he’s just so..nice looking. Sigh.

  • Jax

    I feel lucky to have actually met JGL through co-workers a few years back. He was doing Mysterious Skin then and he is a very down to earth guy. I can totally see him lasting a very long time in Hollywood. Can’t wait to see 500 Days of Summer and G.I. Joe.

  • gem

    Who would have thought he’d end up looking like heath in ten things? I’ve always loved them both so love this look. Total hawtness in Brick too x

  • Lisa.

    How can you not love this guy. I really want to see (500) Days of Summer.

  • Cupcake

    OMFGosh I love him! Have ever since The Juror, 3rd Rock From The Sun (I agree – the only reason why I started watching that show) and so many more things he’s been in. I’ve always known that he would be a big hit in Hollywood & the fact that he hasn’t let fame get to his head is just another thing to admire about him. Damn I wish I could meet him. @ Jax – you ARE lucky, totally jealous ;-)

    @ Trent – feel free to post anything & EVERYTHING about Mr. Levitt from now on – MMM MMM Yesssss! He’s a hottie!

  • Krissy

    I REALLY liked him in Brick. He blew my socks off. Fantastically talented. I really want to see 500 Days of Summer! I can’t believe i haven’t seen it yet! Tops on my list of movies to see.

  • lindsay

    I saw 500 Days of Summer and really enjoyed it, I definitely recommend it. JGL is very appealing in many ways and Zooey Deschanel also had a good performance. You really get invested in the characters and the movie has a smart/interesting type of funny and cuteness to it rather than the usual penis jokes and cussing.

  • Lisa

    I agree with him looking like Heath Ledger in these pictures. Joseph is sexy!

  • kar

    god he’s gorgeous.

  • Grace

    very Jude Law-ish…

  • Jacinta

    I love JGL. My earliest memories of him are as George on Roseanne hehe.

  • Lauri

    an ep w/ him on Rosanne was just on a couple weeks ago :)

  • Jen

    ditto on the Heath Ledger comments…it’s the first thing I noticed when I looked at these pics. I think it’s his eyes, his facial expressions, and the fact that he doesn’t appear to take himself too seriously.

  • Sophzz

    agreed on the heath ledger thing.. its definitely the sexy small eyes. I absolutely loved him in 500 days of summer. i highly recommend it, its so clever! for those who watch that 70s show, he was the friend of eric in that one episode who kissed him. so funny!

  • Yivchan

    pls don’t call him the US version of Daniel Radcliffe…he’s so much better than that poser….

    love the glove!!!

  • Laura

    They’re all obviously very flattering comparisons, but I’m getting a little annoyed at everyone calling JGL a version of Heath, Daniel Radcliffe (a new one to me), etc. He looks (and acts) like JGL! Isn’t that impressive and sexy enough? Isn’t that MORE impressive and sexy than Daniel Radcliffe?

  • la princesa

    LOVE HIM!!!!!

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  • katt

    (the nose and eyes are what make him look like heath.) but dang, he got hot!

  • Tracy

    I adore him. He is SO talented. See the movie Manic and you will truly see his talent.

  • Emily

    I can kind of see Heath Ledger… also Shia Labeouf though. (a little)
    just saw 500 Days of Summer. LOVED IT.

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  • Supersenyorita

    No offense meant, but I didn’t like the way you compared JGL to Daniel Radcliff. JGL is a much better actor than Daniel. He started way younger and he’s done more movies. He’s very versatile and talented. Aside from acting, he can also sing and dance. Daniel still has a lot to show and prove if he wants to stay longer in this industry.

  • Catherine

    <3 this guy. Amazingly talented and so humble. Intellectual yet simplisticly loveable.

  • Catherine

    <3 this guy. Amazingly talented and so humble. Intellectual, diverse, and multi-faceted, yet simplisticly loveable.