More Photos Of Heidi Montag In ‘Playboy’ Magazine


Last week we got our first look at the cover of the September issue of Playboy magazine which features The Hills star Heidi Montag on the cover and in the pages of the mag (you may recall, hubby Spencer Pratt was proudly showing off the mag on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra). Today we get to see 2 photos from inside the mag … but before you get all excited, there’s not one bit of nudity included. According to Montag, she claims that she did pose nekkid but that the magazine chose to publish photos of her not-nekkid for some strange reason. She confesses that she is planning to get more plastic surgery before she tries to pose nekkid again:

Heidi Pratt takes it all off — almost — in the September issue of Playboy. “I did pose nude,” the reality-TV vixen, 22, tells the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands today. Although the racy photos that made it into the mag are PG-13 (she’s wearing skimpy lingerie or a tiny bikini), she says she’ll strip down completely after getting more plastic surgery. “The body is a beautiful creation. If anything, the reason I didn’t show everything is because I plan to get a few more upgrades,” Heidi tells Spencer, who interviewed her for Playboy. “I’m definitely not done with my surgical quest,” she goes on, adding that she’d like “to go bigger on my boobs” for her husband, 26. (Before going under the knife the first time, Heidi reveals she went “shopping for boobs” in the lad mag. “I wanted the best, so I sat down and flipped through a bunch of Playboys,” she says. “The women are so hot — Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Marilyn Monroe, all the Playmates.”) Spencer says he hung up poster-sized photos of the nude outtakes on his bathroom wall. “Now when I’m peeing, I get to see a 10-foot naked photo of of my wife,” he says. Heidi also admits she hasn’t told her dad about her pictorial because she comes from such a strict Christian family. “They’re a little behind the times where he lives in Colorado, but he’ll find out eventually,” she says.

LMAO!!! I mean … c’mon. I get that Playboy jumped at the chance to get Heidi in the their mag, cuz no other Playboy model would be able to promote the pics as well as Speidi can, but for the interview to be conducted by Spencer and the photospread to feature no nudity … I mean, why? It makes no sense that Playboy magazine woudl want to have any part of this ridiculousness but … here it is. After the jump, check out another one of Heidi’s PG-13 photos — while she’s not nekkid, it is a bit saucier than this photo is …

Saucy, yes but not anything we haven’t already seen before. How many pics of Heidi have we seen her crawling around on the beach? Yawn.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think the second picture represents her well–DIRTY!! LOL, what a joke. I could careless if she was naked or not but I think that this magazine isn’t going to sell to well. If you can, post how many copies sold.

  • MeG

    A FEW MORE UPGRADES?This girl has got some serious self esteem issues! These pics are lamer than lame and for such a shallow person, one would think she would love to show off her “beautiful creation” in the form of nekkid. Maybe she does have some morals after all and Spencer is just biding time before completely wiping them out?lol In any case I still despise Speidi..NEXT!

  • meh

    omg her boobs are already balloons. soo unattractive. quite with the surgery already!

  • Kendra

    That video that Spencer shot for that one lame song of hers was NOTHING BUT her writhing around in a bikini on sand..What a stupid pic..It’s strange they picked pics of her clothed..Maybe she has a strange looking cooch and Playboy didn’t want any part of that in their mag?

  • Ama

    I may be wrong but doesn’t Hiedi always preach about god and act all religious and such? If so isn’t she contradicting her beliefs by getting an ‘upgrade’ on her body?

    I dunno to me getting plastic surgery done isn’t worth the money or the recovery time XD

    Oh and these photos are bleh

  • Tron

    everyone hold onto your stomach :0)

    Heidi Pratt may not quite reveal everything in her Playboy centerfold spread, but “The Hills” star sure had a lot to say in an interview with husband Spencer in the mag’s September issue.

    “You know, I was never very sexual before I met you, Spencer,” she explained. “I knew what sex was, but when I met you I entered into a whole new realm of understanding, from fantasy to love. Or to experience a day with 20 or 30 orgasms. Before you, sex was just something that happened. Now it’s something I look forward to every minute of the day.”

