Prince Michael & Blanket Jackson Hang Out With Omer Bhatti


After Jermaine Jackson gave an interview that revealed that Michael Jackson could’ve fathered Omer Bhatti and after Joe Jackson confirmed that MJ is, indeed, the biological father of Bhatti comes this new photo of MJ’s sons Prince Michael and Prince Michael, II a.k.a. Blanket hanging out with Omer Bhatti on a shopping excursion together here in SoCal yesterday. While the mere fact that the boys were hanging out with Omer does not mean they are blood-related, it does prove that they are all very close:

There may be conflicting opinions over whether Omer Bhatti really is Michael Jackson’s secret fourth child, but he certainly looked like part of the family as he enjoyed a shopping trip with the singer’s other sons in Santa Monica yesterday. The 25-year-old dancer, who was dressed in a bright yellow T-shirt, jeans, hi-top Nike trainers and a baseball cap, joined Prince Michael, 12, and long-haired Blanket, seven, on a trip to a book store. With another friend and minder in tow, the group looked in good spirits as they headed home after their outing. Prince Michael and Blanket were free of the masks their father always insisted they wore on public outings and both were dressed like average boys in shorts and T-shirts. Jackson’s father Joe insists Bhatti is the King Of Pop’s child, saying last month: ‘I knew Michael had another son – yes, I did. ‘He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson and he can dance like a Jackson. This boy’s a fantastic dancer – as a matter of fact, he teaches dance.’ According to reports, Michael told friends in 2004 that Bhatti was his son from a one-night stand. Bhatti attended Michael’s memorial service and has been staying with the Jacksons ever since. He is said to be planning a DNA test. However several other sources say that claims Bhatti is Jackson’s biological son are inaccurate. Several insiders, including musician and Jackson friend Ricky Harlow, say Jackson took him under his wing after they met in Europe in the mid-1990s, when Bhatti was around 11. ‘They had a father-and-son type of connection,’ Harlow told America’s People magazine, ‘but I never thought he was his biological father.

I dunno y’all … Omer Bhatti seems to have been as close to MJ as his own children, it only makes it seem even more likely that there is some familial relationship there. Whatever the case may be, it’s really great seeing MJ’s kids look so normal … and happy. They’ve only just lost their father less than 2 months ago … so it’s really fantastic seeing them look so happy. Whether Omer is their big blood brother or not, it’s clear that he is very close to the young Jacksons nonetheless.


  • Green Is Good

    Prince Mike II (Blanket) needs a haircut STAT. What little boy can deal with all that hair in his face? At least put it in a ponytail.

    And give him a new name. I hate referring to him as “Blanket”, but his nut-job dad saddled him with the same name as his older brother. Not cool.

  • Ashley

    We’re all entitled to our opinions, but there is no need to be rude, Green. Referring to MJ as a “nut-job” is highly disrespectful, especially in a post about his children.

    I think Blanket is a cute nickname, though I’m sure he’ll outgrow it soon enough.

    I think his hair is beautiful, and while I think he’d look great with a haircut, maybe he likes it the way he is.

    As for Omer being Michael’s son, he’s already denied it, but who knows?

  • Ashley

    And for the record, Prince’s birth name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

    Technically, Prince is a nickname.

  • Jacinta

    I don’t have a source, but I think Ashley is right. I remember reading somewhere that Prince’s actual name was Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Either way, they could call Blanket, Michael or Mikey or Mickey or something like that when he outgrows the nickname.

    Regardless of whether Omer is biologically MJ’s, I think it’s cool that they’re all so close. Obviously, Omer meant SOMETHING to MJ.

    • @Jacinta — Everything that I’ve read lists the names of MJ’s children as Prince Michael Joseph, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael Joseph II aka Blanket.

  • Kendra

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Michael Jackson, but it makes me so happy to see his kids out and about without those masks on! I know he had his reasons, but I never liked that he did the whole mask thing..

  • Jacinta

    According to wiki, which I know isn’t a reliable source hehe, Prince’s name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., but who knows who put that there. I do know that I read that somewhere else this year, but it could’ve just been a typo *shrugs*

  • Posh

    I think it was a great that Michael (may he RIP) made the kids wear masks, so eventually they could go out and walk freely and no one would recognize them, aside from the paps. I too believe their birth names are Michael, Prince is a family nickname, and also the boy in the striped shirt holding Blankets hand is Jermaine Jacksons son, Jermajesty I believe.



  • Missy 28

    Not that it really matters, but these photos were definitely not taken yesterday. They were included in Larry King’s interview with Jermaine that aired last weekend.

  • Ashley

    Hey Trent! Sorry, I wasn’t correcting you. I was correcting Green.

    I got my info at, but I believe it was also on the birth certificate that got posted sometime last month.

  • Jason

    why does the guy holding Blankets hand have three legs?

  • Ashley

    LMAO! Jason, I thought that too at first, but if you look really carefully, there’s somebody right behind him.

  • Krissy

    Blanket needs a hair cut badly. That is dangerous…he could get it caught in something. Poor guy looks like he is always trying to see from out from underneith it! It doesn’t have to get cut short…just not waist length!

  • tatiana

    This is SOO not Michael Jacksons son. He looks like Michael, but AFTER he had all of the plastic surgery. Just goes to show you how out of touch Joe Jackson is with the family.

  • Diana

    I saw this a few days ago in one of the gossip magazines as well as some of your other posts on news a day or two before I see them on here. You gots to keep up to date Trent!

  • Andrea

    These are from last week…

  • kriss

    the name prince was michael’s grandfather’s name on his mom’s side…and he ;oved his grandpa so that’s why their names are prince michael joesph jackson…cause that his grandpa. his dad and his self…and paris name is paris-michael katherine jackson..they all have michael in their names he said it in many interviews and so did his mom

  • Missy

    Prince is a family name,it’s MJs grandfather’s name. Their birth given names are…
    Michael Joseph Jackson Jr aka Prince
    Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson
    Prince Michael Jackson aka Blanket
    Omer is MJs son also his name is Omer Michael.

  • i love you prince baby