Kate Hudson & Álex Rodríguez Go Public With Their Lurve Affair


Ever since Madonna ditched Álex Rodríguez for the much younger Jesus Luz late last year, A-Rod has been semi-quietly dating actress Kate Hudson. Neither one of them ever confirmed the relationship but Kate has been front and center at almost every single one of A-Rod’s baseball games this year which all but made it clear that the two are involved. At long last, a photo of the pair swapping spit in full public view has come to light (but was snapped last month) and it can FINALLY be confirmed that K-Rod are deffo a couple in lurve … behold:

There’s no doubt who’s man of the match for Kate Hudson. The Bride Wars star has confirmed to the world that she’s now officially with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez – otherwise known as A-Rod. The pair shared a tender moment at a family picnic day at Yankees Stadium – ending any doubts that they’re an item. Rumours have been rife for months that the divorced Hollywood actress was dating one of America’s most celebrated sportsmen. The mum-of-one was spied enjoying romantic meals with the man nicknamed ‘The Cooler’ by team-mates, as well as secret trysts at his Manhattan apartment. But the picture of the pair kissing, which was taken in late July, has only just emerged to the general media. More recently, Kate, 30, has been proving her devotion to A-Rod – cheering him on from the front row of the stand, at almost every one of his games. And it appears to have paid off – she’s been dubbed a “lucky charm” by some of the American sports press. A-Rod has seen his game improve since he began dating the Hollywood beauty.

You know, perhaps Kate Hudson is the perfect trophy girlfriend for the Rod-man. Madonna is way too controlling for him to look like the stud that he thinks he is, so it’s prolly to his benefit that she dumped him. Kate seems like a very sweet and clearly devoted woman. I don’t know that she’s ever set foot inside a baseball stadium before she started mackin’ on A-Rod. And if her presence in the crowd is helping his game, then he’s really hit the jackpot with her. You gotta admit, they do look good together. Any guess on how long K-Rod will last now that the cat is officially out of the bag?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    With past track record I am going to say 3-6 months. I really like her so I hope it lasts longer but odds are against her with that one.

  • Meghan

    He’s a douche. She should aim higher…..

  • Katie

    Is he kissing her with his eyes opening and looking away?

  • Mariah

    A-Rod is an A-Hole…and he looks like an ape. It’s a lose lose lose situation with him in my book.

  • nae

    meh. i agree w/ katie – – looks like ‘a-rod’ is looking away. again, meh.

  • Ms Money

    I just don’t get the hype about A Rod. I wouldn’t look twice at him…

  • Jess B

    I don’t buy it – he is looking up and past her. Eew. She is beautiful and he is gross.

  • Krissy

    Katie, I noticed that too! Very odd. They are both love ’em and leave ’em type people…so this will probably be brief but not heart breaking.

  • jessicagiovanna

    my hubby does that look in public sometimes :(
    For him it’s OMG PDA!!!! He thinks public displays of affection are very inappropriate. even just smooches. :(
    Maybe I need a new hubby.

  • Soly

    I think Kate Hudson is skanky. She sure does get around it seems.

  • Lisa

    He’s totally bored and not looking at her.
    They are both sub-par looking in my book & she seems like the needy type.

    I second the ‘meh’ above – I could care less about these two but had to get in my 2 cents :)

  • tatiana

    He looks very uninterested, plus she not muscular enough to be his woman. BUT she did say in an interview once that her man can cheat, as long as HE doesnt tell her about it. Hey, it could be a match made in heaven.

  • loulou

    what is the big deal with this guy!? i hate his hair.

  • gorrilla

    arod dotting over his 2 wee baby gals at the picnic maybe hudson feeling alittle left out & moved in to get abit of attention, that smooching is so random she really is needy & wanting, proberly took the gloss off the enitre picnic cos it looks like it was about k-hud

  • petal

    its embarrassing that she demonstrates a lack of self control as a independent woman in control sucessful & famous. most chicks keep it cool dont wanna let too much out of the bag when it comes to a dude she jst met 2 months its like she already married to the man she smothered armstrong like a python the dude couldnt breath.

  • Taranda

    she probably needs to cum.

  • nae

    lol taranda! she seems waaaay too needy/clingy. i agree w/ petal.

  • Spice

    Obviously I’m speaking purely from speculation but she does give off the needy and easy vibe. Nothing aobut her seems consistent – its like she goes after men and that is a little different. I get the vibe that she’s about the chase and fun of new love and less about the long term and the work that is relationships.

  • 2little

    Don’t know why she man-hops. It’s all good, she’s single. But my problem with her is that she seems to introduce all her “boyfriends” to her son way too soon. Maybe have a relationship for, say, 8-12 mos, then bring them around Ryder. Just my opinion.

  • red

    Run Kate!

  • yes

    you can’t call them k-rod because k-rod is a baseball player on the mets!

  • How many guys does she date in a year? It’s nice that she’s having a great time though. But I always thought that she and Owen looked great togehter .


  • Angie

    Since A-Fraud takes roids to enhance his playing, I’m sure he’ll be the next spokesperson for Viagra since roids helps to “not get it up.” He may be Mr. April, but he’s MISS October. GO RED SOX!!

  • franky&kay

    hudsons all american nice girlie stuff is so cheesy & so phony like, seriously smoochin arod infront of his 2 gals natasha & elle is really immature & skanky, spare a thought for the rest of the team at the picnic who are proberly dry wretching jst watchin them.