  • Christie

    I think it looks more like a Victoria Secret promo than it does playboy

  • WickedSandwich

    What’s with the expressions on her face? She looks lost…I think she’s going for alluring, but it just looks like she realized theres a big empty space in her head..Can these two people just vanish ? Seriously….

  • nicole

    hahah that second pic make me laugh…it looks like they glued her head on. and the first pic looks like a VS ad.

  • Chris

    Man shes fug I don’t think she is hot at all

  • roxster

    tyra would have a field day critiquing her facial “expressions”. You’re right Trent, this whole spread was pointless.

  • Christine

    tyra would also be mad that in both pictures her mouth is gaping open.

  • Piper

    haha, “the body is a beautiful thing”… but I’m going to surgically change mine some more. *yawn* America needs to get over these two already.

  • Nicola

    Her face is like a mule’s.

  • Bleeding Ears

    My balls just crawled back up inside

  • Megan

    She can’t even model decently. Trent, I agree, this whole shoot was pointless. I am quite certain I could take hotter Playboy pics (better facial expressions and such) and I am no model or anywhere near it. They are such a train wreck! I am disgusted, yet can’t quite look away…

  • renee77

    she’s not sexy at all-SHE IS A FREAK! what in the hell is wrong with them?!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    @Piper – exactly! If “the body is a beautiful creation”, then why are you contorting it with plastic surgery???

    …and she still looks like she is covered in poop in the second picture.

  • Anita

    Is it just me, or does her face looked photoshopped onto the body?

  • Chivonne

    that made me laugh so hard

  • Tracy


  • ohmy

    She looks like an oil spill.

  • JJ

    I am always entertained by Speidi. Everybody always gets upset and comments on how she’s a walking contradiction b/c she constantly quotes Bible verses then poses for Playboy…clearly she does this on purpose! I think Heidi is actually quite clever as she has managed to become quite famous by doing pretty much nothing.

  • E

    Does she *EVER* shut her mouth?!?!!?!?!

  • belle

    I admit, her body looks good here. But, WHAT is up with the whole situation? Interviewed by Spencer, no nudity but she’s on the cover?

    I guess on occasion there have been stars that have been on the cover and not posed nude, but I think they’re usually of a higher caliber than Heidi…

  • Audrey :)

    I love her contradiction. The body is so great. So I’m going to make my even more fake! And that Spencer, he is so classy: “I get a 10-foot poster of my wife to look at while I’m peeing!” Yeah, thanks for deets, Spencer, because we all really wanted to know that.

  • Cinner

    She has a horse mouth

  • make this a speidi free zone!

  • valupack

    Poopity Poop Poop poop poop! Ahhhhhhh! Can not stand her and others that desicrate true Christians. No, we’re not saints but we don’t exploit ourselves and our Savior! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Help me Jebus!

  • kammy

    @ Tron, Egads!!! Did she really say that? Barf.
    Is it bad that I wish bad things on these two? Like for her to go super huge on the boob job and with other surgeries, so much so that she ends up like that cat lady. Go for it, Heidi!

  • la princesa

    20 to 30 orgasms a day? Oh, Heidi…I think you’re still naïve.

  • I can’t wait for their 15 minutes of fame to be over. Can we start the countdown?

  • spazzecu

    why is her mouth open in every picture she takes? it’s not attractive

  • Winona

    I don’t think she needs any more plastic surgery – I think she needs a steak-and-potatoes dinner!!! Eat something, woman!!!

  • The body is a beautiful creation…but she wants to ‘edit’ hers.


  • nae

    i think i just puked in my mouth.

    oh wait. i did.

    i HATE this creature & her slimy husband.

  • Heather

    she is so ugly. go ahead and make ur body more fake, hunny, but it aint gonna help ur fugly face any. Shes just disgusting.

  • Steph

    They should have put Audrina in the mag instead!

  • anne


  • Smoo

    why are you talking about them? Enough about them

  • Ashley H

    I don’t get it.. what does she need to change? her face is gross, but her body is really nice!

  • Meagan

    I love how in one sentence she says, “The human body is a beautiful creation”, and then the VERY NEXT LINE she says is, “I plan on getting a few more upgrades.” WTF?! These people don’t have braaaiiiiiins!